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  Dataset Name Area (km2) No lidar Returns
1USFS Lower Klamath Lidar, CA 2014168.52,662,046,146
2Lidar Survey of Sparta Earthquake Rupture, NC 202011.2404,811,171
3USFS Illilouette Basin Lidar, CA 2011172.22,349,876,341
4Linking Snowpack Heterogeneity to Subsurface Storage and Transmissivity, OR 202263.91,488,156,429
5USFS Humbug Creek Lidar, CA 2013100.11,340,693,379
6Canterbury, New Zealand 20206244.342,234,582,960
7USFS Medicine Lake Volcano Lidar, CA 2013339.34,442,023,291
8USFS Hager Basin Lidar, CA 201313.2150,605,125
9Forest-Snow Interactions in a High Elevation Critical Zone, CA 202250.61,681,326,159
10USFS Gopher Hill Lidar, CA 20122.326,245,680
11Northland, New Zealand 2018-202013865.1121,995,549,543
12USFS East Branch East Weaver Creek Lidar, CA 201211.3406,454,681
13Alpine Fault, NZ 2015139.65,148,677,293
14Central Alpine Fault, NZ 201059.2258,488,775
15Western Hope Fault, NZ 201034.5105,102,142
16USFS Dinkey Creek Lidar, CA 2012249.53,675,702,069
17Lidar Survey of the San Pedro River, AZ 202181.6859,414,869
18USFS Dinkey Creek Lidar, CA 2010239.02,559,001,692
19Kaikōura, Canterbury, New Zealand 20161724.422,716,636,063
20USFS Deadman Creek Lidar, CA 2013114.91,363,990,364
21Topographic and Lithologic Controls on Subsurface Weathering, CA 202138.2344,427,665
22Morphodynamics of an Unvegetated Meandering River, NV 202152.41,110,360,728
23USFS Cub Complex Lidar, CA 2009101.5602,031,651
24USFS Bluff Creek Lidar, CA 201316.8265,856,617
25Lidar Survey of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA 2012437.43,569,558,097
26USFS Blodgett Forest Lidar, CA 201322.0252,161,049
27USFS Bean Hill Lidar, CA 2012<16,991,470
28USFS Bagley Fire Lidar, CA 2013202.03,623,515,129
29Topographic Signatures of Barrier Island Vulnerability, TX 202163.91,668,552,516
30Sediment Accretion Rates and Spatial Patterns in the Wax Lake Delta, LA 202052.71,014,124,485
31Structure from Motion data along the sSAF, Salt Creek, CA 2021<11,621,940,602
32Coastal Catchments, Otago, New Zealand 20212185.917,587,154,009
33Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand 2020-2021523.010,593,179,647
34USFS Power Fire Lidar, CA 2015461.813,004,208,761
35Structure from Motion data along the sSAF, Ferrum, CA 2021<12,158,889,551
36USFS North Happy Camp Complex Lidar, CA 2015498.69,196,095,619
37USFS Kern Plateau Lidar, CA 2011545.05,002,384,738
38Upper Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand 202138.81,131,911,060
39USFS Freds Fire Lidar, CA 2015645.220,241,115,291
40Survey of 1920 Haiyuan Earthquake Rupture, China 2013-20171720.87,502,422,215
41Bedrock exposure, canopy density, and runoff generation in the Rampart Range, CO 2018557.38,866,441,462
42Estimating Bedload Transport in Gravel-Bedded Rivers, MA 20213.61,480,791,979
43Tasman South, Tasman, New Zealand 20214331.960,804,670,527
44Impact of Waterfall Formation on River Long Profiles, CA 202172.81,387,286,903
45Dunedin and Mosgiel, Otago, New Zealand 202152.1720,421,588
46Lidar Survey of Middle Usumacinta Region, Mexico943.316,899,227,752
47Oban, Stewart Island / Rakiura, New Zealand 202124.1244,115,910
48Taranaki, New Zealand 20218169.574,138,645,402
49Lidar Survey of Dangermond Preserve, CA129.17,835,095,537
50Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand 2021105.43,564,958,796
51Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest, CA 200948.2375,435,695
52Lidar Survey of Dump Creek, ID 201942.6518,366,039
53Climate and Tectonic Controls on Bedrock Hillslopes, CA 2019133.13,085,231,474
54Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand 2021292.68,178,414,130
55Nelson, New Zealand 2021475.817,924,772,321
56Hydrologic Effects of Forest Restoration, WA 202162.7745,643,148
57Hawke's Bay, New Zealand 20201221.416,549,012,076
58Wairarapa Fault, NZ 2010128.3413,194,488
59Measuring Lake Michigan Coastal Erosion, WI 202084.0979,680,307
60Preserving Mountains with Forest Management, CA 202072.71,524,372,485
61Abel Tasman National Park, Tasman, New Zealand 2020-2021815.711,334,189,879
62Southern San Andreas Fault from Painted Canyon to Bombay Beach, CA40.18,427,334,008
63Repeat Mapping of Antelope Valley Ranch, CA, 201924.31,031,496,774
64Post-Fire Debris Flow Detection and Erosion, Oregon 202060.4710,365,683
65Marlborough, New Zealand 2020-20217198.268,334,073,785
663D Fuel Structure in Relation to Prescribed Fire, CA 202065.9671,410,249
67Topography of Normal Faults in the Volcanic Tablelands, CA 201817.62,056,863,914
68Evaluating Area-Volume Relationships after Mass Wasting Event, NC 202078.61,376,119,292
69Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand 2021166.51,296,325,929
70Bay of Plenty Northwest, New Zealand 2020-20211989.315,118,202,413
71Whanganui Urban, Manawatu-Whanganui, New Zealand 2020-2021443.57,351,999,960
72Gisborne, New Zealand 2018-20208756.588,170,539,749
73West Coast, New Zealand 2020-20226107.957,908,875,605
74Illilouette Creek Basin Lidar Survey, Yosemite Valley, CA 201875.71,586,845,171
75Lost River Fault at Doublespring Pass Rd, Idaho 20154.21,626,397,872
76Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand 2018-20191102.86,587,427,993
77Wellington City, New Zealand 2019-2020158.03,679,969,235
78Monitoring Woodland Ecosystems, Utah 2018232.15,038,541,117
79Salsipuedes-Punta Morro, Baja California, Mexico 20145.631,550,810
80Post Hurricane Harvey Mapping of the Mission River, Texas 201868.03,297,558,275
81Measuring Variations in Bedrock Cliff Morphologies, Idaho 201956.3655,866,908
82High Resolution SFM Topography of the Central San Andreas Fault, California2.71,191,514,616
83Canterbury, New Zealand 2018-20195777.831,722,052,149
84Meandering Channels in Death Valley, CA 201972.61,415,797,113
85Marsden Point, Northland, New Zealand 20166.319,596,385
86Post-fire Debris Flows in Santa Monica Mountains, CA 201960.2425,721,529
87High Resolution Topography along the Lost River Valley, Idaho 201912.23,650,522,780
88Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand 2019377.04,992,702,482
89Motueka River Valley, Tasman, New Zealand 2018-2019457.47,395,725,975
90Change Detection of Post-fire Runoff Events, CA 201960.9413,870,616
91Study in Erosion Response: Horse Linto, CA 201963.41,183,283,802
92Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA 201955.1566,951,060
93Normal Fault Comparisons, Utah 201970.0733,236,226
94Auckland North, New Zealand 2016-20184615.259,178,559,785
95Balclutha, Otago, New Zealand 2020416.82,211,471,591
96Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 2018-2019830.24,511,171,733
97Topography of Normal Faults in the Volcanic Tablelands, CA 20194.12,166,980,539
98Southern California Bedrock Landscapes 2015 Airborne Lidar328.12,467,975,102
99Interpreting Fluvial Processes from Channel-Belt Deposits, Utah 201858.2681,872,513
100Agua Blanca Fault, Baja California, Mexico.76.3531,697,055
101High Resolution Topography over Gabilan Mesa, CA 200360.1203,565,449
102Topographic Data Set: Klamath River, California 2018291.635,110,039,955
103High Resolution Topography near Santa Cruz, CA 201744.52,167,891,432
104Palmerston North, Manawatu-Whanganui, New Zealand 2018445.19,913,889,802
105Christchurch and Ashley River, Canterbury, New Zealand 2018-2019663.33,903,902,999
106Huntly, Waikato, New Zealand 2015-2019518.03,461,743,550
1072019 Ridgecrest, CA Post-Earthquake Lidar Collection784.425,985,661,935
108Auckland South, New Zealand 2016-20172135.629,468,725,690
109Lake Isabella Lidar Collection, CA 201558.9682,812,530
110Kern Canyon Lidar Collection, CA 2008439.03,633,805,772
111Whangarei Heads, Northland, New Zealand 201665.0246,220,081
112Thames, Waikato, New Zealand 2017-2019145.3789,724,790
113Lidar Transects along Yucatan Peninsula and San Gervasio, Mexico438.718,357,188,974
114Reporoa and Upper Piako River, Waikato, New Zealand 2019484.92,958,200,956
115Paleo-Outburst Floods in the Truckee River Canyon, CA93.0781,516,176
116Alteration of Groundwater Flow due to Slow Landslide Failure, CA37.8659,768,327
117High Resolution Topography of House Range Fault, Utah5.11,969,193,386
1182019 Ridgecrest, CA: Trona-Argus Area - Post-Earthquake Lidar19.2522,253,082
119Ecosystem Structure in Hetereogeneous Restored Wetlands, CA 201862.31,172,899,850
120Point Classification for Hazard Applications: Mammoth Lakes, CA24.2207,549,295
121Control of steepland landscape morphology in Idaho Batholith72.8958,304,852
122Mapping the PUUC Region, Campeche, Mexico237.89,249,003,221
123Mapping the Kaibab Plateau, AZ1882.328,843,802,804
124Lost River Fault Zone Near Borah Peak, Idaho11.36,511,610,046
125High Resolution Mapping of Antelope Valley Ranch, CA.27.61,727,911,325
126Marlborough, New Zealand 2018698.87,635,910,269
127High-Resolution Mapping of Goat Rock Volcano, WA67.6426,486,941
128Manawatu - Whanganui, New Zealand 2015-20162349.28,015,017,562
129Erosion and sedimentation within the Kern River Canyon, CA252.05,876,132,749
130Quantifying rock strength controls in Guadalupe Mountains, NM/TX62.7928,427,808
1313D Landscape Reconstruction and Land Use Modeling, Chaco Canyon, NM 2016542.713,662,458,721
132Canterbury, New Zealand 2016-20172199.27,570,497,656
133Mapping of Displacements Near Parkfield, California79.8894,919,227
134Mapping of San Gabriel Mountains, CA 2009 Fire411.11,806,050,828
1352015-2017 State of Utah Lidar Acquisition12904.099,507,733,293
136Otago, New Zealand 20161963.45,265,575,025
137Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand 2016319.21,863,510,051
138Mackenzie, Canterbury, New Zealand 2015809.61,050,244,397
139Eagle Creek Fire Area in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon309.03,578,074,819
140Golden Bay, Tasman, New Zealand 2017715.76,824,796,206
141Richmond and Motueka, Tasman, New Zealand 2015332.91,242,312,026
142Abel Tasman and Golden Bay, Tasman, New Zealand 2016336.53,083,346,810
143Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand 2014404.71,090,694,603
144Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory 2015 Post-Soda Fire Lidar150.02,542,567,140
145Kilauea Volcano, HI July 2018 Acquisition122.42,170,242,662
146Kilauea Volcano, HI June 2018 Acquisition105.010,701,651,765
147Mapping of Diamond Fork River, UT 2017118.81,407,395,278
148Distribution and Legacy of Large Landslides, San Gabriel Mountains, CA 201771.6291,376,963
149Mapping of Hydrothermal Explosion Craters in Yellowstone N.P., WY 201768.91,475,173,789
150Characterizing Forest Structure Changes and Effects on Snowpack, AZ 201789.7613,760,144
151Photogrammetric model of the Tecolote Volcano, Sonora, Mexico1.8562,820,712
152Post-Kumamoto Earthquake (16 April 2016) Rupture Lidar Scan95.8428,107,709
153Pre-Kumamoto Earthquake (16 April 2016) Rupture Lidar Scan151.6445,369,382
154Very High Resolution Airborne Lidar at Strathalbyn in Queensland, Australia4.2459,842,944
1552016 Solana Beach, CA Bluff Characterization Survey<1982,678,631
156Wellington Fault, NZ 20108.639,417,383
157Hope Fault, NZ 201040.991,308,046
158Slip transfer through the Eastern Transverse Ranges, CA 201764.0631,047,182
159Fault geometry on the Mission Creek-Mill Creek faults, CA 201763.6403,091,828
160Topographic stress controls, San Bernardino Mountains, CA 201762.0642,349,035
161B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults - Classified Lidar1906.05,681,610,713
162Trinity River, Texas 2015387.08,261,334,273
1632013 Balochistan earthquake, Pakistan1280.01,821,390,716
164Austin, TX, Rapid Response, 2015195.92,489,104,221
165Walker Fault System, Nevada, 2015657.04,777,586,187
166Straight Cliffs Formation, South-Central Utah, 201665.31,194,746,581
167Illinois River, OR, Coast Ranges, 201690.51,033,399,485
168San Rafael River, Castle Dale, Utah, 201655.3505,620,572
169San Bernardino Mountains, CA 2016147.3658,197,815
170Laytonville, CA lidar 201577.91,494,546,347
171Northern Rockies, Montana lidar 201699.41,210,671,221
172Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 10, 2015)16.5261,683,169
173Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 7, 2015)17.4274,577,662
174Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 3, 2015)15.2264,163,159
175West Coast and Hauraki Plains, Waikato, New Zealand 2015210.3589,562,263
176Powder River, MT 201697.71,442,721,432
177Wellington, New Zealand 2013-20149012.752,429,955,958
178Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm)535.51,155,295,823
179Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)420.83,750,522,173
180Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm/Angelo)57.3822,046,581
181Hurunui Rivers, Canterbury, New Zealand 2013474.0720,325,899
182Inyo Domes, CA lidar 201656.9657,954,171
1832014 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar3292.129,385,789,123
1842013 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar2197.425,501,709,558
185Christchurch and Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand 20151512.78,992,926,156
186Yosemite Rim Fire, Smithsonian Forest lidar 20131.577,891,514
187Yosemite Rim Fire lidar 20131654.327,579,822,913
188IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm)248.51,936,220,915
189IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)95.1178,274,179
190IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (1064 nm)242.91,905,293,905
191Tauranga and Coast, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 2015702.71,209,484,522
192Timaru Rivers, Canterbury, New Zealand 2014681.81,319,581,535
193Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand 2014497.51,009,354,334
194Cheviot and Hawarden, Canterbury, New Zealand 201597.4154,198,787
195Amberley, Canterbury, New Zealand 2012111.0196,400,721
196IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (532 nm)73.3177,039,955
197Kaikoura, Canterbury, New Zealand 2012318.7626,788,655
198Tushar Mountains, Utah (532 nm)85.0165,086,414
199Greys River, WY (532 nm)123.0532,250,762
200Niobrara River, Nebraska (532 nm)61.0289,149,362
2012014-2015 lidar survey of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica2775.614,126,743,483
202Niobrara River, Nebraska61.0295,745,974
203Sea Grass Beds, Apalachicola, FL74.0431,104,860
204Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2009228.9386,598,082
205Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 201331.0442,178,752
206Woodland-encroached sagebrush ecosystem, Nevada61.0378,881,652
207Big Creek, California13.0151,537,234
208Israel Mediterranean Sharon sea cliff, 200629.413,268,620
209Lake Bonneville, Utah55.0350,032,753
210Channel Avulsion in Bishop, California52.0444,557,480
211Little San Bernardino Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, California51.0386,732,755
212Santa Clarita Topography45.0240,370,408
213Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 20-21 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey202.61,811,756,982
214Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 9 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey155.4846,017,392
215Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 5 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey136.81,022,500,736
216El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake, Pleiades 2014468.31,817,428,876
217Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2016 Leaf Off LiDAR Survey78.33,545,529,957
218Everglades National Park16.0257,190,270
219Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New Zealand446.04,022,809,146
220Auckland, New Zealand 20132250.410,709,321,570
221East Helanshan Fault, northern China100.0759,122,077
222NEON D17 Pacific Southwest- California550.01,421,212,403
223Tushar Mountains, Utah (1550 nm)85.0184,068,562
224Yucaipa Ridge, San Bernardino Mountains, CA76.0340,548,987
2251959 Hebgen Lake rupture (Montana)105.0516,740,313
226Greys River, WY (1550 nm)123.01,049,737,018
227Geologic Mapping of Coal Beds (Northeastern Montana)56.01,027,342,737
228Volcanic Tablelands in Bishop, California60.0928,766,958
229Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2014 Leaf On Survey191.03,073,165,690
230Snake River, Wyoming68.0326,422,776
231Mayapan, Mexico44.01,976,052,223
232Surprise Valley, CA878.08,886,099,807
233Poleta Folds, southern Deep Springs Valley, California47.041,604,637
234August 24, 2014 South Napa Earthquake78.01,904,250,588
235Wheeler Ridge, CA80.0712,158,135
236Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Central Nevada396.04,190,708,607
237Kremmling, CO: Blue and Colorado River Confluence24.041,532,689
238Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ41.0562,261,368
239State of Utah Acquired Lidar Data - Wasatch Front3684.043,968,246,478
240UMD-NASA Carbon Mapping /Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and Lidar Program4374.060,040,589,769
241Jemez River Basin, NM: Post-fire Landscape Response206.03,138,470,833
242Harper Lake Fault Slip Distribution, Central Mojave, CA246.01,715,490,738
243Mount Shasta, CA: Quaternary Debris Avalanche51.0349,093,976
244Gabilan Mesa, CA: Valley Alluviation effects on Hillslope-Channel Coupling75.0417,186,669
245Mapleton, OR: Transient Landscape Evolution in the Oregon Coast Range65.0619,415,677
246Santa Maria River, AZ: Vegetation and channel form51.0392,002,733
247Triangle Lake, OR: Earthquake Induced Landslide66.0617,152,927
248San Rafael, UT: Survey of Exposed Subsurface Volcanic Features54.0297,500,214
249Rapid Response to 2011 Mississippi Flood195.01,670,375,138
250Central U.S. ARRA Lidar, New Madrid Seismic Zone987.08,507,624,055
251California ARRA Lidar686.09,736,794,928
252Kohala Peninsula, Hawaii: Precipitation Effects on Landscape Evolution46.0355,382,059
253Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii118.0995,581,661
254South Florida Everglades53.0421,149,359
255California Coast: Big Creek, Vincente, Arroyo Seco, Scotts Creek, UCSC375.04,373,110,830
256Victor Harbour - South Australia, 2011358.01,009,026,571
257Flathead Lake Biological Station, MT (May 2005)107.0142,471,734
258Solfatara Plateau Obsidian Lava Flow, Yellowstone National Park, WY56.0457,591,850
259Hyak, WA: Cedar River Municipal Watershed Snow Modeling70.0508,980,223
260Southwest Flank of Mt.Rainier, WA123.0970,625,030
261Raleigh Peak, Colorado: May 201062.0624,963,901
2622010 CU-Boulder Campus and Flatirons45.0222,426,993
263White Mountain Fault Zone, Owens Valley, CA47.0389,139,038
264Ladron Peak, New Mexico Survey48.0188,933,803
265Columbia, NC: Modeling Coastal Plain Wetland Ecosystems31.0339,944,130
266Survey of Sheepscot, Narragaugus and Pleasant Rivers, Maine1059.06,524,920,615
267Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow On109.01,003,395,188
268Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow Off121.01,409,519,429
269Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf On Survey209.02,839,913,422
270Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf Off Survey209.03,243,137,623
271Utah Geological Survey Lidar4696.08,955,883,062
272North Carolina Coast: Quantifying Patterns of Coastal Change (July 2007)174.0108,054,720
273North Carolina Coast: Quantifying Patterns of Coastal Change (June 2006)96.0126,719,522
274St. Elis Mountains and Gulf of Alaska427.01,031,611,201
275Mojave Desert, CA: Evolution of the Hector Mine Earthquake Surface Rupture71.0605,627,261
276Flathead Lake Biological Station, MT (September 2005)90.0215,596,533
277Northern California Coast: Slope Failure in Low and High Uplift Regions47.0417,824,006
278North Sister, OR: Collier Cone Lava Flow71.0198,313,849
279Survey of Parts of Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers85.0116,504,840
280Death Valley National Park, CA: Badwater Basin128.0226,608,051
281Coastal Dune Fields of Garopaba and Vila Nova, Santa Catarina State, Brazil10.021,277,716
282PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): San Simeon, CA Central Coast803.017,716,478,347
283PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Los Osos, CA Central Coast688.06,142,245,792
284PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Diablo Canyon, CA Central Coast43.0397,510,966
285Mojave Desert, CA: Precariously Balanced Rocks in Seismic Hazard Analysis45.0265,443,821
286South Fork Eel River, CA Watershed Morphology236.0622,565,583
287West Swanzey, NH: Geomorphic Response to Dam Removal, Ashuelot River (2010)45.0591,734,630
288Yosemite National Park: Poopenaut Valley and Wawona25.0305,116,541
289Missisquoi Watershed Lidar2424.04,893,927,546
2902006 INEGI Sierra Cucupah Empirically Corrected Lidar Dataset935.015,945,505
291Henry Mountains, UT: Hillslope-Channel Coupling in a Bedrock Landscape65.0219,832,632
292White Canyon and Hite, Lake Powell, Utah92.0174,463,366
293Merced, CA: Origin and Evolution of the Mima Mounds33.095,745,348
294Plum Island, MA148.0283,918,292
295White Sands National Monument, NM: Lidar Survey of Dune Fields (Sept 2009)59.0331,941,355
296White Sands National Monument, NM: Lidar Survey of Dune Fields (Jan 2009)47.0197,056,247
297Pahrump Valley: California/Nevada State Line48.049,069,165
298Yellowstone National Park, WY: Quantifying Gravel-Bed Rivers65.0181,239,882
299San Gabriel Mountains, CA: Tectonics and Topography53.0197,258,042
300Greybull, WY: Sheep Mountain Anticline87.0366,476,229
301Truckee, CA: Sagehen Creek Snowpack Measurement48.0201,698,547
302Perry Mesa, AZ: Ancient Agricultural Features and Landscape Transformation61.0261,105,107
303Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research Site, Colorado48.0112,754,966
304Silver Plume, CO48.087,629,535
305Great Smokey Mountains, NC17.037,866,391
306Blind Canyon and Box Canyon, Twin Falls, ID25.039,998,809
307Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Mt. Tamalpais State Park, CA28.055,981,832
308Eel River, CA: Landsliding and the Evolution of Mountainous Landscapes264.0604,240,529
309Tender Foot, MT: Hydrological Processes on Hill Slopes115.0235,483,068
310Big Sky, MT: Patterns of Nitrogen Export & Land Use Change249.0721,219,757
311Furnace Creek Wash, Death Valley National Park, California38.086,175,250
312Dragons Back Ridge: San Andreas Fault, California48.0102,084,881
313Sierra National Forest, CA: Soil Formation and Transport50.0111,077,052
314Lawrenceville, IL: Detecting Tectonically Deformed Shorelines72.0115,810,384
315Furnace Creek and Fish Lake Valley Fault Zones, Death Valley National Park38.076,998,395
316Raplee Ridge, Utah54.0115,944,251
3172011 - 2013 Indiana Statewide Lidar96094.7149,496,475,234
318San Isabel NF, CO: Debris Flow Mechanics and Landscape Evolution55.0315,706,453
319West Bijou Creek, CO36.0134,350,369
320South Fork Eel River, CA: Understanding Terrace Formation and Abandonment371.03,578,178,416
321Oregon Coast Range: Sediment Storage in Debris-Flows76.0497,470,019
322Luquillo CZO Rio Blanco and Rio Mameyes Lidar Survey 2010-2011253.03,518,252,046
323New Madrid Seismic Zone1936.017,165,130,273
324Yosemite, CA: El Portal, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite Canyon & Tuolumne Meadows131.0338,698,252
325Yosemite, CA: Spatial & Temporal Patterns of Nitrogen Export101.0253,397,107
326Lake Placid, FL: Lidar Survey of the Archibold Biological Station86.0236,049,099
327Loma Mar, CA: Lidar survey of the San Jose Mountains50.0129,307,307
328Grand Junction, CO: Roan Plateau133.0430,357,182
329Corpus Cristi, TX: Influence of Dunes & Barrier Islands on Hurricane Surge34.0203,298,616
330Lincoln National Forest, NM: Floodplains in Fluvial Networks55.0370,540,596
331Hite, UT: Quantifying Evolution and Stability of Coarse Alluvial Channels102.0516,679,698
332Cache NF, UT: Predicting Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Spawning Hotspots63.0326,142,289
333Boise NF, ID: Avalanche Forecasting and Acoustic Detection49.0246,445,604
334Bitterroot NF, ID: Transient Hillslope Response to Knickpoint Migration49.0225,595,885
335Medicine Bow NF, WY: Forest Ecosystem Impacts by Mountain Pine Beetle35.0316,486,651
3362010 Channel Islands Lidar Collection747.06,178,567,552
337Jemez River Basin Snow-off Lidar Survey722.07,777,763,269
338Jemez River Basin Snow-on Lidar Survey280.02,541,885,987
339West Swanzey, NH: Geomorphic Response to Dam Removal, Ashuelot River(2011)45.0536,115,939
340Geomorphic Effects of Landslide Dams on the Owyhee River, Oregon279.01,539,971,860
341Bald Point, FL: Hurricane Frequency and Storm Surge Archives from Sinkholes44.8192,218,197
342Apopka, FL: Using Lidar to Identify Optimal Gopher Tortoise habitat49.0329,835,902
343Nantahala NF, NC: Forest Leaf Structure, Terrain and Hydrophysiology64.9578,628,031
344Point Reyes, CA: Landscape Response to Tectonics76.3523,551,452
345Stanley, ID: Linkages Between Hydrologic Complexity and Nutrient Export53.0386,658,945
346Merritt Island, FL: Identification of Florida Scrub-Jay Habitat59.0249,275,126
347Hawaii Kauai Survey200.0916,900,535
348Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): St. Joe National Forest557.0388,531,920
349Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Moscow Mountain327.0113,191,977
350Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Lolo Creek and Slate Creek429.02,450,118,069
351Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): South Fork Salmon and Secesh Rivers142.0856,727,919
352Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Emerald Creek132.0139,931,386
353Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Jack Waite Mine57.0277,785,319
354Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Clear Creek173.02,225,535,833
355Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): Nez Perce Reservation247.0145,508,203
356El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake Rupture Terrestrial Laser Scan-Site 2<121,703,698
357El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake Rupture Terrestrial Laser Scan-Site 1<149,904,405
358Dixie Valley Fault Rupture Terrestrial Laser Scanning Dataset-Site 1<113,248,696
359Dixie Valley Fault Rupture Terrestrial Laser Scanning Dataset-Site 2<145,517,946
360Lidar Survey of the Black Hills Experimental Forest, South Dakota28.035,151,170
361Lidar Survey of the Malheur National Forest, Oregon128.0988,192,862
362Pellston, MI: Effects of Forest Canopy Structural Change on Carbon Uptake61.0669,960,290
363Idaho Falls, ID: Lidar for Modeling Eolian Soil Transport58.0183,124,977
3642010 Salton Sea Lidar Collection1401.07,150,136,824
365Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory August 2010 Snow-Off Lidar Survey650.07,355,678,903
366USBR Upper Columbia River Basin East560.04,189,397,173
367USBR Upper Columbia River Basin West360.03,467,813,766
368Hawaii Big Island Lidar Survey300.01,502,401,167
369Northern Walker Lane, CA Airborne Lidar Dataset229.03,880,443,432
370Piercy, CA: Response of Bedrock River to Base Level Lowering, SF Eel River69.0519,750,479
371Canyon Lake Gorge, TX: Mechanics of Megaflood Erosion9.249,009,395
372White Sands National Monument, NM: Lidar Survey of Dune Fields62.0287,505,683
373Surface Expression of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina Earthquake64.0569,579,152
374Oroville, CA: Middle Fork of the Feather River, Sierra Nevada Foothills250.02,460,365,522
375Airborne Laser Mapping of Yosemite National Park, CA, 200766.0105,209,688
376Airborne Laser Mapping of Independence Lake, CA65.0192,292,801
3772008 Iowa River Flood Lidar, Iowa City, and the Clear Creek Watershed1011.02,832,810,718
378Thorton, NH: Hydrologic and Topographic Controls on Organic Carbon in Soils126.3855,368,043
379Clearwater NF, ID: Effects of Watershed Restoration on Hillslope Stability89.4400,649,211
380Durham, NH: Hyporheic Zone Extent and Exchange in a Coastal Stream47.0516,574,267
381Truro and Provincetown, MA: Lidar in Salt Marsh Environments59.1257,035,649
382Tuscaloosa, AL: Seasonal Inundation Dynamics And Invertebrate Communities53.6581,480,937
383Rio Puerco River, NM: Study of overbank flood dynamics59.0358,738,424
384Chaco Canyon, NM: Simulating Dynamic Hydrological Processes67.0298,677,157
385Meteor Crater, AZ34.3185,455,845
386SW Montana: Beavers as Geomorphic Agents in Small, Rocky Mountain Streams56.1234,737,859
387Central Utah: Topographic Amplification of Earthquake Ground Motions65.7350,213,488
388Bishop, CA: Morphological characteristics of the Bishop Tuff55.0257,968,480
389Yosemite National Park, CA: Rockfall Studies61.5302,906,745
390NW Nevada: Modeling of Meander Channel Evolution45.2183,314,352
391Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory July 2010 Lidar Survey133.01,478,601,793
392Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory April 2010 Lidar Survey133.01,854,556,843
3932005 San Diego Urban Region Lidar1190.01,672,334,614
394Andrews Experimental Forest and Willamette National Forest Lidar (Aug 2008)79.0966,432,159
395Landers Surface Rupture Terrestrial Laser Scanning Dataset<18,770,495
396Carrizo Plain Terrestrial Laser Scanning Dataset<1129,849,319
397John Day Watershed 2006 - US Bureau of Reclamation37.0402,507,754
398Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Lidar365.0955,085,925
399Lemhi Watershed - US Bureau of Reclamation80.01,134,561,999
400Lake Tahoe Basin Lidar941.012,422,235,185
401Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Lidar Program Data26009.7284,688,111,603
402El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake (4 April 2010) Rupture Lidar Scan372.03,393,048,201
403Granite Dells Terrestrial Laser Scanning Dataset<14,977,725
404NOAA ISEMP - Watershed Sciences - Bridge Creek, Oregon Lidar Survey, 2005124.0470,437,392
405Granite Dells, AZ47.0357,455,780
406World Bank - ImageCat Inc. - RIT Haiti Earthquake Lidar dataset838.02,847,342,691
407Napa Watershed, CA1451.02,097,819,679
408EarthScope Southern & Eastern California Lidar Project1683.07,765,524,685
409EarthScope Yakima Lidar Project371.01,339,935,848
410EarthScope Alaska Denali Totschunda Lidar Project410.02,328,316,068
411EarthScope Intermountain Seismic Belt Lidar Project830.05,591,498,159
412EarthScope Northern California Lidar Project2448.012,689,698,695
413Fault systems in the Eastern California Shear Zone, CA165.0276,265,799
414B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults1906.05,681,610,713
415West Rainier Seismic Zone, WA545.01,310,241,347
416Northern San Andreas Fault, CA767.01,128,377,290
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  Dataset Name Area (km2) Dataset Layers
1USFS Lower Klamath Lidar, CA 2014168.5Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
2Lidar Survey of Sparta Earthquake Rupture, NC 202011.2Bare Earth, Highest Hit
3USFS Illilouette Basin Lidar, CA 2011172.2Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit, Bare Earth
4Linking Snowpack Heterogeneity to Subsurface Storage and Transmissivity, OR 202263.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
5USFS Humbug Creek Lidar, CA 2013100.1Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
6USFS Medicine Lake Volcano Lidar, CA 2013339.3Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit, Bare Earth
7USFS Hager Basin Lidar, CA 201313.2Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
8Forest-Snow Interactions in a High Elevation Critical Zone, CA 202250.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
9USFS Gopher Hill Lidar, CA 20122.3Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
10USFS East Branch East Weaver Creek Lidar, CA 201211.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit
11Alpine Fault, NZ 2015139.6Orthophotograph
12USFS Dinkey Creek Lidar, CA 2012249.5Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit
13Lidar Survey of the San Pedro River, AZ 202181.6Bare Earth, Highest Hit
14USFS Dinkey Creek Lidar, CA 2010239.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
15USFS Deadman Creek Lidar, CA 2103114.9Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit
16Topographic and Lithologic Controls on Subsurface Weathering, CA 202138.2Bare Earth, Highest Hit
17Morphodynamics of an Unvegetated Meandering River, NV 202152.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
18USFS Cub Complex Lidar, CA 2009101.5Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
19Continental Europe Digital Terrain Model6337822.0Bare Earth
20USFS Bluff Creek Lidar, CA 201316.8Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit
21Lidar Survey of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA 2012437.4Bare Earth
22USFS Blodgett Forest Lidar, CA 201322.0Bare Earth
23USFS Bean Hill Lidar, CA 2012<1Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit
24USFS Bagley Fire Lidar, CA 2013202.0Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth
25Topographic Signatures of Barrier Island Vulnerability, TX 202163.9Highest Hit, Bare Earth
26Sediment Accretion Rates and Spatial Patterns in the Wax Lake Delta, LA 202052.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
27Structure from Motion data along the sSAF, Salt Creek, CA 2021<1Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
28USFS Power Fire Lidar, CA 2015461.8Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
29Structure from Motion data along the sSAF, Ferrum, CA 2021<1Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
30USFS North Happy Camp Complex Lidar, CA 2015498.6Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth
31USFS Kern Plateau Lidar, CA 2011545.0Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
32USFS Freds Fire Lidar, CA 2015645.2Vegetation Height, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit, Bare Earth
33Measuring Topographic Response to Hydrologic Events, CO 2018557.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
34Estimating Bedload Transport in Gravel-Bedded Rivers, MA 20213.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
35Impact of Waterfall Formation on River Long Profiles, CA 202172.8Bare Earth, Highest Hit
36Lidar Survey of Middle Usumacinta Region, Mexico943.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth
37Lidar Survey of Dangermond Preserve, CA129.1Highest Hit
38Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest, CA 200948.2Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
39Lidar Survey of Dump Creek, ID 201942.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
40Climate and Tectonic Controls on Bedrock Hillslopes, CA 2019133.1Bare Earth, Highest Hit
41Hydrologic Effects of Forest Restoration, WA 202162.7Bare Earth, Highest Hit
42Measuring Lake Michigan Coastal Erosion, WI 202084.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
43Preserving Mountains with Forest Management, CA 202072.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
44Southern San Andreas Fault from Painted Canyon to Bombay Beach, CA40.1Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
45Repeat Mapping of Antelope Valley Ranch, CA, 201924.3Highest Hit, Orthophotograph, Bare Earth
46Post-Fire Debris Flow Detection and Erosion, Oregon 202060.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
473D Fuel Structure in Relation to Prescribed Fire, CA 202065.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
48Haiti Digital Terrain Model 2014 - 201629239.0Orthophotograph, Bare Earth
49Topography of Normal Faults in the Volcanic Tablelands, CA 201817.6Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
50Evaluating Area-Volume Relationships after Mass Wasting Event, NC 202078.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
51USGS 1/3 arc-second Digital Elevation Model11776699.0
52USGS 1 meter Digital Elevation ModelN/A
53USGS 1 arc-second Digital Elevation ModelN/A
54Copernicus GLO-90 Digital Elevation Model146737360.0
55Copernicus GLO-30 Digital Elevation Model146540912.0
56NASADEM Global Digital Elevation Model147385568.0
57Illilouette Creek Basin Lidar Survey, Yosemite Valley, CA 201875.7Intensity, Vegetation Height, Highest Hit, Bare Earth
58Global Bathymetry and Topography at 15 Arc Sec: SRTM15+ V2.1509753760.0
59South Fork Eel River, CA: Understanding Terrace Formation and Abandonment371.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
60Lost River Fault at Doublespring Pass Rd, Idaho 20154.2Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
61Monitoring Woodland Ecosystems, Utah 2018232.1Highest Hit, Bare Earth
62Salsipuedes-Punta Morro, Baja California, Mexico 20145.6Highest Hit
63Post Hurricane Harvey Mapping of the Mission River, Texas 2018 (Ch 1, 2, 3)68.0Water Surface, Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Bathymetry
64Post Hurricane Harvey Mapping of the Mission River, Texas 2018 (Ch 1, 2)68.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
65Measuring Variations in Bedrock Cliff Morphologies, Idaho 201956.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth
66High Resolution SFM Topography of the Central San Andreas Fault, California2.7Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
67Meandering Channels in Death Valley, CA 201972.6Highest Hit
68Post-fire Debris Flows in Santa Monica Mountains, CA 201960.2Bare Earth, Highest Hit
69High Resolution Topography along the Lost River Valley, Idaho 201912.2Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
70Change Detection of Post-fire Runoff Events, CA 201960.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
71Normal Fault Comparisons, Utah 201970.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
72Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA 201955.1Highest Hit, Bare Earth
73Study in Erosion Response: Horse Linto, CA 201963.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
74Topography of Normal Faults in the Volcanic Tablelands, CA 20194.1Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
75Southern California Bedrock Landscapes 2015 Airborne Lidar328.1Bare Earth, Highest Hit
762019 Ridgecrest, CA Pre-Earthquake Digital Surface Model V24113.0Highest Hit
772019 Ridgecrest, CA Post-Earthquake Digital Surface Model3907.0Highest Hit
78Interpreting Fluvial Processes from Channel-Belt Deposits, Utah 201858.2Highest Hit
79Agua Blanca Fault, Baja California, Mexico.76.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
80High Resolution Topography over Gabilan Mesa, CA 200360.1Bare Earth, Highest Hit
81Topographic Data Set: Klamath River, California 2018 (State Plane)291.6Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
82Topographic Data Set: Klamath River, California 2018291.6Highest Hit, Orthophotograph, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
83High Resolution Topography near Santa Cruz, CA 201744.5Bare Earth, Highest Hit
842019 Ridgecrest, CA Post-Earthquake Lidar Collection784.4Highest Hit
85Kern Canyon Lidar Collection, CA 2008439.0Orthophotograph
86Lidar Transects along Yucatan Peninsula and San Gervasio, Mexico438.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
87Paleo-Outburst Floods in the Truckee River Canyon, CA93.0Orthophotograph, Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit, Bathymetry
88Alteration of Groundwater Flow due to Slow Landslide Failure, CA37.8Bare Earth, Highest Hit
89High Resolution Topography of House Range Fault, Utah5.1Orthophotograph, Highest Hit
902019 Ridgecrest, CA: Trona-Argus Area - Post-Earthquake Lidar19.2Bare Earth, Highest Hit
91Ecosystem Structure in Hetereogeneous Restored Wetlands, CA 201862.3Orthophotograph, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
92Point Classification for Hazard Applications: Mammoth Lakes, CA24.2Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
93Control of steepland landscape morphology in Idaho Batholith72.8Orthophotograph, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
94Mapping the PUUC Region, Campeche, Mexico237.8Bare Earth, Highest Hit
95Woodland-encroached sagebrush ecosystem, Nevada61.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
96Mapping the Kaibab Plateau, AZ1882.3Bare Earth, Vegetation Height, Intensity, Canopy Density, Highest Hit
97Lost River Fault Zone Near Borah Peak, Idaho11.3Highest Hit, Orthophotograph
98High Resolution Mapping of Antelope Valley Ranch, CA.27.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
99High-Resolution Mapping of Goat Rock Volcano, WA67.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
1002019 Ridgecrest, CA Pre-Earthquake Digital Surface Model10561.0Highest Hit
101Erosion and sedimentation within the Kern River Canyon, CA252.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
102Quantifying rock strength controls in Guadalupe Mountains, NM/TX62.7Bare Earth, Highest Hit
1033D Landscape Reconstruction and Land Use Modeling, Chaco Canyon, NM 2016544.9Highest Hit, Bare Earth
104Mapping of Displacements Near Parkfield, California79.8Bare Earth, Highest Hit
105Mapping of San Gabriel Mountains, CA 2009 Fire411.1Bare Earth, Highest Hit
1062015-2017 State of Utah Lidar Acquisition12904.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit
1072013 Baluchistan, Pakistan Post-Earthquake Stereogrammetric DEMs13176.1Highest Hit
1082013 Baluchistan, Pakistan Pre-Earthquake Stereogrammetric DEMs16332.5Highest Hit
109Eagle Creek Fire Area in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon309.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
110Mapping of Diamond Fork River, UT 2017118.8Bare Earth, Highest Hit
111Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory 2015 Post-Soda Fire Lidar150.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
112Kilauea Volcano, HI July 2018 Acquisition122.4Bare Earth
113Kilauea Volcano, HI June 2018 Acquisition105.0Bare Earth
114Distribution and Legacy of Large Landslides, San Gabriel Mountains, CA 201771.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
115Mapping of Hydrothermal Explosion Craters in Yellowstone N.P., WY 201768.9Highest Hit, Bare Earth
116Characterizing Forest Structure Changes and Effects on Snowpack, AZ 201789.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
117Photogrammetric model of the Tecolote Volcano, Sonora, Mexico1.8Bare Earth, Orthophotograph
118Slip transfer through the Eastern Transverse Ranges, CA 201764.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
119Fault geometry on the Mission Creek-Mill Creek faults, CA 201758.2Highest Hit, Bare Earth
120Topographic stress controls, San Bernardino Mountains, CA 201762.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
121B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults - Classified Lidar1906.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
122Trinity River, Texas 2015387.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
123ALOS World 3D - 30m EllipsoidalN/A
124Austin, TX, Rapid Response, 2015195.9Highest Hit, Bare Earth
125Walker Fault System, Nevada, 2015657.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
126Straight Cliffs Formation, South-Central Utah, 201665.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
127Illinois River, OR, Coast Ranges, 201690.5Highest Hit, Bare Earth
128San Rafael River, Castle Dale, Utah, 201655.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth
129Geomorphic Effects of Landslide Dams on the Owyhee River, Oregon279.0Highest Hit
130San Bernardino Mountains, CA 2016147.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
131Laytonville, CA lidar 201577.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
132Jemez River Basin, NM: Post-fire landscape response206.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
133Northern Rockies, Montana lidar 201699.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
134Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 10, 2015)16.5Highest Hit, Bare Earth
135Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 7, 2015)17.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
136Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 3, 2015)15.2Highest Hit, Bare Earth
137Yellowstone National Park, WY: Quantifying Gravel-Bed Rivers65.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
138Powder River, MT 201697.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
139Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (Eel River)535.5Bare Earth, Highest Hit
140Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (Angelo)57.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth
141Poleta Folds, southern Deep Springs Valley, California47.0Highest Hit
142Inyo Domes, CA lidar 201656.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
143August 24, 2014 South Napa Earthquake78.0Orthophotograph, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
1442014 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar3292.1Bare Earth, Highest Hit
1452013 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar2197.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
146Snake River, Wyoming68.0Bare Earth
147IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)95.1Bare Earth
148IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (1064 nm)242.9Bare Earth
149IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm)248.5Highest Hit, Bare Earth
150Yosemite Rim Fire, Smithsonian Forest lidar 2013<1Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Highest Hit
151Yosemite Rim Fire lidar 20131654.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
152IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (532 nm)73.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
153Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) Data SynthesisN/A
154Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM GL1) Global 30m Ellipsoidal119560000.0
155ALOS World 3D - 30mN/A
1562014-2015 lidar survey of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica2775.6Bare Earth
157Niobrara River, Nebraska61.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
158Sea Grass Beds, Apalachicola, FL74.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
159Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2009228.9Highest Hit, Bare Earth
160Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 201331.0Bare Earth
161Big Creek, California13.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
162Israel Mediterranean Sharon sea cliff, 200629.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
163Little San Bernardino Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, California51.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
164Lake Bonneville, Utah55.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
165Channel Avulsion in Bishop, California52.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
166Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory August 2010 LiDAR Survey650.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
167Santa Clarita Topography45.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
168Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 20-21 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey202.6Highest Hit, Bare Earth
169Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 9 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey155.4Bare Earth, Highest Hit
170Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 5 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey136.8Highest Hit, Bare Earth
171Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2016 Leaf Off LiDAR Survey78.3Bare Earth, Highest Hit
172Everglades National Park16.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
173Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New Zealand446.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
174NEON D17 Pacific Southwest- California550.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
175Tushar Mountains, Utah85.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
176Yucaipa Ridge, San Bernardino Mountains, CA76.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
1771959 Hegben Lake rupture (Montana)105.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
178Greys River, WY123.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
179Geologic Mapping of Coal Beds (Northeastern Montana)56.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
180Volcanic Tablelands in Bishop, California60.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
181Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2014 Leaf On Survey191.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
182Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM GL1) Global 30m119560000.0
183Mayapan, Mexico44.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
184Surprise Valley, CA878.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
185State of Utah Acquired Lidar Data - Wasatch Front3684.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
186Wheeler Ridge, CA80.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
187UMD-NASA Carbon Mapping /Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and Lidar Program4374.0Hydro-flattened Bare Earth, Vegetation Height, Bare Earth, Intensity - Vegetation, Intensity - Highest Hit, Canopy Density, Intensity, Highest Hit
188Central U.S. ARRA Lidar, New Madrid Seismic Zone987.0Bare Earth
189California ARRA Lidar686.0Bare Earth
190Hyak, WA: Cedar River Municipal Watershed Snow Modeling70.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
191Southwest Flank of Mt.Rainier, WA123.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
192Raleigh Peak, Colorado: May 201062.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
1932010 CU-Boulder Campus and Flatirons45.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
194White Mountain Fault Zone, Owens Valley, CA47.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
195Survey of Sheepscot, Narragaugus and Pleasant Rivers, Maine1059.0Bare Earth
196Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow On109.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
197Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow Off121.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
198Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf On Survey209.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
199Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf Off Survey209.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
200Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM GL3) Global 90m119560000.0
201St. Elis Mountains and Gulf of Alaska427.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
202Mojave Desert, CA: Evolution of the Hector Mine Earthquake Surface Rupture71.0Highest Hit
203Northern California Coast: Slope Failure in Low and High Uplift Regions47.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
204Survey of Parts of Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers85.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
205PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): San Simeon, CA Central Coast803.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Orthophotograph
206PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Los Osos, CA Central Coast688.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit
207PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Diablo Canyon, CA Central Coast43.0Orthophotograph, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit, Bare Earth
208Mojave Desert, CA: Precariously Balanced Rocks in Seismic Hazard Analysis45.0Highest Hit
209South Fork Eel River, CA Watershed Morphology236.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
210West Swanzey, NH: Geomorphic Response to Dam Removal, Ashuelot River (2010)45.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
211Yosemite National Park: Poopenaut Valley and Wawona25.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
212Merced, CA: Origin and Evolution of the Mima Mounds33.0Highest Hit
213Plum Island, MA148.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
214Truckee, CA: Sagehen Creek Snowpack Measurement48.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
215Perry Mesa, AZ: Ancient Agricultural Features and Landscape Transformation61.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
216Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research Site, Colorado48.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
217Silver Plume, CO48.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
218Blind Canyon and Box Canyon, Twin Falls, ID25.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
219Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Mt. Tamalpais State Park, CA28.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
220Eel River, CA: Landsliding and the Evolution of Mountainous Landscapes264.0Highest Hit
221Furnace Creek Wash, Death Valley National Park, California38.0Highest Hit
222Dragons Back Ridge: San Andreas Fault, California48.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
223Lawrenceville, IL: Detecting Tectonically Deformed Shorelines72.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
224Furnace Creek and Fish Lake Valley Fault Zones, Death Valley National Park38.0Highest Hit
2252011 - 2013 Indiana Statewide Lidar (West)49790.2Bare Earth
2262011 - 2013 Indiana Statewide Lidar (East)49790.2Bare Earth
227Loma Mar, CA: Lidar survey of the San Jose Mountains50.0Bare Earth
228Boise NF, ID: Avalanche Forecasting and Acoustic Detection49.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
229Bitterroot NF, ID: Transient Hillslope Response to Knickpoint Migration49.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
230Jemez River Basin Snow-off Lidar Survey722.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
231Jemez River Basin Snow-on Lidar Survey280.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
232Bald Point, FL: Hurricane Frequency and Storm Surge Archives from Sinkholes44.8Intensity - Highest Hit
233Apopka, FL: Using Lidar to Identify Optimal Gopher Tortoise habitat49.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
234Nantahala NF, NC: Forest Leaf Structure, Terrain and Hydrophysiology64.9Bare Earth, Highest Hit
235Point Reyes, CA: Landscape Response to Tectonics76.3Highest Hit, Bare Earth
236Stanley, ID: Linkages Between Hydrologic Complexity and Nutrient Export53.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
237Merritt Island, FL: Identification of Florida Scrub-Jay Habitat59.0Intensity - Highest Hit
238Pellston, MI: Effects of Forest Canopy Structural Change on Carbon Uptake61.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
2392010 Salton Sea Lidar Collection1401.0Highest Hit
240Hawaii Big Island Lidar Survey300.0Highest Hit
241Piercy, CA: Response of Bedrock River to Base Level Lowering, SF Eel River69.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
242Oroville, CA: Middle Fork of the Feather River, Sierra Nevada Foothills250.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
243Airborne Laser Mapping of Yosemite National Park, CA, 200766.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit, Intensity - Highest Hit
244Airborne Laser Mapping of Independence Lake, CA65.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
2452008 Iowa River Flood Lidar, Iowa City, and the Clear Creek Watershed1011.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
246Clearwater NF, ID: Effects of Watershed Restoration on Hillslope Stability89.4Highest Hit, Bare Earth
247Truro and Provincetown, MA: Lidar in Salt March Environments59.1Highest Hit, Bare Earth
248Tuscaloosa, AL: Seasonal Inundation Dynamics And Invertebrate Communities53.6Bare Earth, Highest Hit
249Rio Puerco River, NM: Study of overbank flood dynamics59.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
250Chaco Canyon, NM: Simulating Dynamic Hydrological Processes67.0Highest Hit
251Meteor Crater, AZ34.3Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit
252SW Montana: Beavers as Geomorphic Agents in Small, Rocky Mountain Streams56.1Highest Hit, Bare Earth
253Central Utah: Topographic Amplification of Earthquake Ground Motions65.7Highest Hit, Bare Earth
254Bishop, CA: Morphological characteristics of the Bishop Tuff55.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
255Yosemite National Park, CA: Rockfall Studies61.5Highest Hit, Bare Earth
256NW Nevada: Modeling of Meander Channel Evolution45.2Highest Hit, Bare Earth
257Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory July 2010 Lidar Survey133.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
258Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory April 2010 Lidar Survey133.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
259Andrews Experimental Forest and Willamette National Forest Lidar (Aug 2008)79.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
260Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Lidar365.0Bare Earth
261Lake Tahoe Basin Lidar941.0Bare Earth, Intensity - Highest Hit, Highest Hit
262El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake (4 April 2010) Rupture Lidar Scan372.0Highest Hit
263EarthScope Southern & Eastern California Lidar Project1683.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
264EarthScope Yakima Lidar Project371.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
265EarthScope Alaska Denali Totschunda Lidar Project410.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
266EarthScope Intermountain Seismic Belt Lidar Project830.0Highest Hit, Bare Earth
267EarthScope Northern California Lidar Project2448.0Bare Earth, Highest Hit
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  Dataset Name Area (km2) No lidar Returns
1FL Peninsular FDEM Alachua 20182802.669,110,331,174
2FL Peninsular Levy 20183472.673,377,306,436
3FL Peninsular Marion 20184450.2100,337,417,562
4FL Peninsular FDEM StJohns 20182172.139,203,656,916
5FL Peninsular FDEM Gilchrist 20181042.027,007,423,294
6FL Peninsular FDEM Union 2018790.020,015,349,833
7FL Peninsular FDEM Okeechobee 20182151.330,004,181,608
8FL Peninsular FDEM Polk 20185641.9140,849,384,067
9FL Peninsular FDEM Bradford 2018797.920,087,400,158
10FL Peninsular FDEM Highlands 20182968.345,647,921,869
11FL Peninsular FDEM Baker 20181684.738,719,866,268
12FL Peninsular FDEM Hardee 20181846.543,197,308,703
13FL Peninsular FDEM Brevard 20182820.730,586,321,322
14FL Peninsular FDEM Taylor 20183144.195,149,188,762
15FL Peninsular FDEM Osceola 20184140.267,913,945,698
16FL Peninsular Lake 20183224.988,192,081,404
17FL Peninsular Putnam 20182255.760,196,003,676
18FL Peninsular FDEM Dixie 20182123.558,098,336,163
19FL Peninsular FDEM Madison 20182197.666,449,721,825
20FL Peninsular FDEM Hamilton 20181625.744,982,529,148
21FL Peninsular FDEM Lafayette 20181539.737,892,414,517
22FL Peninsular Citrus 20181991.937,683,160,703
23FL Peninsular FDEM Columbia 20182238.058,070,865,697
24FL Peninsular FDEM Suwannee 20181860.950,187,333,132
25GA Statewide 12 20188569.032,928,484,587
26FL Peninsular FDEM IndianRiver 2018678.18,660,695,141
27GA Statewide 10 20188486.731,444,277,321
28GA Statewide 11 20188596.033,030,721,667
29FL Peninsular FDEM StLucie 20181717.023,467,097,725
30SC SavannahPeeDee 6 ReFlight 201996.4270,514,464
31GA Statewide 9 20188468.835,099,632,626
32FL Peninsular FDEM Martin 20181826.425,208,731,871
33FL Peninsular FDEM PalmBeach 20192560.232,822,194,602
34GA Statewide B5 20188352.727,587,433,357
35FL WestEvergladesNP topobathymetric 20182664.4107,298,897,612
36FL Peninsular FDEM KeyBiscayne 202027.4153,706,103
37GA Central 3 201817592.682,336,635,439
38FL Peninsular FDEM Hendry 20183058.556,613,215,800
39FL HurricaneMichael 1 20202337.951,468,529,326
40FL Peninsular FDEM Charlotte 20182266.740,901,859,495
41GA Statewide B6 20188402.733,188,546,755
42FL HurricaneMichael 3 20204274.083,448,943,893
43SC SavannahPeeDee 6 201919807.6114,219,016,657
44FL Everglades N 20171737.256,955,000,608
45FL Peninsular Seminole 2018955.325,394,818,677
46SC SavannahPeeDee 5 201915822.4107,945,417,351
47FL Everglades S 20172016.169,956,707,513
48SC SavannahPeeDee 7 20192166.034,005,384,316
49NC HurricaneFlorence 2 20204955.693,125,976,446
50FL TopobathyFLKeysNOAA Hydroflattened 20192344.151,970,164,694
51FL Peninsular FDEM Sarasota 20181804.431,034,436,705
52FL Peninsular Volusia 20183587.6103,231,432,502
53FL Peninsular FDEM Manatee 20182313.938,779,724,728
54FL HurricaneMichael 2 20201201.524,780,264,261
55FL Peninsular Hernando 20191556.132,858,585,231
56NC HurricaneFlorence 1 20207116.7152,758,563,641
57FL Peninsular FDEM Clay 20181966.459,898,134,357
58FL Peninsular FDEM Glades 20182550.843,048,696,757
59FL Peninsular Pinellas 20181367.516,835,045,264
60FL Peninsular FDEM Duval 20182476.061,009,511,038
61FL Peninsular FDEM Orange 20182365.251,845,942,863
62FL Peninsular FDEM Desoto 20181923.141,651,123,727
63FL Peninsular Flagler 20191054.725,314,902,871
64FL Peninsular FDEM Nassau 20182006.554,683,282,914
65FL Peninsular Sumter 20181804.151,046,997,352
66SC Berkeley B2 201680.1502,608,846
67NC NewHanoverCo 2014802.92,027,552,865
68NC ColumbusCo 20142775.011,112,677,176
69NC BrunswickCo 20142681.59,353,890,099
70USGS LPC GA Georgia A1 2016 LAS 201816176.493,476,094,866
71USGS LPC FL PalmBeachCo 2016 LAS 20195578.775,584,292,255
72USGS LPC SC East Central 2017 LAS 20196048.543,433,945,296
73USGS LPC FL Southwest B 2018 LAS 20193445.272,696,720,256
74USGS LPC FL Southwest A 2018 LAS 20192800.043,739,555,864
75USGS LPC FL Southeast TL 2018 LAS 2019435.97,610,457,724
76USGS LPC SC East Central TL 2018 LAS 2019188.01,064,803,085
77USGS LPC FL Panhandle B1 2018 LAS 20192597.653,560,158,912
78USGS LPC FL Panhandle B3 2018 LAS 20196162.888,530,657,855
79USGS LPC SC Georgetown 2016 LAS 20192611.017,236,375,809
80USGS LPC SC Charleston 2016 LAS 20193384.726,124,486,247
81USGS LPC SC Williamsburg 2016 LAS 20192779.919,175,526,632
82USGS LPC FL Upper Saint Johns 2017 LAS 20192310.777,000,772,358
83USGS LPC FL Southeast B2 2018 LAS 20193632.865,500,983,767
84USGS LPC FL Southeast B1 2018 LAS 2019477.77,102,582,806
85USGS LPC FL Southwest B TL 2018 LAS 201912.2174,474,637
86USGS LPC SC 6County Calhoun 2012 LAS 20171334.24,803,858,432
87USGS LPC SC 6County Barnwell 2012 LAS 20171696.45,894,220,800
88USGS LPC GA Georgia A2 2016 LAS 20183423.421,454,776,320
89USGS LPC FL Suwannee NCentral 2014 LAS 20161566.49,354,427,392
90USGS LPC FL SuwanneeRiver 2017 LAS 20182854.328,779,081,728
91USGS LPC FL PeaceRiver 2014 LAS 2018459.710,843,585,536
92USGS LPC FL MartinCo 2015 LAS 20171680.511,621,793,792
93SC WilliamsburgCo 20082558.56,055,825,920
94SC OrangeburgCo 20083078.26,717,924,864
95SC MarionCo 20081416.43,090,357,760
96SC FlorenceCo 20092628.36,899,171,840
97SC ClarendonCo 20081938.04,140,997,632
98SC BerkeleyCo 20093752.89,902,379,008
99GA Wayne Long McIntosh 20101535.96,585,271,808
100GA WayneCo 20101431.03,053,472,512
101GA McIntosh County 20101242.84,707,021,312
102GA Effingham Screven Bulloch 20105203.515,654,047,744
103GA Charlton Brantley Camden 20102214.78,255,823,360
104GA Camden County 20101463.05,906,951,680
105GA Bryan County 2010402.91,090,890,496
106FL SuwanneeRiver West 201143.6122,628,200
107FL SuwanneeRiver North 20112753.37,768,815,616
108FL SuwanneeRiver 2013450.51,488,900,480
109FL SuwanneeRiver 20121065.33,497,455,104
110FL SuwanneeRiver-FY12-Area4-5 2013313.7978,834,112
111FL SuwanneeRiver-Area4 2013450.81,527,710,336
112FL SuwanneeRiver-Area3 201387.0312,997,440
113FL SuwanneeRiver-Area2 201345.1115,488,440
114FL SuwanneeRiver-Area1 2013671.41,989,123,456
115FL StJohnsRiver WMD 20121931.76,596,493,824
116FL StJohnsCo 20081709.111,810,146,304
117FL Sarasota 20071411.54,002,516,736
118FL PinellasCo 20071132.53,091,561,216
119FL PascoCo 20116.11,913,209,216
120FL PascoCo 2007112.3240,823,904
121FL NassauCo 2007104.3752,155,200
122FL ManateeCo 2007485.81,050,836,864
123FL LeeCounty 20072798.97,730,920,448
124FL JeffersonCo-North 20071488.24,759,764,992
125FL IndianRiver 2007693.31,804,367,744
126FL HillsboroughCo 20071215.33,678,461,440
127FL HillsboroughCo-Lot2 2011766.81,922,492,672
128FL HerbHooverDike 20076202.16,423,962,624
129FL FranklinCo 20072073.67,859,303,424
130FL FlaglerCo 2004380.7334,091,840
131FL DuvalCo 20072485.95,276,338,688
132FL ClayPutnam 20071197.96,312,727,040
133FL CharlotteCounty 2007558.41,338,575,616
134ARRA-SC HamptonCo 20101721.55,507,032,576
135ARRA-SC BambergCo 20101214.62,586,155,776
136ARRA-SC AllendaleCo 20101264.23,945,911,296
137ARRA-FL UpperStJohnsRiver 20101528.45,191,558,144
138ARRA-FL SuwanneeRiver 20113067.08,440,057,344
139ARRA-FL KissimmeeRiver 20111599.32,209,333,248
140ARRA-FL Charlotte-W 2010322.9693,122,816
141ARRA-FL Charlotte-E 2010167.9368,962,144
142HI Hawaii Island 20179028.3113,245,748,447
143WY YellowstoneNP 1RF 20206.45,306,053
144AZ Yavapai 1 20217911.2129,508,541,577
145NV WestCentralEarthMRI 2 202014176.673,389,709,978
146SC SavannahPeeDee 8 2019140.1287,218,570
147AZ Yavapai 2 20216209.2105,040,106,522
148NV WestCentralEarthMRI 4 202011265.554,389,509,049
149OR OLCMetro 20192127.232,359,310,582
150WY YellowstoneNP 1 20207297.524,675,784,264
151WY YellowstoneNP 2RF 20203.316,982,933
152OH Statewide Phase2 1 20203173.8119,788,249,002
153CA ContraCosta 1 2022525.47,582,596,462
154OH Statewide Phase2 4 20204248.571,145,893,723
155OH Statewide Phase2 7 20203778.069,302,278,161
156MN SEDriftless 1 20214810.961,930,563,511
157MI FEMA Houghton Keweenaw Ontonagon 20194277.622,086,692,624
158IL SouthCentral 1 202116096.4115,868,144,125
159IL SouthCentral 2 20219077.785,226,837,688
160MT RavalliGraniteCusterPowder 1 20191825.842,951,669,350
161OH Statewide Phase2 5 20202995.552,847,091,684
162CO NWCO 1 202017298.2102,943,361,215
163MS MississippiDelta 4 201812861.264,063,745,207
164CA SE Fault Zone 20174661.070,344,831,408
165CO NWCO 2 202017794.5121,830,610,306
166MT RavalliGraniteCusterPowder 4 20195127.8139,313,914,515
167IN ET B7 Wayne 20121255.21,379,531,535
168MN LakeSuperior 1 20214414.898,942,509,604
169IA Western 1 20207363.041,196,791,764
170WI Rusk 1 20202505.014,216,180,788
171MO FEMANRCS 2 202014930.672,760,943,340
172UT FlamingGorge 1 20205336.349,267,458,612
173MN LakeSuperior 2 20218549.2179,028,497,838
174MI Marquette 20155308.830,230,635,364
175UT FlamingGorge 3 20207431.068,017,386,059
176IN ET B6 Wells 20121231.81,310,132,603
177MO Southwest 2 20216228.845,028,687,789
178CO NWCO 3 2020232.76,052,177,507
179WY Laramie 1 20217391.728,612,230,367
180MI Baraga 20152486.813,916,567,566
181AZ GrandCanyonNP 1 20191518.922,446,573,306
182IA Eastern 1 201916790.6154,630,110,433
183UT FlamingGorge 2 20201244.327,888,305,066
184MO Southwest 1 20214950.749,979,325,202
185IA Eastern 3 201911932.399,896,983,309
186WI Brown 2 20201479.118,943,700,156
187CO CameronPkFire 1 20212687.715,736,805,934
188MO FEMANRCS 3 202015562.670,890,331,949
189IA Eastern 2 201911016.590,121,793,878
190GA Central 6 20184536.223,379,174,789
191NJ NW6Co 20176566.030,097,024,116
192GA Central 5 20186875.739,481,432,268
193GA Central 4 20186908.329,229,794,477
194MA CentralEastern 1 20219299.2187,320,120,050
195NC HurricaneFlorence 10 20205391.197,312,174,811
196WI 8County EauClaire 20201872.110,284,951,138
197NC HurricaneFlorence 11 20205741.0141,790,119,359
198WA EasternCascades 6 20195219.5169,236,169,836
199MT Statewide P2 1 20206823.523,493,388,194
200AZ GrandCanyonNP 2 2019979.98,894,612,025
201LA Catahoula Concordia 2 20176709.3206,000,344,192
202OR NRCSUSGS 5 2019767.012,356,011,969
203WI 8County Menominee 20201128.29,448,756,152
204MI 31Co InghamB 201653.753,259,824
205CA SanBern EMRI 2 20217751.031,009,456,401
206CA AlamedaCo 1 20211288.139,579,348,591
207CA SanBern EMRI 1 2021427.25,019,570,793
208WY SouthCentral 5 20204516.0269,723,151,265
209CA AlamedaCo 3 2021667.435,811,005,634
210WA EasternCascades 2 2019645.59,152,100,863
211LA Catahoula Concordia 3 20174299.8152,628,071,504
212NM NorthCentral B2 20168829.955,804,475,437
213WA EasternCascades 3 2019934.711,851,071,463
214AL 17Co 2 202018463.1140,903,876,863
215WA EasternCascades 4 2019336.27,655,009,853
216WY SouthCentral 2 202015268.985,360,565,507
217WA EasternCascades 1 20194224.970,566,788,832
218NM NorthCentral B1 20168346.748,720,670,453
219AZ BlackRockGoodwin 1 20212249.252,764,606,867
220AL 17Co 1 202017616.7184,424,043,388
221KS Statewide B15 20183877.313,222,950,760
222KS Statewide B16 20188085.727,840,677,365
223KS Statewide B18 201819798.758,866,187,175
224FL HurricaneMichael 5 20203431.994,697,171,312
225MO FEMANRCS 1 202011313.555,630,370,830
226MD Southeast 1 20193812.414,910,331,922
227OR MKRC Topobathy 2021249.62,935,859,907
228OR NRCSUSGS 3 20194531.171,120,120,987
229PI CNMI topobathymetric 2019738.927,132,591,207
230WY SouthCentral 3 202010762.553,261,472,916
231AK DeltaJunction 1 20213436.519,036,249,620
232NH Coastal 1 20193661.081,155,007,916
233MS NRCS East 2 201813636.260,589,575,027
234TN WestTN B3 201912393.663,381,741,639
235KS Statewide B17 201816792.550,892,068,364
236HI Volcano B1 2019849.852,954,782,933
237CA AlamedaCo 2 2021695.326,097,078,802
238OR McKenzieRiver 1 20211963.758,414,109,803
239AZ MohaveCo 1 20213106.911,374,784,451
240WA ThurstonCo 1 20211236.415,920,699,661
241IA Western 3 202012539.178,914,463,513
242OH Statewide Phase1 8 201911.26,545,910
243NE CherryBrownCuster Partial 1 20208700.240,149,392,469
244IA Western 2 202013092.578,997,864,806
245FL HurricaneMichael 4 20202417.353,176,875,413
246AZ MohaveCo 2 2021429.31,250,826,759
247SD EasternSD 3 20206938.142,653,365,611
248NY FEMAR2 Central 2 20186995.9104,462,383,588
249WY SouthCentral 4 20201482.76,461,432,760
250MI 31Co EatonB 201645.848,457,776
251OH Statewide Phase2 3 20204311.579,781,384,649
252NC HurricaneFlorence 5 20205901.8135,351,640,957
253GA Statewide B8 20188619.036,451,418,654
254AZ MaricopaPinal 1 202013466.3249,923,645,502
255ID NorthernID 2 20196824.6145,662,789,718
256NC HurricaneFlorence 9 20206934.4180,495,136,950
257MT RavalliGraniteCusterPowderRiver 2 20196490.336,253,650,966
258UT StatewideCenSouth 3 20205072.627,907,649,775
259NY FEMAR2 Central 4 20188758.9107,955,884,201
260OR NRCSUSGS 4 20195518.867,543,002,566
261WI Iron 5 20192005.517,297,799,628
262MD VA NCB KGeorge 1 20204246.017,315,742,804
263NC HurricaneFlorence 7 20205006.7100,529,597,771
264IL FordIroquoisLivingston L2 20142230.76,887,047,974
265MS NRCS East 3 20181119.38,215,151,658
266NC HurricaneFlorence 4 20201455.536,226,206,071
267WY GoshenCounty B1 20176035.117,499,674,575
268IL FordIroquoisLivingston L1 20141328.14,422,311,418
269MS NRCS East 4 20181689.114,751,284,161
270KS Statewide B6B 2018680.71,728,649,000
271IL HicksDome FluorsparDist 3 20197489.662,219,693,555
272PI CNMI hydroflattened ellipsoid 2019111.14,522,416,827
273PI CNMI topobathymetric ellipsoid 2019149.76,119,288,186
274IA NorthCentral 3 202018301.871,831,674,676
275PI CNMI hydroflattened 2019544.219,103,182,131
276NC SpartaEQ 1 2020337.430,651,159,359
277WI Florence 6 2019964.17,558,355,741
278IL HicksDome FluorsparDistrict B1 20197100.987,975,982,743
279NE Southwest 2 202020255.573,381,920,088
280TX WestTexas B3 20188141.031,646,691,057
281ID NorthForkPayette 1 20205650.1143,948,505,129
282IA SouthCentral 2 20205910.234,009,977,689
283NM SouthEast B7 20186724.119,981,101,499
284IA SouthCentral 3 202013449.678,592,906,144
285WA Nisqually Bathymetric 202085.84,986,770,906
286AK GlacierBay B3 2019659.210,887,933,191
287CO DRCOG 3 20204954.158,382,624,205
288KS Statewide B6A 20186971.820,645,115,576
289GA SW Georgia B4 20179496.160,326,605,817
290SD EasternSD 2 20204849.828,479,549,863
291AK GlacierBay 4 20193748.823,016,813,926
292MI FEMA Dickinson Iron Menominee 20197395.544,679,362,799
293NC HurricaneFlorence 6 20206210.0145,852,589,037
294GA SW Georgia B5 20172703.017,292,173,767
295UT Brianhead 2018661.819,038,976,739
296IL HicksDome FluorsparDist 2 20196677.361,028,681,332
297NE Niobrara Topobathy 2018622.58,635,761,867
298OH Statewide Phase1 7 20196973.9106,069,027,385
299VA South Central B1 201712391.5142,456,709,130
300SD NRCS QSI A2 20177027.546,479,396,786
301SD NRCS QSI A1 20177726.756,889,413,546
302CO DRCOG 2 20207821.839,372,539,042
303CA LassenNP 2020286.34,642,900,288
304WY Southwest 4 202021095.496,800,057,313
305NC Phase4 Lincoln 2016928.128,004,983,829
306NC Phase5 Burke 20171506.363,287,291,280
307IL 8County PlusChampaign B2 201914383.4119,375,284,344
308MS MississippiDelta 3 20187864.838,702,980,713
309CA CarrHirzDeltaFires 1 20196445.1178,322,998,175
310WY Sheridan 2 20206294.139,145,158,461
311UT StatewideNCentral 1 2020529.66,827,981,662
312WA DNR 3DEP Processing 1 20192418.660,970,621,037
313AZ USFS 3DEP Processing 20198436.8116,053,962,823
314WA EasternCascades 5 20193620.860,474,218,013
315MI FEMA Alpena Montmorency 20193282.118,407,814,291
316WA Nisqually TopoBathy 1 202085.84,986,770,906
317GA Statewide B7 20183108.013,356,481,893
318CA CarrHirzDeltaFires 2 20196462.0205,437,066,934
319WY YellowstoneNP 2 20205970.0183,753,966,673
320CO Eastern B6 20186468.325,382,981,671
321NC Phase5 Jackson 20171445.286,786,882,680
322CO Eastern ElPaso 20185854.019,779,340,111
323VA NShenandoah 1 20207848.338,665,919,154
324NC Phase5 Polk 2017729.928,817,072,052
325NC Phase5 Cherokee 20171440.481,571,291,256
326GA SW Georgia B1a 20171720.76,415,722,864
327GA SW Georgia B1b 20172675.313,239,227,109
328NC Phase5 Graham 2017922.362,072,056,965
329GA SW Georgia B2 20175910.221,925,714,249
330NC Phase5 Haywood 20171617.392,477,426,873
331UT StatewideCenSouth 1 20209456.048,567,952,914
332UT StatewideCenSouth 2 2020360.81,499,212,061
333CO DRCOG 1 2020920.019,912,349,351
334NC Phase5 Mitchell 2017729.328,716,181,813
335NC Phase5 Swain 20171641.595,445,983,866
336NC Phase5 Buncombe 20171899.791,211,176,328
337ID SouthernID 2 201814321.899,346,227,694
338ID NorthernID 1 20197295.1121,860,137,680
339NC Phase5 Henderson 20171134.958,007,721,633
340NC Phase5 Rutherford 20171650.562,265,963,351
341NC Phase5 Madison 20171382.972,997,207,788
342WY SouthCentral 1 20209959.946,959,822,643
343IA NorthCentral 1 202018154.549,774,341,127
344NC Phase5 Macon 20171522.9104,904,589,445
345NC Phase5 McDowell 20171304.761,005,471,145
346WY Sheridan 1 20201141.970,635,621,849
347WY YellowstoneNP 3 20204712.9107,554,418,314
348IA NorthCentral 2 202016359.260,040,043,143
349ID SouthernID 1 20181398.233,001,351,479
350OH Statewide Phase1 3 20194836.865,152,657,790
351AZ CochiseCounty 3 20208690.2135,984,057,963
352ID SouthernID 3 SA2 2018349.48,138,630,571
353WA Pasco 1 20201707.229,676,609,277
354NE Southwest 1 202013588.950,250,364,400
355WA KingCo 1 20212487.030,991,978,247
356NC HurricaneFlorence 8 20203344.488,650,327,471
357NC Phase5 Clay 2017702.441,067,097,283
358NC Phase5 Yancey 2017941.240,975,594,993
359NC Phase5 Avery 2017785.934,764,055,988
360NC Phase5 Ashe 20171312.449,246,994,085
361NC Phase5 Watauga 2017972.937,397,092,441
362NC Phase5 Transylvania 20171155.273,057,436,425
363OR NRCSUSGS 1 20193739.846,274,330,607
364MD PotomacRiver Bathy 2019327.73,905,099,170
365ID AdamsCo 1 20192367.170,065,051,818
366NC Phase5 Caldwell 20171379.645,756,140,320
367KS Statewide B8A 20188341.923,430,809,740
368CO UpperColorado Topobathy 1 2020299.06,427,005,630
369IL 8County PlusChampaign B4 2019351.8180,569,133
370CO UpperColorado Hydroflattened 2020299.06,427,005,630
371AZ LowerColoradoRiver B1 20182785.620,245,911,805
372OR NRCSUSGS 2 20191904.033,282,882,123
373UT StatewideNCentral 4 202010321.967,888,431,134
374ME SouthCoastal 1 20207327.947,351,251,607
375ME SouthCoastal 2 2020294.04,957,670,577
376AZ LowerColoradoRiver B2 20184375.141,403,044,491
377CO SanLuisJuanMiguel 4 20202449.216,884,164,275
378ID AdamsCo 2 20191946.921,183,300,555
379UT StatewideSouth 3 202023519.6158,631,667,395
380NY FingerLakes 1 20205501.825,243,762,789
381LA Sabine River Lidar A6 20189765.4352,204,053,202
382UT StatewideNCentral 3 2020740.63,677,746,092
383SD MO River Dewberry B5 20163504.538,624,703,848
384KY FluorsparDistrict 201910340.050,273,353,535
385OH Statewide Phase1 5 20195560.672,492,303,355
386LA Catahoula Concordia 1 20173585.3134,724,940,423
387GA Statewide B3 20188717.143,103,638,101
388WV FEMAR3 Southcentral B2 20189848.5183,985,958,653
389ME Eastern TL 2017838.54,010,566,795
390SD MO-River-Dewberry-B7 20164087.146,544,091,132
391GA Statewide B2 20188551.542,678,530,660
392SD NRCS QSI A4 20176432.346,216,402,851
393CO Eastern North Priority 2018530.11,214,524,712
394WY Southwest 3 20203675.012,473,612,833
395SD MO River Dewberry B3 20161812.719,711,616,985
396SD NRCS QSI A5 20176433.944,647,238,859
397CA LowerBearCreek 2020741.02,225,982,767
398AZ AubreyCherry 1 20202450.247,637,472,186
399OH Statewide Phase1 6 20195460.870,808,087,038
400SD MO River Dewberry B4 20161306.914,486,278,556
401MI FEMA Luce Schoolcraft 20196071.623,965,111,746
402CA FEMAR9Fresno 2 20192647.712,672,441,896
403SD NRCS QSI A3 20176319.445,203,346,183
404CA UpperSouthAmerican Eldorado 20196451.1278,540,573,208
405SD MO River Dewberry B2 20161965.125,512,593,418
406CA FEMAR9Fresno 1 20191760.58,691,008,794
407SD MO-River-Dewberry-B8 20164444.449,611,326,246
408IL 8County PlusChampaign B3 QL1 2019384.65,516,878,348
409KS Statewide B5 20187964.725,247,127,870
410AZ CochiseCounty 1 20203940.469,840,833,564
411GA Central 1 201812051.959,159,976,532
412WV FEMAR3 Southcentral B4 20189525.0120,873,849,261
413NE PostSpringFlood OrthoLidar TL 2019238.63,255,144,866
414WY Southwest 2 202016018.665,172,484,168
415GA Statewide B4 20184769.721,844,083,675
416KS Statewide B12 20188440.625,231,771,264
417KS Statewide B9 201816269.148,334,445,638
418CO SanLuisJuanMiguel 5 20206874.044,622,737,361
419KS Statewide B14 20187799.023,825,674,900
420NM SouthEast B2 20187748.328,082,359,140
421SD EasternSD 1 20209231.356,273,553,279
422WA ColumbiaValley 1 20185056.396,967,943,742
423AZ CochiseCounty 2 20201780.327,794,413,650
424WA ColumbiaValley 3 20185176.885,112,015,840
425IL 8County B2 20204128.730,048,286,453
426NH Coastal 2 20193446.724,493,987,699
427WY Southwest 1 20204573.131,390,102,079
428NY FEMAR2 Central B1 20183889.631,432,382,435
429WI Ashland 4 2019488.11,698,786,415
430AZ NavajoCorridor 1 20201080.83,662,966,237
431KS Statewide B10 201815100.644,101,012,866
432LA CPRA B1 20191405.417,055,107,433
433LA CPRA B3 20193146.056,143,236,064
434VA UpperMiddleNeck Mod 2018163.3230,306,963
435NC HurricaneFlorence 3 20203179.656,337,677,107
436IL 8County B1 20206945.265,478,164,166
437WI Florence 3 2019660.310,135,658,019
438SC SavannahPeeDee 2 20192787.154,488,441,653
439PA WesternPA 3 2019250.74,745,677,942
440CA SantaClaraCounty 20204916.3170,420,824,394
441MS NRCS East 1 20181194.64,207,534,879
442LA Sabine River Lidar A1 20185036.7125,987,613,573
443NV ClarkCounty B1 20181085.25,369,142,498
444SC SavannahPeeDee 4 2019457.67,081,665,307
445CO SanLuisJuanMiguel 3 20209626.048,050,246,218
446AL NorthAL 20193044.017,049,074,343
447AZ OrganPipeCactusNM 1 20201499.922,802,964,877
448SD MO River Dewberry B1 20161946.947,771,984,064
449CO SanLuisJuanMiguel 2 20204285.228,590,791,063
450WV FEMAR3 Southcentral B3 20188848.564,258,189,636
451OR Klamath 2018640.610,370,633,212
452PA WesternPA 4 201910106.349,470,292,367
453MT NRCS B2 20187812.926,098,419,436
454WA PierceCounty 1 20202667.959,348,004,619
455NM RioSanJose TL 20163622.210,381,590,129
456KS Statewide B2 20184192.711,680,728,917
457CO Southwest NRCS TL 20185404.834,218,484,286
458CO Eastern B3 20188730.329,565,039,389
459SC SavannahPeeDee 1 20199461.295,444,993,533
460MT NRCS B1 QL1 2018315.43,299,852,279
461OH Statewide Phase1 4 20192684.731,494,687,055
462MI Charlevoix Islands TL 20185.010,741,397
463IN Statewide Opt1 B1 20177598.427,090,200,609
464KS Statewide B7 20183147.88,678,882,956
465UT StatewideSouth 1 20203181.852,281,986,514
466GA Central 2 20188673.338,135,978,872
467CO Eastern B4 20184596.014,370,321,066
468MT NRCS B1 QL2 20187106.417,948,656,583
469WI Ashland 1 20192546.638,530,982,838
470NM SouthEast B1 201818023.264,038,182,734
471NM WhiteSandsNM 2020521.98,866,804,342
472NE Northeast 3 20204143.316,168,282,202
473CO SanLuisJuanMiguel 1 20203510.914,362,040,017
474NM NRCS MiddleRioGrande 201710904.337,068,027,151
475CO CentralEasternPlains 2 20208066.732,115,753,196
476CA FEMAR9Estrella 20192869.313,569,325,859
477MS MississippiDelta A1 201811582.760,990,063,965
478NE Northeast 2 202012304.846,465,122,429
479SC SavannahPeeDee 3 20199286.475,571,503,149
480PA WesternPA 2 201913028.089,086,326,789
481IA SouthCentral 1 20208087.944,835,699,695
482FL Panhandle TL 201871.8447,576,949
483WI Bayfield TL 2016172.2795,730,215
484AZ FEMA East 20179717.757,603,895,833
485CA FEMA Z4 QL1 201875.9588,139,151
486CA FEMA Z4 B1 20188131.946,246,018,795
487AZ BrawleyRillito TL 2018487.22,012,169,181
488GA Statewide B1 20186951.432,251,297,168
489LA Bayou Nezpique TL 201890.4660,362,322
490KY Eastern B2 201912906.0113,107,397,078
491CO NESEColorado 4 201910921.247,544,723,148
492CA FEMA Z4 B2 201810217.356,736,178,128
493MO WestCentral 2 20181966.832,274,274,737
494LA Sabine River Lidar A2 20182502.665,702,510,719
495MO WestCentral 1 201812873.459,697,308,669
496LA Sabine River Lidar A4 20183965.488,638,578,422
497CA FEMA Z1 20181621.25,468,602,112
498WV FEMAR3 Southcentral B1 20188815.9147,869,042,010
499CO WestCentral 201911388.1100,975,650,743
500CT Statewide B7 20161422.87,157,614,145
501LA Sabine River Lidar A5 20185099.3189,613,348,215
502AZ FEMA Central 2017179.1512,114,526
503WA ColumbiaValley 2 20185350.083,754,576,302
504AL 25Co TL 201721.425,358,618
505UT KaneCo 201917299.494,801,203,046
506NE Northeast 1 20207498.231,014,360,665
507WI Clark TL 201859.5179,752,830
508WI Iron 2 2019347.84,902,083,949
509WI DaneCo 20173413.516,402,698,036
510WI Monroe 20192478.913,167,090,522
511IN Statewide Opt1 B4 20177684.529,242,299,480
512OH Statewide Phase1 2 20194513.956,381,407,836
513IN Statewide Opt2 B6 20176804.332,089,764,938
514VA UpperMiddleNeckQL1 B1 2018150.52,001,702,202
515KS Statewide B13 201810432.727,512,919,170
516IN Statewide Opt1 B5 20177163.926,252,669,746
517IN Statewide Opt2 B2 20178057.128,371,060,228
518LA Sabine River Lidar A3 20182707.059,094,722,506
519UT StatewideSouth 2 2020408.91,990,361,616
520OH Statewide Phase1 1 20195910.8109,984,998,020
521IN Statewide Opt1 B3 20177340.128,934,887,154
522MI FEMA Gogebic 2019712.83,773,227,446
523MS MississippiDelta A2 20187773.430,249,414,547
524IN Statewide Opt2 B3 20178065.331,037,639,561
525IN Statewide Opt1 B2 20177314.125,944,889,149
526MO WestCentral 4 20184511.624,148,877,749
527IN Statewide B1 20176296.323,385,074,380
528PA WesternPA 1 201916477.5117,856,991,618
529CT Statewide B5 20161863.38,397,546,759
530WV FEMAHQ B1 20181694.911,515,939,054
531AZ NorthKaibabNF B1 20193135.254,617,434,562
532WV FEMAHQ B3 20185014.657,298,277,340
533PA Northcentral B3 201912726.2138,364,149,002
534NY Columbia Rensselaer 20162804.227,651,886,191
535AZ Coconino B1 20193589.655,223,690,056
536VA SouthamptonHenricoWMBG 1 2019289.41,229,185,232
537IN Statewide B2 20176303.722,244,323,164
538CO CentralEasternPlains 1 202012848.255,761,902,351
539CT Statewide B3 20162030.88,575,205,954
540WV FEMAHQ B2 20182217.816,032,846,164
541MO WestCentral 3 20183330.914,785,795,126
542CO Eastern South Priority2 20181527.46,056,552,167
543WI Pepin 2019761.13,219,899,749
544WI Adams 20191944.011,081,331,272
545TX Hurricane B5B 20181935.96,532,272,630
546WI Jefferson 20191652.06,011,861,725
547CA FEMAR9PanocheSanLuis 20191067.04,616,255,308
548PA Northcentral B1 20197358.838,345,516,471
549CO Southwest NRCS B3 20185139.272,933,186,796
550TX WestTexas TL 201815.029,690,365
551LA CPRA B5 20196792.0119,216,066,235
552CA NoCAL Wildfires TL QL2 2018886.94,849,990,608
553WI Lafayette 20191745.66,642,217,212
554KS Statewide B4 20186340.717,603,466,746
555CA NoCAL Wildfires TL QL1 201836.7301,172,826
556NM SouthEast B8 20183265.411,506,369,445
557NM SouthEast B3 20189025.529,005,162,058
558IN Statewide Opt2 B4 20178148.336,250,288,043
559IL 8County PlusChampaign B1 20192863.222,305,954,161
560VA West Chesapeake B2 20174964.946,879,255,534
561VA West Chesapeake B1 201710525.8125,751,905,534
562NM Northeast B5 20188442.742,144,643,023
563NM Northeast B4 20188962.043,254,236,899
564NM Northeast B3 20188753.958,913,900,972
565NM Northeast B2 20188564.248,406,609,460
566NM Northeast B1 20186771.526,627,328,031
567USGS LPC CA LakeCounty 2015 LAS 20173988.522,111,672,219
568WY FEMA East B9 201918160.2101,655,570,782
569WY FEMA East B8 20198180.843,276,595,668
570WY FEMA East B7 20199137.937,468,317,458
571WY FEMA East B6 20198856.530,948,770,607
572WY FEMA East B5 20199708.043,836,700,393
573WY FEMA East B4 20198699.635,200,644,321
574WY FEMA East B3 20198253.642,055,826,901
575WY FEMA East B2 20198308.628,851,012,370
576WY FEMA East B1 20198357.134,895,002,892
577WI Waupaca 20182160.513,025,242,200
578WI Price 20183497.528,572,147,575
579WI Oshkosh 3Rivers StCroix TL 201824.277,710,109
580WI Oshkosh 3Rivers MilleLacs TL 201898.4346,155,716
581WI Oshkosh 3Rivers Menominee TL 2018126.0446,497,454
582WI Oshkosh 3Rivers ForestCountyPotawatomi TL 20186.836,282,179
583WI Oshkosh 3Rivers B2 20188667.158,672,585,614
584WI Oshkosh 3Rivers B1 20185307.234,673,517,023
585WI GreenLake 20181123.94,202,423,545
586WI FondduLac 20182148.910,007,192,627
587WI Clark 20183321.620,278,037,196
588WI Calumet 2018984.14,390,045,272
589WA FEMAHQ B2C 2018755.45,706,128,022
590WA FEMAHQ B2B 20183819.320,634,727,182
591WA FEMAHQ B1 QL2 20186216.634,593,754,060
592WA FEMAHQ B1 QL1 201844.5652,534,873
593VA UpperMiddleNeckQL2 B2 2018879.63,760,435,881
594VA South Central B3 20171943.627,412,368,326
595VA South Central B2 20176335.977,202,329,996
596UT StrawberryRiver 2019325.84,534,122,544
597USGS LPC SD MORiver Woolpert B3 20161436.454,340,397,529
598USGS LPC SD MORiver Woolpert B2 20163019.2113,399,000,608
599USGS LPC NM North Central B2 20168838.655,926,859,593
600USGS LPC IL Boone 2018878.96,242,336,899
601USGS LPC CA SanDiego 2015 C17 14758.130,127,262,561
602USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B5b 20185147.628,725,854,623
603USGS LPC AL 25Co B8 20174707.018,160,204,582
604USGS LPC AL 25Co B7 20178874.941,830,513,746
605USGS LPC AL 25Co B6 20178694.142,499,493,113
606USGS LPC AL 25Co B5 20175809.826,129,074,652
607USGS LPC AL 25Co B3 20175128.524,638,245,316
608USGS LPC AL 25Co B1 20175276.326,333,693,412
609TX WestTexas B9 20188436.633,015,736,735
610TX WestTexas B8 201815360.358,900,931,236
611TX WestTexas B7 201816336.464,668,483,081
612TX WestTexas B6 20188229.637,194,677,439
613TX WestTexas B5 20188365.933,418,722,262
614TX WestTexas B2 20187720.333,972,203,337
615TX WestTexas B1 20187954.931,511,779,981
616TX Pecos Dallas B3 20188995.142,113,131,074
617TX Pecos Dallas B2b 201890.7433,341,616
618TX Pecos Dallas B2a 20184875.226,195,908,894
619TX Pecos Dallas B1 201812084.748,095,963,461
620TX Hurricane B5 20184833.017,347,031,615
621TX Hurricane B4 20187545.228,797,103,751
622TX DesertMountains B2 20184352.220,568,886,028
623TX DesertMountains B1 20187928.740,224,624,586
624TX Coastal B3 20186763.347,752,992,274
625TX Coastal B2 Z15 20187473.452,551,560,294
626TX Coastal B2 Z14 20182653.420,138,044,684
627TX Coastal B1 20189460.2101,720,279,065
628TN WestTN B2 20192103.512,187,172,992
629TN WestTN B1 20197586.454,194,113,583
630SD Southwest B3 20186931.043,116,352,814
631SD Southwest B2 20183037.819,490,516,231
632SD Southwest B1 20185284.835,625,079,073
633PA Northcentral B5 201916697.0119,051,723,033
634PA Northcentral B4 20194212.245,908,105,840
635PA Northcentral B3QL1 2019208.66,973,954,014
636PA Northcentral B2 20197502.055,390,434,079
637PA 3 County South Central 20188076.153,094,718,674
638OK Panhandle B2 201810412.651,734,735,143
639OK Panhandle B1C 20181389.26,466,210,753
640OK Panhandle B1B 20182683.212,902,759,942
641OK Panhandle B1A 20185179.119,110,965,372
642NY 3County 20195996.658,620,796,304
643NM SouthEast B5 201810733.132,841,272,832
644NM SouthEast B4 20189221.635,818,653,866
645NM SouthCentral Zuni TL 2018150.0335,745,698
646NM SouthCentral Navajo B TL 201814.217,307,928
647NM SouthCentral Navajo A TL 2018182.0595,590,221
648NM SouthCentral Fort Sill TL 20187.410,569,302
649NM SouthCentral B9 20185246.120,850,776,931
650NM SouthCentral B8 201813485.078,485,794,991
651NM SouthCentral B7 20188379.931,408,423,458
652NM SouthCentral B6 20188168.830,916,428,043
653NM SouthCentral B5 20187843.638,742,052,760
654NM SouthCentral B4 20188701.634,729,543,260
655NM SouthCentral B3 20186372.534,185,765,607
656NM SouthCentral B2 20187645.433,159,461,987
657NM SouthCentral B1 20186965.929,339,558,111
658NM SouthCentral B10 201813000.062,366,779,750
659NM SouthCentral Acoma TL 2018159.8270,854,989
660NM NorthWest Zuni TL 20182350.08,821,606,989
661NM NorthWest UteMountain TL 2018530.51,677,839,502
662NM NorthWest SouthernUte TL 2018181.8406,114,414
663NM NorthWest Navajo B TL 20182646.17,956,317,224
664NM NorthWest Navajo A TL 201819192.282,557,815,388
665NM NorthWest Jicarilla TL 20183150.614,187,759,937
666NM NorthWest B4 2018167.2326,143,349
667NM NorthWest B3B 2018489.71,272,652,034
668NM NorthWest B2B 20181804.57,950,927,679
669NM NorthWest B2A 20182874.89,623,819,230
670NM NorthWest B1 20184658.518,107,224,338
671NJ South Jersey FEMA 20182149.018,361,523,468
672NJ SouthernNJ 20184968.062,295,833,862
673NE SouthernNE B5 2018605.71,790,755,592
674NE SouthernNE B4B 20181995.113,458,068,410
675NE SouthernNE B4A 20185763.123,028,524,400
676NE SouthernNE B3 20188310.532,285,409,825
677NE SouthernNE B2 20187748.829,986,142,462
678NE SouthernNE B1 20187119.828,570,618,947
679NE PostSpringFlood OrthoLidar B1 2019994.414,160,612,378
680NC WilsonCo 20141089.73,657,839,970
681NC WayneCo 20141613.85,663,991,974
682NC WarrenCo 20141304.54,280,164,785
683NC VanceCo 2014864.52,665,382,645
684NC SampsonCo 20142723.610,514,649,883
685NC RobesonCo 20142836.311,201,214,661
686NC PenderCo 20142578.39,410,650,460
687NC NashCo 20141595.45,534,361,678
688NC LenoirCo 20141266.43,924,756,529
689NC JohnstonCo 20142338.39,811,972,820
690NC HalifaxCo 20142121.56,837,368,378
691NC GreeneCo 2014853.12,910,499,707
692NC FranklinCo 20141486.74,980,584,835
693NC EdgecombeCo 20141516.65,200,355,407
694NC DuplinCo 20142325.58,462,028,418
695NC BladenCo 20142565.710,643,305,388
696MN LakeCounty 20181736.698,127,054,316
697MI FEMA Crawford Kalkaska 20193073.024,434,293,441
698MI FEMA Chippewa 20191071.32,591,713,862
699MI FEMA Cheboygan 20192301.612,232,807,644
700MI FEMA Alcona Oscoda 20193473.219,154,105,668
701ME CrownofMaine B2 20184666.131,064,962,990
702LA CPRA B4 20192866.251,052,468,615
703LA CPRA B2 20193796.166,997,557,155
704KY Eastern B1 20195697.331,382,719,610
705KS Statewide B11 20185270.815,781,253,530
706IN Statewide Opt2 B5 20179501.253,399,890,309
707IN Statewide Opt2 B1 20178047.930,477,881,176
708CT Statewide B6 20161356.85,929,558,225
709CT Statewide B4 20161329.05,164,571,322
710CT Statewide B2 20162561.410,385,920,008
711CT Statewide B1 20162454.710,828,712,358
712CO Southwest NRCS B2 20185400.862,785,474,729
713CO Southwest NRCS B1 20186359.246,020,121,049
714CO NESEColorado 3 201910296.141,873,464,471
715CO NESEColorado 2 20198505.941,310,716,913
716CO NESEColorado 1 20192885.210,824,760,393
717CO Eastern B5 20187432.124,651,034,909
718CO Eastern B2 QL2 North 20187027.920,957,276,127
719CO Eastern B2 QL2 Central 2018370.11,024,996,619
720CO Eastern B2 QL1 Central 2018256.72,295,491,973
721CO Eastern B1 20187909.424,255,518,161
722CA MountainPass B1 20197578.847,823,398,674
723AK NorthSlope B9 201823.7338,421,753
724AK NorthSlope B8 2018168.2767,769,101
725AK NorthSlope B7 2018412.51,936,889,647
726AK NorthSlope B6 2018229.01,130,865,095
727AK NorthSlope B5 201823.2105,090,115
728AK NorthSlope B4 201814.8245,802,864
729AK NorthSlope B3 2018127.21,425,929,011
730AK NorthSlope B2 201821.4298,602,840
731AK NorthSlope B1 20186.965,787,971
732AK NorthSlope B14 2018210.3873,026,233
733AK NorthSlope B13 201854.6257,243,550
734AK NorthSlope B12 2018152.11,334,154,425
735AK NorthSlope B11 201813.5122,307,792
736AK NorthSlope B10 201811.5148,956,845
737USGS LPC MI 31Co Hillsdale 2016 LAS 20191726.98,765,170,074
738USGS LPC TX Eastern B3 2018 LAS 20195091.717,493,631,851
739USGS LPC CA NoCal Wildfires B5b QL1 20181764.029,456,021,431
740USGS LPC TX RedRiver BrazosBasin B2 2017 LAS 20196556.239,483,895,805
741USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires PlumasNF B1 20184574.297,110,771,541
742USGS LPC VA FEMA R3 Northeast 2016 LAS 20187775.6113,022,635,131
743USGS LPC NV Reno Carson QL1 2017 LAS 20182127.020,286,530,383
744USGS LPC CA NoCal Wildfires GMEG 20181205.68,191,836,404
745USGS LPC TX MatagordaBay B1 20182038.49,719,841,383
746USGS LPC NM NRCS Central A2 2017 LAS 20188740.030,753,272,143
747USGS LPC MI 31Co Sanilac 2017 LAS 20192617.27,631,298,815
748USGS LPC WI Buffalo 20161994.29,791,558,466
749USGS LPC MA NE CMGP Sandy Z18 20131876.010,313,931,660
750USGS LPC TX Eastern B2 Z15 2018 LAS 20193724.818,043,450,723
751USGS LPC TX RedRiver 3Area B2 2018 LAS 20197273.333,110,699,879
752USGS LPC TX RedRiver 3Area B1 2018 LAS 20198093.636,113,870,999
753USGS LPC PR PRVI H 20182675.356,409,693,116
754USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B2 201811641.349,288,667,370
755USGS LPC CA Central Valley 2017 LAS 20194360.013,997,234,123
756USGS LPC MI 31Co StClair 2016 LAS 20192213.76,307,487,595
757USGS LPC PA South Central B2 2017 LAS 20197230.357,385,061,771
758USGS LPC TN WestCentral B2 2017 LAS 20188324.050,317,259,249
759USGS LPC NE Hat White Cherry UTM14 2016 LAS 20198350.429,020,513,576
760USGS LPC WI Bayfield 20164636.327,271,801,578
761USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires PlumasNF B2 20185447.4120,740,751,892
762USGS LPC TN Middle B3 2018 LAS 20198334.455,015,904,210
763USGS LPC PR PRVI A 20182735.290,878,087,626
764USGS LPC TX Eastern B2 Z14 2018 LAS 20193530.012,867,604,100
765USGS LPC IL LaSalle B2 2017 LAS 20193897.723,143,988,668
766USGS LPC TX RedRiver BrazosBasin B3 2017 LAS 20197870.150,526,713,866
767USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM18 L2 2015 LAS 20181397.112,827,545,714
768USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B5a 20186688.024,215,058,797
769USGS LPC AZ BrawleyRillito NRCS 20182166.510,290,327,648
770USGS LPC TX West Central B4 201810334.8145,783,649,497
771USGS LPC TX RedRiver B1 2017 LAS 20198047.151,036,279,984
772USGS LPC TN 27County blk1 2015 LAS 20186493.754,493,069,896
773USGS LPC MI 31Co Monroe 2016 LAS 20191662.85,916,108,252
774USGS LPC PR PRVI E 2018768.619,241,620,294
775USGS LPC AZ BrawleyRillito FEMA 20184499.825,415,672,618
776USGS LPC TX RedRiver BrazosBasin B5 2017 LAS 20197308.047,906,643,954
777USGS LPC TX RedRiver BrazosBasin B1 2017 LAS 20197576.838,186,152,608
778USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM15 B5 2016 LAS 20186920.043,115,738,932
779USGS LPC PA South Central B1 2017 LAS 201911779.276,019,979,744
780USGS LPC NM NRCS Central A1 2017 LAS 201811502.037,921,021,746
781USGS LPC CA Riverside B2 20193218.766,718,569,988
782USGS LPC MA NE CMGP Sandy Z19 20136562.722,301,225,395
783USGS LPC TX RedRiver Lavaca Wharton 2018 LAS 20198141.435,514,435,046
784USGS LPC OK 3County 2017 LAS 20195626.619,761,683,542
785USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B4 20186863.861,750,406,838
786USGS LPC TX RedRiver BrazosBasin B4 2017 LAS 20197176.045,401,783,499
787USGS LPC AK FairbanksNSB QL1 2017 LAS 20181077.423,802,169,464
788USGS LPC CT Statewide B8 20161797.28,750,390,445
789USGS LPC IL WestCentral 2017 LAS 20198504.086,765,856,389
790USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Upper Pit 2017 LAS 20194389.124,097,650,006
791USGS LPC MI 31Co Tuscola 2016 LAS 20192355.37,286,254,975
792USGS LPC WI Taylor 20162723.112,199,349,260
793USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B1 20187885.086,376,910,091
794USGS LPC TX RedRiver Atacosa B2 2018 LAS 20199708.454,044,022,569
795USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM15 B3 2016 LAS 20187786.037,232,643,197
796USGS LPC VA FEMA R3 Southwest B 2016 LAS 20188902.682,346,995,334
797USGS LPC TX West Central B5 20186351.293,951,790,440
798USGS LPC VT Western 2017 LAS 20186091.644,279,075,338
799USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM15 B6 2016 LAS 20191404.822,081,894,665
800USGS LPC WI Washburn 20162335.012,819,919,641
801USGS LPC MI 31Co Ionia 2016 LAS 20191603.64,833,217,800
802USGS LPC MI 31Co Washtenaw 2016 LAS 20191977.77,745,745,931
803USGS LPC CA Riverside B1 20191674.130,534,042,986
804USGS LPC IL PerryCo 2015 LAS 20191587.72,478,401,718
805USGS LPC VA FEMA R3 Southwest A 2016 LAS 20188622.1101,262,952,053
806USGS LPC IL JacksonCo 2015 LAS 20182055.03,724,839,228
807USGS LPC CA NoCal Wildfires CampFire 2018911.125,167,769,879
808USGS LPC LA Bayou Nezpique B3 20181940.732,909,269,823
809USGS LPC LA Bayou Nezpique B6 20181390.617,963,099,034
810USGS LPC ID Payette NF QL2 2017 LAS 20183540.316,832,810,718
811USGS LPC MI 31Co Kent 2016 LAS 20192383.88,357,257,040
812USGS LPC LA Bayou Nezpique B1 2018925.217,241,855,777
813USGS LPC LA Bayou Nezpique B2 20182148.948,035,838,926
814USGS LPC CA NoCAL Wildfires B3 20187531.176,331,385,437
815USGS LPC VA Fairfax County 20181731.446,891,924,084
816USGS LPC PR PRVI G 2018854.622,435,137,525
817USGS LPC WI Portage 20162306.59,887,865,250
818USGS LPC KS Statewide B1 2017 LAS 20188955.629,554,528,591
819USGS LPC IL LaSalle B1 2017 LAS 20193213.039,042,605,445
820USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM15 B4 2016 LAS 20189000.245,960,317,024
821USGS LPC NV Reno Carson QL2 2017 LAS 20182554.58,798,830,949
822USGS LPC AL 25Co B4 20178723.240,547,032,664
823USGS LPC PR PRVI VI B2 2018367.316,193,362,477
824USGS LPC WI ManitowocCo 2015 LAS 20191688.16,772,143,544
825USGS LPC NE Hat White Cherry UTM13 2016 LAS 2019533.91,511,558,083
826USGS LPC MI 31Co Jackson 2016 LAS 20192007.26,581,225,826
827USGS LPC TX RedRiver B3 2017 LAS 20197753.648,293,287,439
828USGS LPC TX MatagordaBay B2 2018363.31,405,434,247
829USGS LPC MI 31Co Clinton 2017 LAS 20191651.94,862,466,239
830USGS LPC MI 31Co Iosco 2016 LAS 20191662.65,663,292,824
831USGS LPC PR PRVI C 2018368.65,865,072,350
832USGS LPC MI 31Co Eaton 2016 LAS 20191608.15,184,144,501
833USGS LPC PR PRVI F 20181177.730,759,497,718
834USGS LPC PR PRVI VI B1 2018394.710,886,328,362
835USGS LPC OH Columbus 20191946.846,432,698,522
836USGS LPC TN WestCentral B1 2017 LAS 20187376.341,165,331,964
837USGS LPC NE Sandhills B4 UTM14 2016 LAS 20181927.85,744,095,092
838USGS LPC PR PRVI D 20182248.295,858,824,868
839USGS LPC MI 31Co Livingston 2018 LAS 20191650.65,901,846,485
840USGS LPC MI 31Co Ottawa 2016 LAS 20191592.85,129,746,471
841USGS LPC MI 31Co Lenawee 2017 LAS 20192104.99,537,115,489
842USGS LPC WI Winnebago TL 2014 LAS 20192.312,037,764
843USGS LPC WI Winnebago 2014 LAS 20191302.15,870,900,286
844USGS LPC WI SEWRPC 2017 LAS 20195465.230,532,476,151
845USGS LPC WI Sawyer 2017 LAS 20193498.920,281,788,500
846USGS LPC WI OneidaCo 2013 LAS 20193398.414,300,844,161
847USGS LPC WI LincolnCo 2015 LAS 20192546.710,596,883,739
848USGS LPC WI Langlade TL 2017 LAS 201919.3124,519,637
849USGS LPC WI Langlade 2017 LAS 20192300.614,043,617,140
850USGS LPC WI Forest TL 2016 LAS 2019338.31,463,972,698
851USGS LPC WI Forest 2016 LAS 2019167.91,092,193,579
852USGS LPC WI FEMAHQ 2018 LAS 20194945.322,505,578,762
853USGS LPC WI DodgeCo 2017 LAS 20192353.113,085,658,555
854USGS LPC WA 3 County QL2 2017 LAS 20193837.030,911,257,042
855USGS LPC UT Southern QL1 2018 LAS 20193277.565,086,089,670
856USGS LPC UT Southern B2 2018 LAS 20195308.915,484,238,122
857USGS LPC UT Southern B1 2018 LAS 20198449.530,008,991,795
858USGS LPC UT Central QL1 B2 2018 LAS 20192710.451,263,634,884
859USGS LPC UT Central QL1 B1 2018 LAS 20192138.834,175,203,960
860USGS LPC TX South B1 2018 LAS 20195694.825,800,648,320
861USGS LPC TX RedRiver B2 TL 2017 LAS 20192120.413,542,499,052
862USGS LPC TX RedRiver Atacosa B1 2018 LAS 20196429.733,736,035,355
863USGS LPC TX Lower SanBernard B6 2017 LAS 20197954.950,164,793,722
864USGS LPC TX Lower SanBernard B5 2017 LAS 20197970.238,384,502,399
865USGS LPC TX Lower SanBernard B4 2017 LAS 20197912.947,536,896,897
866USGS LPC TX Lower SanBernard B2 2017 LAS 20197649.342,492,211,840
867USGS LPC TX Lower SanBernard B1 2017 LAS 20197324.133,025,719,836
868USGS LPC TN ShelbyCo 2017 LAS 20192050.216,676,957,639
869USGS LPC TN Middle B2 2018 LAS 20198086.855,565,546,383
870USGS LPC TN Middle B1 2018 LAS 20198218.248,066,671,694
871USGS LPC SD NRCS Fugro B2 2017 LAS 20192893.028,238,136,421
872USGS LPC SD NRCS Fugro B1 2017 LAS 20197338.548,811,308,600
873USGS LPC SD NRCS DAS 2017 LAS 201910659.957,772,549,976
874USGS LPC OH Delaware 2018 LAS 20191270.04,986,392,161
875USGS LPC OH Clinton 2018 LAS 20191145.74,492,402,464
876USGS LPC NY Southwest B2 2017 LAS 20195756.238,035,391,147
877USGS LPC NY CayugaOswego 2018 LAS 20194345.833,496,769,553
878USGS LPC NM RioSanJose 2016 LAS 20196791.620,164,843,093
879USGS LPC NM CO SouthernSanLuis 2015 LAS 20197046.541,729,797,444
880USGS LPC NH Umbagog QL1 2016 LAS 2019158.99,970,843,789
881USGS LPC NE NRCS OrthoLidar B4 2017 LAS 20197771.725,692,868,728
882USGS LPC NE NRCS OrthoLidar B1 UTM15 2017 LAS 20192787.19,863,396,622
883USGS LPC NE NRCS OrthoLidar B1 UTM14 2017 LAS 20193459.611,759,238,062
884USGS LPC NC Phase4 Wilkes 2017 LAS 20192058.686,381,785,037
885USGS LPC NC Phase4 Surry 2016 LAS 20191435.347,024,044,892
886USGS LPC NC Phase4 Stokes 2016 LAS 20191223.645,042,585,585
887USGS LPC NC Phase4 Rowan 2017 LAS 20191377.045,004,777,528
888USGS LPC NC Phase4 Mecklenburg 2016 LAS 20191495.745,030,382,286
889USGS LPC NC Phase4 Iredell 2017 LAS 20191571.452,192,010,505
890USGS LPC NC Phase4 Gaston 2016 LAS 2019971.432,581,509,977
891USGS LPC NC Phase4 Forsyth 2017 LAS 20191089.734,012,831,271
892USGS LPC NC Phase4 Davie 2017 LAS 2019704.424,345,228,270
893USGS LPC NC Phase4 Davidson 2017 LAS 20191540.355,349,460,839
894USGS LPC NC Phase4 Cleveland 2016 LAS 20191282.541,723,988,744
895USGS LPC NC Phase4 Catawba 2017 LAS 20191105.539,062,449,751
896USGS LPC NC Phase4 Anson 2016 LAS 20191507.550,861,919,754
897USGS LPC NC Phase4 Alleghany 2016 LAS 2019662.324,253,411,966
898USGS LPC MO FEMAR7 North A5 QL1 2017 LAS 201933.0869,523,805
899USGS LPC MO FEMAR7 North A4 2017 LAS 20199915.167,251,978,397
900USGS LPC MO FEMAR7 North A3 2017 LAS 20199478.461,864,269,323
901USGS LPC MO FEMAR7 North A1 2017 LAS 20196511.437,258,733,195
902USGS LPC MN Phase1 FairbaultCO 2010 LAS 20162182.22,749,329,154
903USGS LPC MI Ottawa NF 2017 LAS 20196893.252,828,559,574
904USGS LPC MI HiawathaNF QL2 2018 LAS 20191981.117,333,572,371
905USGS LPC MI FEMAHQ 2018 LAS 20191887.37,664,702,175
906USGS LPC MI 31Co Midland 2016 LAS 20191383.64,606,312,078
907USGS LPC MI 31Co Isabella 2016 LAS 2019907.23,103,025,550
908USGS LPC MI 31Co Ingham 2017 LAS 20191434.05,241,393,390
909USGS LPC MI 31Co Gladwin 2016 LAS 20191313.15,071,405,255
910USGS LPC MI 31Co Chippewa 2017 LAS 20192368.27,267,400,237
911USGS LPC MI 31Co Bay 2016 LAS 20191274.45,314,305,271
912USGS LPC MI 31Co Arenac 2016 LAS 20191007.33,449,622,705
913USGS LPC IN Central Wayne 2016 LAS 20191150.64,191,699,870
914USGS LPC ID NezPerce QL2 2016 LAS 20193526.349,445,795,010
915USGS LPC ID NezPerce QL1 2016 LAS 20192248.941,818,547,062
916USGS LPC ID FEMAHQ 2018 LAS 201911040.391,488,261,226
917USGS LPC FL Lower Choctawhatchee 2017 LAS 20198880.763,409,323,111
918USGS LPC AK PrinceofWalesIsland 2017 LAS 20196973.3129,482,955,910
919USGS LPC UT Northern QL2 2018 LAS 20192892.19,813,020,016
920USGS LPC WI VilasCo 2013 LAS 20192603.810,515,127,277
921USGS LPC UT Sanpete 2018 LAS 20191206.422,629,955,450
922USGS LPC TX West Central B1 2018 LAS 201910810.563,013,120,706
923USGS LPC TX West Central B15a 2018 LAS 20192623.918,611,868,959
924USGS LPC TX West Central B11 2018 LAS 20197639.260,970,116,030
925USGS LPC NM CO Southern San Luis TL 2015 LAS 2019593.53,932,234,023
926USGS LPC NC Phase4 Union 2016 LAS 20191729.645,955,948,689
927USGS LPC MD HurricaneJoaquin 2015 LAS 2019368.1441,922,869
928USGS LPC TX West Central B2 2018 LAS 20196088.929,302,046,820
929USGS LPC WI Waushara 2017 LAS 20191699.65,076,750,329
930USGS LPC WI Washburn TL 2016 LAS 20193.113,175,389
931USGS LPC WI Racine 2017 LAS 2019954.620,025,629,224
932USGS LPC WI FEMAHQ TL 2018 LAS 2019212.4977,890,866
933USGS LPC UT Southern B1 TL 2018 LAS 201969.4195,306,225
934USGS LPC UT Northern QL1 2018 LAS 20191565.423,505,263,311
935USGS LPC WI OneidaCo TL 2013 LAS 201970.7233,787,959
936USGS LPC TX West Central B8 2018 LAS 20196991.731,171,748,027
937USGS LPC MO FEMA R7 South B1 2017 LAS 20193524.917,490,213,971
938USGS LPC TX West Central B7 2018 LAS 20196878.032,391,616,221
939USGS LPC TX West Central B6 2018 LAS 20195839.124,712,948,877
940USGS LPC MO FEMAR7 North A2 2017 LAS 20195680.034,222,941,512
941USGS LPC TX Panhandle B1 TL 2018 LAS 20192371.88,128,662,295
942USGS LPC MI 31Co Arenac TL 2016 LAS 201915.631,446,922
943USGS LPC UT FemaHQ B2 TL 2018 LAS 20192336.915,571,430,274
944USGS LPC UT FEMAHQ B2 QL1 2018 LAS 20191021.515,829,780,918
945USGS LPC UT FEMAHQ B2 2018 LAS 20192916.322,481,062,528
946USGS LPC UT BoxElder 2018 LAS 20195976.677,014,757,646
947USGS LPC TX West Central UTM14 TL 2018 LAS 20193648.817,791,057,728
948USGS LPC WI Sawyer TL 2017 LAS 2019680.54,091,149,549
949USGS LPC UT Central Ql2 TL 2018 LAS 2019126.7362,041,003
950USGS LPC TX South B8 2018 LAS 20196548.332,373,879,575
951USGS LPC TX Panhandle B5 2017 LAS 20196799.226,075,996,315
952USGS LPC TX West Central UTM15 TL 2018 LAS 2019485.02,898,323,180
953USGS LPC TX Panhandle B3 2017 LAS 20197930.930,545,080,817
954USGS LPC TX Panhandle B7 2017 LAS 20197983.833,743,966,897
955USGS LPC TX Panhandle B4 2017 LAS 20196154.222,741,315,339
956USGS LPC NE Hat White Holt 2016 LAS 20196095.020,897,857,099
957USGS LPC TX West Central B3 2018 LAS 20195797.026,368,436,256
958USGS LPC TX West Central B15b 2018 LAS 20192451.016,610,043,433
959USGS LPC TX West Central B14 2018 LAS 20197588.331,570,080,052
960USGS LPC TX West Central B9 2018 LAS 20198689.553,763,341,339
961USGS LPC MI 31Co Macomb 2016 LAS 20191329.94,828,659,330
962USGS LPC OR HarneyCounty 2018 LAS 2019563.57,304,453,733
963USGS LPC NY CayugaOswego TL 2018 LAS 2019299.91,355,522,525
964USGS LPC MI 31Co Oakland 2016 LAS 20192466.28,553,267,690
965USGS LPC TX South B6 2018 LAS 20199077.239,916,001,510
966USGS LPC WI Kenosha 2017 LAS 2019743.516,569,295,618
967USGS LPC NC Phase4 Alexander 2017 LAS 2019721.428,945,011,805
968USGS LPC MI Charlevoix TL 2018 LAS 201911.930,654,658
969USGS LPC TX South B7 2018 LAS 20196051.428,820,250,726
970USGS LPC MI Ottawa NF TL 2017 LAS 201910.536,188,797
971USGS LPC TX South B3 2018 LAS 20198871.442,206,861,801
972USGS LPC TX Panhandle B6 2017 LAS 20198243.533,007,164,067
973USGS LPC MI 31Co Isabella TL 2016 LAS 2019630.02,076,216,659
974USGS LPC TX Panhandle B2 2017 LAS 20197725.327,346,328,454
975USGS LPC TX Panhandle B10 2017 LAS 20198767.635,782,763,152
976USGS LPC TX Central B1 2017 LAS 201914987.9130,148,000,000
977USGS LPC TX South B5 2018 LAS 20198976.830,243,085,409
978USGS LPC FL LeonCo 2018 LAS 20192093.755,585,107,092
979USGS LPC IL 4County Kane 2018 LAS 20192169.242,877,557,383
980USGS LPC IL 4County Cook 2017 LAS 20193291.693,735,594,873
981USGS LPC ID Nez Perce QL2 TL 2016 LAS 20192074.424,690,242,906
982USGS LPC WI VilasCo TL 2013 LAS 2019375.21,332,730,632
983USGS LPC TX West Central B13 2018 LAS 20195809.746,380,162,749
984USGS LPC ID Nez Perce QL1 TL 2016 LAS 2019555.47,858,729,988
985USGS LPC TX West Central B12 2018 LAS 20199050.479,225,378,654
986USGS LPC TX Panhandle B9 2017 LAS 20198345.746,845,284,900
987USGS LPC TX West Central B10 2018 LAS 20198969.355,569,444,954
988USGS LPC TX Panhandle B11 2017 LAS 20198718.329,456,712,841
989USGS LPC UT BoxElder TL 2018 LAS 201912.8100,302,717
990USGS LPC TX South B4 2018 LAS 20198673.143,028,033,251
991USGS LPC UT FemaHQ B1 TL 2018 LAS 20195879.538,868,173,667
992USGS LPC TX South B2 2018 LAS 20195595.023,901,991,302
993USGS LPC TX Panhandle B8 2017 LAS 20197859.535,355,303,514
994USGS LPC TX Panhandle B1 2017 LAS 20198619.832,144,833,056
995USGS LPC TX Panhandle B11 TL 2017 LAS 201910.325,495,372
996USGS LPC TX Central B2 2017 LAS 20192359.323,485,539,590
997USGS LPC SD NRCS Fugro B2 TL 2017 LAS 201915.2125,405,714
998USGS LPC OR HarneyCounty TL 2018 LAS 201928.9261,406,810
999USGS LPC NC Phase4 Yadkin 2017 LAS 2019906.925,754,602,122
1000USGS LPC MI Charlevoix Islands 2016 LAS 2019797.57,379,569,976
1001USGS LPC MO FEMA R7 South B2 2017 LAS 201911560.651,902,323,406
1002USGS LPC TX Panhandle B10 TL 2017 LAS 2019354.11,079,892,755
1003USGS LPC SD NRCS Fugro B1 TL 2017 LAS 201939.5157,410,431
1004USGS LPC NE NRCS OrthoLidar B1 UTM15 TL 2017 LAS 201997.8347,399,321
1005USGS LPC MI Charlevoix 2018 LAS 20191084.04,459,670,012
1006USGS LPC LA Amite 2018 LAS 20195510.4122,164,000,000
1007USGS LPC ME Umbagog 2016 LAS 20191293.77,806,540,953
1008USGS LPC NY Southwest B2 TL 2017 LAS 2019105.1822,751,752
1009USGS LPC NY FEMA R2 Northeast 2017 LAS 20195616.842,392,585,329
1010USGS LPC MO FEMA R7 South TL 2017 LAS 201928.3112,631,681
1011USGS LPC IL 4County Lake 2016 LAS 20191256.041,085,204,664
1012USGS LPC AZ VerdeKaibab B1 TL 2018 LAS 2019121.91,488,624,399
1013USGS LPC MI HiawathaNF QL1 2018 LAS 201932.11,440,865,539
1014USGS LPC MI 31Co Saginaw 2016 LAS 20192182.29,748,245,453
1015USGS LPC MI 31Co Huron 2016 LAS 20192372.56,917,345,021
1016USGS LPC IN Central Hamilton 2017 LAS 20191147.63,849,665,626
1017USGS LPC CA SoCal Wildfires B4 2018 LAS 20193586.379,507,584,956
1018USGS LPC CA SoCAL Wildfires TL 2018 LAS 2019145.9777,061,360
1019USGS LPC AL AGIO B2 2016 LAS 20196305.631,666,020,976
1020USGS LPC AL AGIO B1 2016 LAS 20195400.626,793,681,409
1021USGS LPC FL Lower Choctawhatchee TL 2017 LAS 201913.958,545,717
1022USGS LPC AL ADECA B2 2016 LAS 20195697.927,882,792,299
1023USGS LPC FL Panhandle B2 2018 LAS 20197077.0114,970,000,000
1024USGS LPC CA SoCal Wildfires B1 2018 LAS 20198075.347,333,778,602
1025USGS LPC AZ VerdeKaibab B2 2018 LAS 20196300.035,728,383,864
1026USGS LPC AL ADECA B1 2016 LAS 20196110.732,474,618,738
1027USGS LPC AK POW P2 TL 2018 LAS 2019551.97,932,812,680
1028USGS LPC AZ VerdeKaibab B2 TL 2018 LAS 201919.389,842,544
1029USGS LPC AZ VerdeKaibab B1 2018 LAS 20195409.4118,102,000,000
1030USGS LPC IL 4County McHenry 2018 LAS 20192093.043,806,965,843
1031USGS LPC CA SoCal Wildfires B3 2018 LAS 20197423.543,942,062,109
1032USGS LPC CA SoCal Wildfires B2 2018 LAS 20195956.127,637,906,073
1033USGS LPC AK POW P2 2018 LAS 20193504.557,364,188,586
1034NY NewYorkCity1054.64,755,025,996
1035WI WashingtonCo 20061208.92,512,445,184
1036WI LaCrosse 20077797.3232,191,696
1037WA KittitasCounty 2011533.91,477,969,280
1038WA ElwhaRiver 2012106.41,372,666,880
1039VT RockRiver 2008773.8708,920,128
1040VT Missisquoi 20101560.81,991,617,024
1041VT AddisonCo 20121287.91,585,533,824
1042VA NRCS-Lot2 20112847.29,118,110,720
1043VA LouisaCo 2012746.811,842,387,968
1044VA LoudounCo 20121610.74,121,179,904
1045VA FEMA SouthernCities 2011267.1776,062,144
1046VA FEMA SouthamptonCo 20121847.28,229,194,240
1047VA FEMA SouthCounties 20111481.25,959,726,080
1048VA FEMA NorthCounties 20113125.814,551,724,032
1049VA FEMA MiddleCounties 20112120.911,643,220,992
1050VA FEMA KingWilliamCo 2011825.63,474,121,472
1051VA EasternShore 20103037.23,612,657,408
1052VA-WV ShenandoahValley 20111912.03,164,640,768
1053VA-WV-MD FEMA Region3 UTM18 20124978.416,400,885,760
1054VA-WV-MD FEMA Region3 UTM17 20122652.98,650,718,208
1055US MexicanBorder UTM14 2007928.2993,035,264
1056US MexicanBorder UTM13 2007158.1289,679,424
1057USGS Lidar Point Cloud NY LI19 2014 LAS 201573.9215,641,376
1058USGS Lidar Point Cloud NJ SdL5 2014 LAS 20153673.015,730,195,456
1059USGS LPC IL District7 Coles 2014 LAS 20171525.02,296,771,328
1060USGS LPC IL District7 Lawrence 2014 LAS 20171105.71,819,861,888
1061USGS LPC WY GrandTetonElkRefuge 2014 LAS 20161534.48,776,357,888
1062USGS LPC WY Casper Natrona 2015 LAS 2017974.43,854,594,560
1063USGS LPC WY Carbon 2015 LAS 20186744.946,989,520,896
1064USGS LPC WV FEMA R3 East 2016 LAS 20189847.066,017,959,936
1065USGS LPC WI Shawano 2015 LAS 20172598.314,430,320,640
1066USGS LPC WI LaCrosse 2017 LAS 20181314.17,263,844,352
1067USGS LPC WA Olympic Peninsula 2013 LAS 20151257.021,439,817,728
1068USGS LPC WA MtBaker 2015 LAS 2017562.623,821,316,096
1069USGS LPC WA GlacierPeak 2014 LAS 20161314.051,007,627,264
1070USGS LPC WA Elwha TB 2015 LAS 201625.7471,679,904
1071USGS LPC WA ElwhaRiver 2014 LAS 2017181.26,119,399,424
1072USGS LPC VT Windham CO 2015 LAS 20171990.314,863,195,136
1073USGS LPC VT Rutland Lot8 2013 LAS 20163401.930,441,306,112
1074USGS LPC VT Rutland Lot7 2014 LAS 2016369.04,745,199,616
1075USGS LPC VT RutlandCo Lot6 2013 LAS 20161112.77,711,783,936
1076USGS LPC VT RutlandCo Lot6 2013 LAS 20151099.47,613,352,960
1077USGS LPC VT EasternVermont L1 2014 LAS 20172733.027,132,903,424
1078USGS LPC VT E Vermont L2 2014 LAS 20174221.233,846,460,416
1079USGS LPC VT Connecticut River 2016 LAS 20188249.449,190,977,536
1080USGS LPC VA Shenandoah 2013 LAS 20154329.427,379,341,312
1081USGS LPC VA Shen Multi Haz 2014 LAS 20151292.36,781,007,360
1082USGS LPC VA Sandy 2014 LAS 201512315.572,361,787,392
1083USGS LPC VA Norfolk 2013 LAS 20153285.419,824,926,720
1084USGS LPC VA Eastern ShoreBAA 2015 LAS 20173114.732,096,661,504
1085USGS LPC VA ChesapeakeBayNorth 2015 LAS 20171043.816,117,873,664
1086USGS LPC VA Central Seismic 2013 LAS 2015709.87,086,128,640
1087USGS LPC UT WashingtonCo 2016 LAS 20172015.77,945,717,760
1088USGS LPC UT Washakie Whites Valley 2017 LAS 201792.3982,775,936
1089USGS LPC UT Wasatch L5 2014 LAS 2016559.35,167,422,976
1090USGS LPC UT Wasatch L4 2013 LAS 20161360.415,150,985,216
1091USGS LPC UT WasatchFault L3 2013 LAS 2016798.47,464,152,576
1092USGS LPC UT NorthEscalanteDesert 2016 LAS 2018603.07,270,575,104
1093USGS LPC UT MonroeMoutain 2016 LAS 2018800.512,517,898,240
1094USGS LPC UT MillsiteReservoir 2017 LAS 201840.7374,609,440
1095USGS LPC UT BearLake Cache 2016 LAS 20182606.831,677,134,848
1096USGS LPC TX UpClCrkBrazos 2015 LAS 20167851.229,053,157,376
1097USGS LPC TX RioGrand FTWhit 2014 LAS 20162310.210,621,703,168
1098USGS LPC TX Neches B5 2016 LAS 20185485.341,832,001,536
1099USGS LPC TX Neches B4 2016 LAS 20188184.573,501,990,912
1100USGS LPC TX Neches B3 2016 LAS 20188426.473,212,264,448
1101USGS LPC TX Neches B2 2016 LAS 20188404.274,585,235,456
1102USGS LPC TX Neches B1 2016 LAS 20187755.973,219,137,536
1103USGS LPC TX MiddleBrazos 2016 LAS 20176272.425,313,357,824
1104USGS LPC TX East UTM15 2017 LAS 20187668.971,496,982,528
1105USGS LPC TX East UTM14 2017 LAS 20181440.710,597,518,336
1106USGS LPC TX Archer Jack 2014 LAS 20165090.250,269,605,888
1107USGS LPC TN NRCS L2 2011 12 LAS 20177237.526,724,130,816
1108USGS LPC TN NRCS L1 2011 12 LAS 20177360.922,570,180,608
1109USGS LPC TN Eastern 2 16 B16 Del4 2016 LAS 20174942.651,432,022,016
1110USGS LPC TN Eastern 2 16 B16 Del3 2016 LAS 20175052.243,863,592,960
1111USGS LPC TN Eastern 2 16 B16 Del2 2016 LAS 20175082.044,743,753,728
1112USGS LPC TN BlountCo 2015 LAS 20171175.66,350,589,952
1113USGS LPC TN 3County 2015 LAS 20175520.332,875,800,576
1114USGS LPC TN 27County blk4 2015 LAS 20189797.856,590,319,616
1115USGS LPC TN 27County blk3 2015 LAS 20175843.944,034,973,696
1116USGS LPC TN 27County blk2 2015 LAS 20178495.768,949,164,032
1117USGS LPC TN 27County blk1 2015 LAS 20176171.754,493,069,312
1118USGS LPC TN 27Co blk1 2015 LAS 20176176.354,493,069,312
1119USGS LPC SD NRCS PAR 2017 LAS 201810821.986,386,679,808
1120USGS LPC SD MORiver Woolpert B3 2016 LAS 20183141.5128,367,845,376
1121USGS LPC SD MORiver Woolpert B2 2016 LAS 20183543.2141,296,713,728
1122USGS LPC SD MORiver Woolpert B1 2016 LAS 20183210.3120,409,415,680
1123USGS LPC SC 6County McCormick 2012 LAS 20171277.93,931,535,872
1124USGS LPC SC 6County Edgefield 2012 LAS 20171556.95,111,995,392
1125USGS LPC SC 6County Aiken 2012 LAS 20173176.010,601,949,184
1126USGS LPC SC 6County Abbeville 2012 LAS 20171552.34,550,113,280
1127USGS LPC PR PuertoRico 2016 LAS 20174357.827,224,979,456
1128USGS LPC PR PuertoRico 2015 LAS 20189829.589,457,819,648
1129USGS LPC PA Dauphin 2016 LAS 20171654.28,160,436,736
1130USGS LPC PA Allentown 2016 LAS 201785.81,183,630,720
1131USGS LPC OR OLC Wallowa 2015 LAS 20171510.317,140,014,080
1132USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM14 B2 2016 LAS 20188375.033,294,133,248
1133USGS LPC OK Woodward UTM14 B1 2016 LAS 20189326.637,757,292,544
1134USGS LPC OK North Corridor B4 2017 LAS 20188249.654,760,112,128
1135USGS LPC OK NRCS Area1E 2012 LAS 20184829.42,658,096,384
1136USGS LPC OK NRCS Area1C 2012 LAS 20184154.22,247,645,952
1137USGS LPC OK DamRehab3 7 2011 LAS 20189707.67,260,559,872
1138USGS LPC OK Craig Nowata 2015 LAS 20173755.613,257,901,056
1139USGS LPC OK Cache L5 2014 LAS 20154125.517,498,370,048
1140USGS LPC OK Area4 2011 LAS 20187549.85,946,024,448
1141USGS LPC OK Area2 2011 LAS 201612126.79,629,543,424
1142USGS LPC OK Area1 1D 2011 LAS 20176285.03,359,058,688
1143USGS LPC OK Area1 1B 2011 LAS 20175743.22,922,284,800
1144USGS LPC OK Area1 1A 2011 LAS 20165207.82,367,247,872
1145USGS LPC OH LowerMaumee B16 2016 LAS 20176800.923,229,419,520
1146USGS LPC OH ChippewaWatershed 2017 LAS 20188.922,922,758
1147USGS LPC NY Southwest East 2017 LAS 20184517.339,543,357,440
1148USGS LPC NY Southwest 2 CO 2016 LAS 20183477.138,371,160,064
1149USGS LPC NY Schoharie 2014 LAS 20162711.326,235,748,352
1150USGS LPC NY Sandy Ul Du Or 2013 LAS 20167716.099,654,778,880
1151USGS LPC NY MadisonOtsegoCo 2015 LAS 20174865.630,668,740,608
1152USGS LPC NY LongIsland Z18 2014 LAS 20153609.913,461,530,624
1153USGS LPC NY FEMA R2 Seneca 2012 LAS 20154398.94,161,947,392
1154USGS LPC NY FEMA R2 B2 2016 LAS 201810400.777,062,324,224
1155USGS LPC NY FEMA R2 B1 2016 LAS 20183115.614,012,894,208
1156USGS LPC NY FEMA R2L2 OrleansCo 2014 LAS 20171127.611,219,718,144
1157USGS LPC NY FEMA R2L1 ChautauquaCo 2014 LAS 2017454.94,075,691,776
1158USGS LPC NY Cl Ess LChamp P2 2014 LAS 20167365.064,941,645,824
1159USGS LPC NV UpperHumboldt 2016 LAS 20186825.032,275,505,152
1160USGS LPC NV LasVegas QL2 2016 LAS 20181556.29,550,470,144
1161USGS LPC NV LasVegas QL1 2016 LAS 20181632.530,039,283,712
1162USGS LPC NM WhiteSands 2015 LAS 2017127.83,510,817,536
1163USGS LPC NM Roosevelt Curry 2015 LAS 201710444.335,254,730,752
1164USGS LPC NM RioHondo 2014 LAS 20174859.429,266,632,704
1165USGS LPC NM NorthCentral B4 2016 LAS 20188357.936,350,713,856
1166USGS LPC NM NorthCentral B3 2017 LAS 20188040.447,434,555,392
1167USGS LPC NM Animas 2014 LAS 2017890.94,708,855,296
1168USGS LPC NE Sandhills B6 2016 LAS 20188713.429,476,302,848
1169USGS LPC NE Sandhills B5 2016 LAS 20187322.625,154,648,064
1170USGS LPC NE Sandhills B4 UTM13 2016 LAS 20186676.822,136,924,160
1171USGS LPC NE Sandhills B3 2016 LAS 20186291.319,428,163,584
1172USGS LPC NE Sandhills B2 UTM14 2016 LAS 20188852.629,892,704,256
1173USGS LPC NE Sandhills B2 UTM13 2016 LAS 2018150.0453,366,368
1174USGS LPC NE Sandhills B1 2016 LAS 20188063.925,656,160,256
1175USGS LPC NE MO Elkhorn 2011 LAS 20181931.23,484,763,136
1176USGS LPC NE Eastern UA 2016 LAS 20184798.227,922,454,528
1177USGS LPC ND McKenzieCo 2014 LAS 20187882.021,693,775,872
1178USGS LPC ND KidderCO 2014 LAS 20163126.87,563,245,568
1179USGS LPC NC Sandy Lot8 2014 LAS 20153084.813,255,514,112
1180USGS LPC NC Sandy Lot10 2014 LAS 20152644.17,877,148,672
1181USGS LPC NC Sandy L7 2014 LAS 20151379.26,068,326,400
1182USGS LPC NC Sandy L6 2014 LAS 20151087.64,958,053,376
1183USGS LPC NC Sandy L15 2014 LAS 20153179.79,088,675,840
1184USGS LPC NC Sandy L14 2014 LAS 20153468.916,563,269,632
1185USGS LPC NC Sandy L13 2014 LAS 20154093.616,409,365,504
1186USGS LPC NC Sandy L12 2014 LAS 20153437.513,699,442,688
1187USGS LPC NC Sandy L11 2014 LAS 20152732.89,437,502,464
1188USGS LPC NC SandyLot9 2014 LAS 20153338.913,245,466,624
1189USGS LPC MT Stillwater 2016 LAS 2017450.98,116,347,392
1190USGS LPC MT LittleBigHorn 2014 LAS 201518.9327,945,408
1191USGS LPC MT GlacierNP 2016 LAS 2017249.410,162,074,624
1192USGS LPC MT BitterrootNF 2010 LAS 20161008.87,930,459,648
1193USGS LPC MT BentonLake 2014 LAS 201563.4760,295,552
1194USGS LPC MS Tupelo UTM16 2015 LAS 201610011.249,520,267,264
1195USGS LPC MS Tupelo UTM15 2015 LAS 20161681.68,043,481,600
1196USGS LPC MS Tupelo QL3 Rp 2012 LAS 201616.621,915,440
1197USGS LPC MS Tishomingo South 2016 LAS 20174216.125,042,075,648
1198USGS LPC MS Tishomingo North 2016 LAS 20176690.930,764,480,512
1199USGS LPC MS RankinSimpson 2013 LAS 20162596.19,037,191,168
1200USGS LPC MS NatchezTrace 2016 LAS 201712768.586,763,962,368
1201USGS LPC MS Madison Yazoo 2012 LAS 20163621.59,480,400,896
1202USGS LPC MS Laurel 2014 LAS 201513993.076,779,544,576
1203USGS LPC MS Coastal Z15 2015 LAS 20175667.130,568,849,408
1204USGS LPC MS Coastal 3DEP Extension UTM16 2015 LAS 2017769.04,042,426,624
1205USGS LPC MS Coastal 3DEPExt Coastal AOI 2015 LAS 20189487.648,117,104,640
1206USGS LPC MO StLouis 2017 LAS 20181677.16,183,031,296
1207USGS LPC MO ForkSaltRiver 2011 LAS 20163051.713,511,147,520
1208USGS LPC MO Buch Deklb ClntnCo 2013 LAS 20162694.210,780,770,304
1209USGS LPC MO BooneCo 2015 LAS 20171993.19,563,222,016
1210USGS LPC MO BooneCo 2014 LAS 20161989.39,559,478,272
1211USGS LPC MO AR Vernon Barton 2014 LAS 20163764.96,365,509,120
1212USGS LPC MO AR StGenevieveCo 2013 LAS 2016702.41,324,666,112
1213USGS LPC MO AR StFrancis Lee 2014 LAS 20162247.35,235,284,480
1214USGS LPC MO AR ShannonCo 2014 LAS 2016259.1514,455,168
1215USGS LPC MO AR Schuyler Scott 2014 LAS 20162268.73,965,196,800
1216USGS LPC MO AR Ray 2014 LAS 20161197.42,147,213,952
1217USGS LPC MO AR Po Cr Gr 2014 LAS 20162952.87,352,440,320
1218USGS LPC MO AR Pike 2014 LAS 20161970.88,457,452,032
1219USGS LPC MO AR PhillipsDesha 2014 LAS 20162029.56,465,186,816
1220USGS LPC MO AR Nodaway 2013 LAS 20162331.78,702,184,448
1221USGS LPC MO AR NewMadrid Pemiscot 2014 LAS 20163001.38,057,495,040
1222USGS LPC MO AR Monroe Lee Phillips 2014 LAS 20163309.211,784,486,912
1223USGS LPC MO AR Miss Stoddard UTM16 2014 LAS 20163574.412,306,226,176
1224USGS LPC MO AR Miss Stoddard UTM15 2014 LAS 2016247.61,041,482,240
1225USGS LPC MO AR Miss Laud UTM16 2014 LAS 20161745.15,155,648,000
1226USGS LPC MO AR Miss Laud UTM15 2014 LAS 20162065.65,144,023,040
1227USGS LPC MO AR Mercer Grundy 2014 LAS 20162351.96,625,738,240
1228USGS LPC MO AR Marion Ralls 2013 LAS 20162736.611,778,802,688
1229USGS LPC MO AR Knox Shelby 2014 LAS 20162827.55,409,186,816
1230USGS LPC MO AR Game Fish WMA 2014 LAS 20161957.76,728,215,040
1231USGS LPC MO AR CrittendenCross UTM16 2014 LAS 20169.518,381,466
1232USGS LPC MO AR CrittendenCross UTM15 2014 LAS 20163054.16,178,039,808
1233USGS LPC MO AR Clark Lewis 2014 LAS 20162830.14,717,170,688
1234USGS LPC MO AR CapeGirardeau Stoddard 2013 LAS 20163118.031,832,252,416
1235USGS LPC MO AR Atchison Holt Andrew 2013 LAS 20163569.113,682,413,568
1236USGS LPC MN Phase JacksonCO 2011 LAS 20162136.72,724,531,712
1237USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro MapleGrove 2011 LAS 2016136.91,402,693,248
1238USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro H 2011 LAS 20162326.03,129,586,688
1239USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro G 2011 LAS 20161152.81,404,957,440
1240USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro F 2011 LAS 20164167.55,775,256,576
1241USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro E 2011 LAS 20161756.52,141,128,704
1242USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro Dakota 2011 LAS 20161584.73,549,025,280
1243USGS LPC MN Phase4 Metro D 2011 LAS 20165127.96,654,166,528
1244USGS LPC MN Phase1 YellowMedicineCO 2010 LAS 20162327.93,049,506,048
1245USGS LPC MN Phase1 WatonwanCO 2010 LAS 20161349.91,783,488,128
1246USGS LPC MN Phase1 RedwoodCO 2010 LAS 20162655.53,505,060,608
1247USGS LPC MN Phase1 PopeCO 2011 LAS 20162120.22,404,624,128
1248USGS LPC MN Phase1 PipestoneCO 2010 LAS 20161385.01,864,055,936
1249USGS LPC MN Phase1 Nobles 2010 LAS 20162134.32,564,610,560
1250USGS LPC MN Phase1 NicolletCO 2010 LAS 20161604.42,197,852,160
1251USGS LPC MN Phase1 MartinCO 2010 LAS 20162231.52,853,353,216
1252USGS LPC MN Phase1 LyonCO 2010 LAS 20162192.92,904,020,480
1253USGS LPC MN Phase1 LincolnCo 2010 LAS 20161713.22,200,533,760
1254USGS LPC MN Phase1 LeSueurCO 2010 LAS 20161585.02,011,134,592
1255USGS LPC MN Phase1 LacQuiParleCo 2010 LAS 20162444.73,266,305,280
1256USGS LPC MN Phase1 FairbaultCo 2010 LAS 20161933.42,749,329,152
1257USGS LPC MN Phase1 DouglasCO 2010 LAS 20162159.32,092,702,080
1258USGS LPC MN Phase1 BrownCO 2010 LAS 20162014.52,666,194,944
1259USGS LPC MN CentralLakes Block5 2012 LAS 20168802.012,862,546,944
1260USGS LPC MN CentralLakes Block4 2012 LAS 20165871.08,493,430,784
1261USGS LPC MN CentralLakes Block3 2012 LAS 20165715.38,394,880,000
1262USGS LPC MN CentralLakes Block2 2012 LAS 20163746.14,523,024,896
1263USGS LPC MN CentralLakes Block1 2012 LAS 20166307.67,332,211,200
1264USGS LPC MN BlueEarth 2011 LAS 20162240.25,127,246,848
1265USGS LPC MN Arrowhead B5 2011 LAS 20165497.09,741,440,000
1266USGS LPC MN Arrowhead B4 2011 LAS 20169274.311,256,077,312
1267USGS LPC MN Arrowhead B3 2011 LAS 20167798.810,561,923,072
1268USGS LPC MN Arrowhead B2 2011 LAS 20167890.89,540,888,576
1269USGS LPC MN Arrowhead B1 2011 LAS 20162150.93,911,334,400
1270USGS LPC MI Wexford 2016 LAS 20171595.16,472,946,176
1271USGS LPC MI WayneCo 2017 LAS 20181762.16,882,807,808
1272USGS LPC MI Olga Lake Lot5 2016 LAS 2017105.91,727,669,248
1273USGS LPC MI Muskegon 2015 LAS 20181496.65,322,884,608
1274USGS LPC MI MuskeganCo 2013 LAS 20161576.51,808,153,216
1275USGS LPC MI Montcalm 2015 LAS 20181980.66,400,429,056
1276USGS LPC MI Missaukee 2016 LAS 20171593.56,021,243,904
1277USGS LPC MI ManisteeCo 2015 LAS 20171540.811,158,643,712
1278USGS LPC MI MackinacCo 2015 LAS 20183342.116,742,024,192
1279USGS LPC MI LeelanauCo 2015 LAS 20171256.66,858,019,840
1280USGS LPC MI Lake 2016 LAS 20171603.57,042,953,216
1281USGS LPC MI Kalamazoo 2015 LAS 20181635.77,322,533,376
1282USGS LPC MI GrandTraverseCO 2015 LAS 20171399.98,578,172,416
1283USGS LPC MI GenesseeCo 2015 LAS 20181830.56,753,485,824
1284USGS LPC MI Cass 2015 LAS 20181411.45,579,517,440
1285USGS LPC MI BenzieCo 2015 LAS 20171001.66,780,688,384
1286USGS LPC MI AlgerCo 2015 LAS 20172757.818,392,446,976
1287USGS LPC MI 31Co Oceana 2016 LAS 20181444.75,184,867,328
1288USGS LPC MI 31Co Mason 2017 LAS 20181382.24,889,975,296
1289USGS LPC MI 25County AlleganCo 2015 LAS 20172332.69,256,564,736
1290USGS LPC MI 16Co StJoseph 2015 LAS 20181460.15,919,098,368
1291USGS LPC MI 16Co Shiawassee 2015 LAS 20181498.35,269,722,624
1292USGS LPC MI 16Co Roscommon 2015 LAS 20181587.75,640,499,200
1293USGS LPC MI 16Co Osceola 2015 LAS 20181596.16,337,012,224
1294USGS LPC MI 16Co Newaygo 2015 LAS 20182356.19,543,390,208
1295USGS LPC MI 16Co Mecosta 2015 LAS 20181592.35,354,953,728
1296USGS LPC MI 16Co Lapeer 2015 LAS 20181830.78,285,213,184
1297USGS LPC MI 16Co Clare 2015 LAS 20181583.36,090,834,944
1298USGS LPC MI 13Co VanBurrenCo 2015 LAS 20171781.26,808,345,600
1299USGS LPC MI 13Co Emmett 2015 LAS 20171399.59,252,098,048
1300USGS LPC MI 13Co Delta C16 2015 LAS 20183575.321,138,837,504
1301USGS LPC MI 13Co BerrienCO 2015 LAS 20171660.07,862,356,992
1302USGS LPC ME SouthernAreas 2012 LAS 20163985.46,198,190,080
1303USGS LPC ME NRCS Lot4 2013 LAS 20156081.932,283,668,480
1304USGS LPC MD VA Sandy NCR 2014 LAS 20155230.630,528,106,496
1305USGS LPC MD PA SandySupp 2014 LAS 20165294.422,101,317,632
1306USGS LPC MD Garret Co 2014 LAS 20172104.112,370,678,784
1307USGS LPC MA Sndy CMPG 2013 LAS 20155220.122,296,317,952
1308USGS LPC MA NE CMGP Snds 2013 LAS 20151723.210,313,931,776
1309USGS LPC MA NE CMGP Sandy Z19 A2 2015 LAS 20172.34,907,747
1310USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM19 L1 2015 LAS 2018644.83,291,625,216
1311USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM19 L1 2015 LAS 2017650.23,291,625,216
1312USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM18 L2 2015 LAS 20171261.412,827,545,600
1313USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM18 L1 2015 LAS 20184538.035,757,039,616
1314USGS LPC MA ME MA QL2 UTM18 L1 2015 LAS 20174550.935,757,039,616
1315USGS LPC MA ME MA QL1 UTM18 L1 2015 LAS 20182182.665,464,827,904
1316USGS LPC MA ME MA QL1 UTM18 L1 2015 LAS 20172182.665,464,827,904
1317USGS LPC LA SoTerrebonne GI 2015 LAS 20166124.836,167,999,488
1318USGS LPC LA Chenier Plain 2017 LAS 20187904.825,095,399,424
1319USGS LPC LA Barataria 2013 LAS 20153787.81,793,638,528
1320USGS LPC KY NRCS Watersheds 2011 LAS 20168241.548,624,988,160
1321USGS LPC KY KYAPED Area2 2012 LAS 20172679.96,729,140,224
1322USGS LPC KS South Central AOI 2 Manhattan 2015 LAS 2017376.01,318,931,328
1323USGS LPC KS SCentral L4 2015 LAS 201710397.266,525,855,744
1324USGS LPC KS SCentral L3 2015 LAS 20179813.331,971,481,600
1325USGS LPC KS SCentral L2 2015 LAS 2017379.31,318,931,328
1326USGS LPC KS SCentral L1 2015 LAS 20174517.817,404,942,336
1327USGS LPC KS NF Nin Sub 2011 LAS 20163163.916,142,404,608
1328USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B6 2013 LAS 20161606.91,404,727,808
1329USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B5 2013 LAS 20161430.71,320,378,624
1330USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B4 2013 LAS 20161272.71,092,998,400
1331USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B3 2013 LAS 20161845.31,713,333,888
1332USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B2 2013 LAS 20161863.31,685,230,720
1333USGS LPC KS Lidar 1 B1 2013 LAS 20163071.82,541,246,720
1334USGS LPC KS Area2 B6 2012 LAS 20162269.31,969,377,664
1335USGS LPC KS Area2 B5 2012 LAS 20165407.54,917,637,120
1336USGS LPC KS Area2 B4 2012 LAS 20165079.64,618,717,696
1337USGS LPC KS Area2 B3 2012 LAS 20162792.52,602,009,600
1338USGS LPC KS Area2 B2 2012 LAS 20165575.05,245,112,832
1339USGS LPC KS Area2 B1 2012 LAS 20165095.34,714,384,384
1340USGS LPC KS Area2 2014 LAS 20156876.36,659,708,416
1341USGS LPC KS Area1 Eastern 2011 LAS 20166302.07,539,505,664
1342USGS LPC KS Area1 2014 LAS 20155882.15,669,812,736
1343USGS LPC KS 15Co South 2015 LAS 20176944.821,133,897,728
1344USGS LPC KS 15Co Cheney 2015 LAS 20171482.64,876,409,344
1345USGS LPC KS 15CoNorth A3 2015 LAS 201711028.737,389,885,440
1346USGS LPC KS 15CoNorth A2 2015 LAS 201711523.038,569,656,320
1347USGS LPC KS 15CoNorth A1 2015 LAS 201710697.334,763,485,184
1348USGS LPC Il 12Counties Rock IslandCo LAS 20161342.12,545,462,272
1349USGS LPC IN WT B9 Porter 2013 LAS 20161312.73,368,333,056
1350USGS LPC IN WT B9 Newton 2013 LAS 20161168.52,964,340,480
1351USGS LPC IN WT B9 Laporte 2013 LAS 20161808.74,757,800,960
1352USGS LPC IN WT B9 Lake 2013 LAS 20161495.43,809,037,056
1353USGS LPC IN WT B9 Jasper 2013 LAS 20161622.94,034,334,464
1354USGS LPC IN WT B12 Warrick 2013 LAS 20161193.21,645,442,304
1355USGS LPC IN WT B12 Vanderburgh 2013 LAS 2016802.1981,512,640
1356USGS LPC IN WT B12 Spencer 2013 LAS 20161269.81,762,910,080
1357USGS LPC IN WT B12 Posey 2013 LAS 20161344.31,915,381,504
1358USGS LPC IN WT B12 Pike 2013 LAS 20161067.21,520,646,400
1359USGS LPC IN WT B12 Perry 2013 LAS 20161195.01,847,283,712
1360USGS LPC IN WT B12 Martin 2013 LAS 20161046.11,599,016,704
1361USGS LPC IN WT B12 Knox 2013 LAS 20161659.82,218,555,648
1362USGS LPC IN WT B12 Gibson 2013 LAS 20161579.31,991,559,040
1363USGS LPC IN WT B12 Dubois 2013 LAS 20161242.31,788,589,696
1364USGS LPC IN WT B12 Daviess 2013 LAS 20161344.61,650,232,192
1365USGS LPC IN WT B11 Vigo 2013 LAS 20161177.32,002,623,360
1366USGS LPC IN WT B11 Vermillion 2013 LAS 2016830.01,121,536,384
1367USGS LPC IN WT B11 Sullivan 2013 LAS 20161306.62,000,047,744
1368USGS LPC IN WT B11 Putnam 2013 LAS 20161422.92,236,694,016
1369USGS LPC IN WT B11 Parke 2013 LAS 20161337.72,043,197,056
1370USGS LPC IN WT B11 Owen 2013 LAS 20161145.91,939,616,896
1371USGS LPC IN WT B11 Greene 2013 LAS 20161559.92,544,655,360
1372USGS LPC IN WT B11 Clay 2013 LAS 20161111.21,686,820,864
1373USGS LPC IN WT B10 White 2013 LAS 20161487.72,071,389,824
1374USGS LPC IN WT B10 Warren 2013 LAS 20161076.61,484,930,560
1375USGS LPC IN WT B10 Tippecanoe 2013 LAS 20161528.83,885,461,760
1376USGS LPC IN WT B10 Montgomery 2013 LAS 20161475.72,056,302,720
1377USGS LPC IN WT B10 Fountain 2013 LAS 20161245.51,754,664,448
1378USGS LPC IN WT B10 Benton 2013 LAS 20161150.11,488,090,752
1379USGS LPC IN Morgan 2011 LAS 20161163.01,913,023,104
1380USGS LPC IN Monroe 2011 LAS 20161127.01,988,407,936
1381USGS LPC IN Marion 2011 LAS 20161144.71,854,185,984
1382USGS LPC IN MarionCo 2011 LAS 20161164.71,852,560,000
1383USGS LPC IN Johnson 2011 LAS 2016827.61,217,114,624
1384USGS LPC IN JohnsonCo 2011 LAS 2016837.31,217,110,528
1385USGS LPC IN JohnsonCo 2011 LAS 2015844.81,217,114,624
1386USGS LPC IN Hendricks 2011 LAS 20161061.83,046,908,672
1387USGS LPC IN HendricksCo 2011 LAS 20151064.93,046,908,672
1388USGS LPC IN ET B8 Switzerland 2012 LAS 2016701.3895,524,736
1389USGS LPC IN ET B8 Scott 2012 LAS 2016623.8775,303,040
1390USGS LPC IN ET B8 RipleyCo 2012 LAS 20161285.01,556,733,312
1391USGS LPC IN ET B8 Ohio 2012 LAS 2016319.3469,942,592
1392USGS LPC IN ET B8 Jennings 2012 LAS 20161117.61,213,751,040
1393USGS LPC IN ET B8 Jefferson 2012 LAS 20161140.21,317,389,568
1394USGS LPC IN ET B8 Floyd 2011 LAS 2016525.21,315,005,824
1395USGS LPC IN ET B8 Dearborn 2012 LAS 2016931.82,187,596,032
1396USGS LPC IN ET B8 Clark 2012 LAS 20161183.81,378,143,872
1397USGS LPC IN ET B7 Wayne 2012 LAS 20161165.91,379,531,520
1398USGS LPC IN ET B7 Union 2012 LAS 2016493.3386,848,992
1399USGS LPC IN ET B7 Shelby 2012 LAS 20161228.61,699,636,992
1400USGS LPC IN ET B7 Rush 2012 LAS 20161179.41,040,396,032
1401USGS LPC IN ET B7 Henry 2012 LAS 20161140.71,345,914,624
1402USGS LPC IN ET B7 Hancock 2012 LAS 2016904.21,384,848,000
1403USGS LPC IN ET B7 Franklin 2012 LAS 20161149.71,930,766,336
1404USGS LPC IN ET B7 Fayette 2012 LAS 2016657.2577,526,016
1405USGS LPC IN ET B7 Decatur 2012 LAS 20161120.51,384,912,768
1406USGS LPC IN ET B6 Wells 2012 LAS 20161117.71,310,132,608
1407USGS LPC IN ET B6 Randolph 2012 LAS 20171298.61,528,744,192
1408USGS LPC IN ET B6 Madison 2012 LAS 20171314.23,405,209,856
1409USGS LPC IN ET B6 Jay 2012 LAS 20161110.41,402,179,840
1410USGS LPC IN ET B6 Huntington 2012 LAS 20161140.51,451,354,880
1411USGS LPC IN ET B6 Hamilton 2012 LAS 20171201.51,618,980,736
1412USGS LPC IN ET B6 Grant 2012 LAS 20161200.21,553,046,656
1413USGS LPC IN ET B6 Delaware 2012 LAS 20171150.7722,409,984
1414USGS LPC IN ET B6 Blackford 2012 LAS 2016540.6680,519,232
1415USGS LPC IN ET B6 Adams 2012 LAS 20161004.71,220,454,528
1416USGS LPC IN ET B5 Whitley 2012 LAS 2016997.51,260,169,984
1417USGS LPC IN ET B5 Steuben 2012 LAS 2016942.41,070,237,888
1418USGS LPC IN ET B5 Noble 2012 LAS 20161206.71,486,963,200
1419USGS LPC IN ET B5 LaGrange 2012 LAS 20161111.81,310,548,224
1420USGS LPC IN ET B5 Dekalb 2012 LAS 20161057.81,349,954,560
1421USGS LPC IN ET B5 Allen 2012 LAS 20161882.23,232,173,568
1422USGS LPC IN Central MarionCo 2016 LAS 20181361.46,017,387,520
1423USGS LPC IL WhitesideCO 2009 LAS 20152002.13,606,664,448
1424USGS LPC IL WashingtonCo 2015 LAS 20161730.33,866,083,584
1425USGS LPC IL Twelve Counties McHenry LAS 20161658.73,879,357,184
1426USGS LPC IL Pope 2014 LAS 20171274.86,493,610,496
1427USGS LPC IL Pike ScottCo 2015 LAS 20173017.332,187,803,648
1428USGS LPC IL MadisonCo 2014 LAS 20162388.112,645,182,464
1429USGS LPC IL LoganCo 2013 LAS 20151656.615,731,642,368
1430USGS LPC IL LeeCo 2008 LAS 20152051.03,436,892,672
1431USGS LPC IL JoDaviessCo 2008 LAS 20151725.75,863,924,736
1432USGS LPC IL JeffersonCo 2015 LAS 20161629.23,843,312,384
1433USGS LPC IL Jasper 2014 LAS 20171456.22,307,492,352
1434USGS LPC IL Hardin 2014 LAS 2017656.33,139,048,448
1435USGS LPC IL HancockCo 2017 LAS 20182319.07,046,242,816
1436USGS LPC IL GrnMacMont 2017 LAS 20185850.224,270,465,024
1437USGS LPC IL FranklinCo 2014 LAS 20181340.82,306,488,064
1438USGS LPC IL FordIroquoisLivingston L4 2014 LAS 20172121.57,444,662,784
1439USGS LPC IL FordIroquoisLivingston L3 2014 LAS 20171927.26,035,115,520
1440USGS LPC IL FordIroquoisLivingston L1 2014 LAS 20171240.34,422,311,424
1441USGS LPC IL FordIroqouisLivingston 2015 LAS 20172111.66,887,048,192
1442USGS LPC IL District7 Wayne 2014 LAS 20182003.33,360,397,824
1443USGS LPC IL District7 Wabash 2014 LAS 2017758.91,209,538,944
1444USGS LPC IL District7 Shelby 2014 LAS 20172200.53,368,663,296
1445USGS LPC IL District7 Richland 2014 LAS 20171174.31,919,441,792
1446USGS LPC IL District7 Moultrie 2014 LAS 20181068.31,535,240,704
1447USGS LPC IL District7 Macon 2014 LAS 20171657.62,417,550,080
1448USGS LPC IL District7 Fayette 2014 LAS 20172069.13,554,232,320
1449USGS LPC IL District7 Effingham 2014 LAS 20171430.52,371,160,576
1450USGS LPC IL District7 Edwards 2014 LAS 2017705.71,174,092,544
1451USGS LPC IL District7 Cumberland 2014 LAS 20171040.61,629,348,736
1452USGS LPC IL District7 Crawford 2014 LAS 20171345.62,294,493,952
1453USGS LPC IL District7 Clark 2014 LAS 20171464.72,433,329,920
1454USGS LPC IL District5 DouglasCo 2012 LAS 20181214.93,547,313,408
1455USGS LPC IL District4 Woodford 2014 LAS 20161574.72,350,860,288
1456USGS LPC IL District4 Warren 2014 LAS 20181593.22,534,107,904
1457USGS LPC IL District4 Tazewell 2014 LAS 20161878.13,180,275,712
1458USGS LPC IL District4 Stark 2014 LAS 2018848.91,311,251,072
1459USGS LPC IL District4 Putnam 2014 LAS 2017527.0775,413,760
1460USGS LPC IL District4 Peoria 2014 LAS 20161843.03,239,523,072
1461USGS LPC IL District4 Mercer 2014 LAS 20161591.52,936,169,984
1462USGS LPC IL District4 McDonough 2014 LAS 20181671.82,869,615,104
1463USGS LPC IL District4 Marshal 2014 LAS 20161187.41,851,817,856
1464USGS LPC IL District4 Knox 2014 LAS 20171862.63,175,826,432
1465USGS LPC IL District4 Henderson 2014 LAS 20161165.32,245,921,792
1466USGS LPC IL District4 Fulton 2014 LAS 20184319.07,699,607,040
1467USGS LPC IL DOT District 7 LiDAR LAS 20171382.72,349,181,952
1468USGS LPC IL DOT District5 VermilionCo 2012 LAS 20172564.86,315,788,288
1469USGS LPC IL DOT District5 PiattCo 2012 LAS 20171301.44,007,313,408
1470USGS LPC IL DOT District5 McleanCo 2012 LAS 20173319.910,362,160,128
1471USGS LPC IL DOT District5 EdgarCo 2012 LAS 20171775.34,561,367,552
1472USGS LPC IL DOT District5 DewittCo 2012 LAS 20171183.73,668,902,912
1473USGS LPC IL ClintonCo 2015 LAS 20161545.93,249,888,768
1474USGS LPC IL ChristianCo 2014 LAS 20162040.014,521,467,904
1475USGS LPC IL BureauCo 2015 LAS 20172433.38,960,850,944
1476USGS LPC IL BondCo 2015 LAS 20161212.82,668,401,664
1477USGS LPC IL 5county MarionCo 2015 LAS 20161610.03,811,673,344
1478USGS LPC IL 5County WillCo 2014 LAS 20162627.014,453,591,040
1479USGS LPC IL 5County KankakeeCo 2014 LAS 20162003.910,296,310,784
1480USGS LPC IL 12 County Stephenson Co 2009 LAS 20161581.43,398,180,352
1481USGS LPC IL 12 County OgleCo 2008 LAS 20152154.23,814,031,104
1482USGS LPC IL 12 County HenryCo 2009 LAS 20162256.13,797,948,160
1483USGS LPC IL 12 County GrundyCo 2008 LAS 20161204.22,437,752,320
1484USGS LPC IL 12 County ChampaignCo 2008 LAS 20162677.55,584,199,168
1485USGS LPC IL 12 County CarollCo 2009 LAS 20151382.14,539,234,304
1486USGS LPC IL 12County KaneCo 2008 LAS 20151435.33,263,918,848
1487USGS LPC ID SlateLolo 2006 LAS 2015462.52,450,332,160
1488USGS LPC ID SaintJoe 2003 LAS 2015570.1388,528,160
1489USGS LPC ID MoscowMountain 2003 LAS 2015339.0113,190,432
1490USGS LPC ID JackWaite 2007 LAS 201667.5343,737,216
1491USGS LPC ID EmeraldCreek 2004 LAS 2016174.5150,278,400
1492USGS LPC ID Clearwater d1 2010 LAS 2015160.31,067,605,632
1493USGS LPC HI Oahu 2012 LAS 20151535.63,590,653,696
1494USGS LPC GA Georgia A3 2016 LAS 2018880.25,271,760,384
1495USGS LPC DE Snds 2013 LAS 20158767.638,730,330,112
1496USGS LPC DE DelawareValley HD 2015 LAS 20178185.741,424,478,208
1497USGS LPC DE DelawareValleyHD 5A 2015 LAS 2017398.21,968,248,320
1498USGS LPC CT Sandy 2014 LAS 20154507.842,453,250,048
1499USGS LPC CT River Lot6 Winnipesaulee 2015 LAS 201715106.197,194,024,960
1500USGS LPC CO SoPlatte Lot3 2013 LAS 2015440.72,042,487,680
1501USGS LPC CO SoPlatteRiver Lot5 2013 LAS 20156622.333,711,288,320
1502USGS LPC CO SoPlatteRiver Lot2a 2013 LAS 20155546.030,661,437,440
1503USGS LPC CO SoPlatteRiver Lot1 2013 LAS 20152374.010,999,768,064
1504USGS LPC CO SanJuan NF 2017 LAS 2018637.915,573,042,176
1505USGS LPC CO MesaCo QL2 UTM13 2015 LAS 20171493.311,161,587,712
1506USGS LPC CO MesaCo QL2 2015 LAS 20177414.144,086,718,464
1507USGS LPC CO MesaCo QL1 2016 LAS 201720.5379,784,160
1508USGS LPC CO Central Western 2016 LAS 201816260.4103,666,425,856
1509USGS LPC CA WestCoastElNinoUTM11 2016 LAS 2017606.14,818,204,160
1510USGS LPC CA WestCoastElNinoUTM10 2016 LAS 20173007.734,390,196,224
1511USGS LPC CA Sonoma A4 2013 LAS 20171479.219,747,135,488
1512USGS LPC CA Sonoma A3 2013 LAS 2017922.911,420,298,240
1513USGS LPC CA Sonoma A2 2013 LAS 20171089.915,920,915,456
1514USGS LPC CA Sonoma 2013 LAS 20171027.012,952,241,152
1515USGS LPC CA SanDiegoQL1 2014 LAS 201670.6850,567,744
1516USGS LPC CA SanBernardinoCo AreaB 2013 LAS 20181514.612,105,581,568
1517USGS LPC CA SanBernardinoCo AreaA 2013 LAS 20181888.017,396,920,320
1518USGS LPC CA LosAngeles 2016 LAS 201811077.975,242,414,080
1519USGS LPC CA LongValleyCaldera 2017 LAS 2018381.11,542,355,072
1520USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Russian 2017 LAS 20181658.611,754,877,952
1521USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Mendocino HF 2017 LAS 20183504.9104,549,007,360
1522USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Keefer 2017 LAS 2018304.51,535,727,232
1523USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Cow Creek 2017 LAS 2018340.41,368,537,344
1524USGS LPC CA FEMA R9 Alpine 2017 LAS 201876.1394,164,288
1525USGS LPC CA E SanDiegoCo 2016 LAS 20174066.915,032,918,016
1526USGS LPC AZ WalnutGulch 2015 LAS 2017174.22,192,995,840
1527USGS LPC AZ Safford QL2 2016 LAS 20181448.57,184,089,088
1528USGS LPC AZ LowerColoradoRiver 2015 LAS 201638.2240,707,264
1529USGS LPC AZ Fredonia QL1 2016 LAS 20182054.538,767,673,344
1530USGS LPC AZ ColoradoRiverLot2 2014 LAS 2015867.27,596,531,712
1531USGS LPC AZ CORiverBasin L1 2014 LAS 2017790.37,676,180,480
1532USGS LPC AR UpperSaline 2014 LAS 20152584.72,654,344,192
1533USGS LPC AR R6 WashingtonCO 2015 LAS 20162544.012,494,960,640
1534USGS LPC AR R6 LowerBlackwaterWS 2015 LAS 20164483.815,376,420,864
1535USGS LPC AR R6 JeffersonCO 2015 LAS 20162018.46,373,874,688
1536USGS LPC AR Ouachita B7 2016 LAS 20187779.063,406,510,080
1537USGS LPC AR Ouachita B6 2016 LAS 20187741.757,842,458,624
1538USGS LPC AR Ouachita B5 2016 LAS 20187389.145,890,379,776
1539USGS LPC AR Ouachita B3 2016 LAS 20187844.746,512,513,024
1540USGS LPC AR Ouachita B2 2016 LAS 20187905.247,107,137,536
1541USGS LPC AR Ouachita B1 2016 LAS 20187758.145,339,254,784
1542USGS LPC AR Ouachita 2016 LAS 20188103.547,821,590,528
1543USGS LPC AR North Corridor B3 2017 LAS 20187830.054,728,167,424
1544USGS LPC AR North Corridor B2 2017 LAS 20187926.255,288,446,976
1545USGS LPC AR North Corridor B1 2017 LAS 20187054.350,529,714,176
1546USGS LPC AR NRCS Cache 2011 LAS 20165838.227,272,241,152
1547USGS LPC AR NRCS A5 2016 LAS 20171137.05,554,349,568
1548USGS LPC AR NRCS A4 2016 LAS 20175297.129,518,354,432
1549USGS LPC AR NRCS A3 2016 LAS 20171112.44,397,229,056
1550USGS LPC AR NRCS A2 2016 LAS 201712942.160,794,191,872
1551USGS LPC AR NRCS A1 2016 LAS 2017278.51,426,351,744
1552USGS LPC AR LakeConwayPointRE 2014 LAS 20163410.625,350,621,184
1553USGS LPC AR LAnguillee 2011 LAS 20162835.812,490,640,384
1554USGS LPC AR Benton Co 2015 LAS 20172346.19,440,092,160
1555USGS LPC AL ThreeCo 2012 LAS 20156729.018,704,375,808
1556USGS LPC AL MorganCo 2012 LAS 20181595.97,219,997,184
1557USGS LPC AL MobileCo 2014 LAS 20163859.914,940,594,176
1558USGS LPC AL LawrenceCo 2012 LAS 20182047.54,548,706,304
1559USGS LPC AL JeffersonCo 2013 LAS 20153168.020,010,592,256
1560USGS LPC AL EscambiaCo 2013 LAS 20162672.810,406,865,920
1561USGS LPC AL Coffee Dale GenevaCo 2011 LAS 20165034.612,674,430,976
1562USGS LPC AL Clay CleburneCo 2013 LAS 20163137.521,714,862,080
1563USGS LPC AL Autauga 2010 LAS 20161698.55,614,289,408
1564USGS LPC AL AGIO B2 2016 LAS 20185453.226,540,601,344
1565USGS LPC AL AGIO B1 2016 LAS 20186339.833,989,834,752
1566USGS LPC AL 3County 2015 LAS 20177768.552,020,633,600
1567USGS LPC AK FairbanksNSB QL2 2017 LAS 20185321.439,127,650,304
1568USGS LPC AK Anchorage 2015 LAS 20172220.512,327,181,312
1569TX Victoria 20062346.82,829,859,840
1570TX San Patricio 20062358.21,497,903,104
1571TX Orange 20061099.41,423,706,752
1572TX MillsCo 20061314.22,025,656,320
1573TX MenardCo 2006908.11,973,309,312
1574TX Matagorda 20063655.02,444,305,408
1575TX Mason 20073538.97,262,854,656
1576TX LCRA Thalweg 20061332.53,118,811,904
1577TX KimbleCo 20061051.72,293,657,088
1578TX Jefferson 20062912.22,027,214,592
1579TX Jackson 20062373.81,393,053,568
1580TX HaysCo 2008700.11,285,258,752
1581TX Galveston 20061402.8786,522,368
1582TX FayetteCo 20082773.23,839,376,896
1583TX ColemanCo 2006400.9869,938,368
1584TX Chambers 20062154.31,998,052,480
1585TX Brazoria 20064093.12,642,424,320
1586TX Bell-Burnet-McLennan 20115232.225,062,844,416
1587TX Aransas Refugio 20063726.42,286,519,552
1588TN ShelbyCo 20122179.04,483,130,368
1589TN OSMRE-GPSC 2011914.83,938,620,416
1590TN Nashville 20112577.74,434,910,208
1591TN Memphis 2011644.71,392,163,712
1592SD Yankton County 20121386.31,821,297,024
1593SD Union County 20121265.01,782,850,688
1594SD Turner County 20121649.52,195,670,272
1595SD Spink County 20123927.84,913,726,464
1596SD Sanborn County 20121535.72,473,506,816
1597SD Roberts County 2012283.3388,761,056
1598SD RileyPass 201290.11,088,432,512
1599SD Moody County 2012988.51,145,835,520
1600SD MinnehahaCo 20082144.02,392,424,704
1601SD Miner County 20121478.72,275,040,512
1602SD McCook County 2012815.2983,611,712
1603SD LincolnCo 20081714.91,930,326,656
1604SD Kingsbury County 20121553.41,958,624,896
1605SD James River NRCS J 20102687.33,381,780,736
1606SD James River NRCS I 20101483.81,847,406,592
1607SD James River NRCS H 20102236.52,531,684,608
1608SD James River NRCS G 20102306.32,757,212,160
1609SD Hutchinson County 20122132.52,266,046,720
1610SD Hanson County 20121127.81,433,793,664
1611SD Grant County 2012256.7265,722,992
1612SD Deuel County 2012693.9843,973,312
1613SD Davison County 20121145.52,083,406,592
1614SD Codington County 20121785.01,590,951,040
1615SD Clay County 20121104.21,502,433,664
1616SD Clark County 20121216.61,227,132,928
1617SD Brookings 20121228.01,507,292,800
1618SD Beadle County 20123340.44,306,307,584
1619SC YorkCo 20112207.16,107,163,136
1620SC UnionCo 20081510.03,445,692,160
1621SC SaludaCo 20101358.63,433,019,136
1622SC RichlandCo 20102385.15,960,585,728
1623SC PickensCo 20111618.44,005,185,024
1624SC OconeeCo 20112074.16,120,945,664
1625SC NewberryCo 20081852.93,961,460,992
1626SC MarlboroCo 20081430.53,210,047,744
1627SC LexingtonCo 20102178.05,639,394,304
1628SC LaurensCo 20082048.54,693,170,688
1629SC LancasterCo 20081563.33,209,571,328
1630SC Kershaw 20102166.85,206,425,600
1631SC GreenwoodCo 20081295.93,039,721,216
1632SC FairfieldCo 20081987.44,304,410,112
1633SC DillonCo 20081179.22,501,637,888
1634SC DarlingtonCo 20081625.43,405,096,192
1635SC ChesterfieldCo 20082269.74,777,667,584
1636SC ChesterCo 20081664.53,605,860,352
1637SC CherokeeCo 20081099.22,305,068,288
1638SC AndersonCo 20112268.85,328,143,872
1639PR PuertoRico 2016 LAS 20174357.827,224,979,456
1640OR PoleCreek 2013243.02,842,693,376
1641OR Malheur USFS 20101056.614,210,012,160
1642OK WashitaRiver UTM15 2009222.8146,357,232
1643OK WashitaRiver 14WGS84 20095954.75,012,684,288
1644OK WashitaRiver 14NAD83 200918462.314,357,233,664
1645OK Stillwater 20104559.33,209,586,432
1646OK Pottawatomie 20111960.01,856,844,800
1647OK McIntosh 2011946.1863,670,080
1648NY Region2Lot1-FEMA 20127637.25,027,908,608
1649NV LasVegasValley 20101960.0737,148,992
1650NM Navajo-Pinabete CoalMine 2012216.7488,836,928
1651NM McKinley CoalMine 2012220.7568,336,512
1652NM Albuquerque 20103549.86,501,793,792
1653NJ SussexWarren 20081108.2619,680,896
1654NJ SalemCo 2009352.31,068,374,080
1655NJ SalemCo 2008285.7196,751,552
1656NJ GloucesterCo 2007907.81,523,029,120
1657NJ CumberlandCo 20081499.23,964,329,216
1658NJ CapeMayCo 2008885.52,138,844,928
1659NE Rainwater-2 200938016.027,418,644,480
1660NE Rainwater-1 2009789.32,104,051,328
1661NE NIROC-PapioCo 2010286.3168,824,528
1662NE CumingCo 20102460.51,774,479,232
1663MT SageGrouse 2010809.32,557,104,896
1664MT Helena 2012975.61,252,200,576
1665MS Tupelo 20129322.424,194,564,096
1666MS NRCS-Lauderdale 20139258.249,283,862,528
1667MS MSDeltaYazoo-Phase1 200925351.960,079,628,288
1668MS CampShelby 20065855.31,865,505,152
1669MO Washinton-IronCo 20112146.66,509,156,864
1670MO UpperGrand 20118458.53,972,361,984
1671MO SullivanCo 2012510.11,046,313,216
1672MO Steelville 201112.112,464,336
1673MO StLouis 20121571.33,299,085,312
1674MO StFrancois 2012774.61,850,294,272
1675MO StFrancoisCo 20111073.82,793,393,920
1676MO Rolla 201121.520,703,110
1677MO RayCo 2011129.2149,924,256
1678MO RandolphCo 20121554.13,054,732,032
1679MO PutnamCo 20111312.12,584,474,624
1680MO Platte County 20081139.6647,851,648
1681MO MonroeAudrainMontgomeryCos 20112444.14,899,415,552
1682MO MaconCo 20111851.43,663,913,216
1683MO LivingstonCounty 20111381.01,828,048,384
1684MO LivingstonCo 2011747.7322,601,440
1685MO LincolnCo 20111621.53,513,255,168
1686MO JeffersonGenevieve 20102052.45,535,725,056
1687MO JasperCo 20101636.61,644,359,808
1688MO HowardCo 20111033.31,506,334,848
1689MO GreeneCo 20111850.05,662,588,928
1690MO FranklinCo 20112581.96,843,384,832
1691MO DunklinCo 20121781.32,255,087,872
1692MO DuckCreek 2009654.5382,205,472
1693MO CooperCo 20111400.21,932,807,040
1694MO Cole-Callaway-Osage 20105349.66,522,548,224
1695MO Clay County 20081104.8597,975,488
1696MO BooneCo 20092989.85,011,966,464
1697MO BarryCo 20111091.6584,124,608
1698MO AdairCo 20111948.23,984,779,776
1699MN WasecaCo 20101271.41,492,134,656
1700MN SwiftCo 20102456.22,931,687,168
1701MN SibleyCo 20101937.02,501,934,848
1702MN RockCo 20101496.31,849,519,488
1703MN RenvilleCo 20103026.34,090,385,152
1704MN MurrayCo 20102222.22,872,608,256
1705MN KandiyohiCo 20102553.53,263,463,680
1706MN FullState243944.2291,760,603,136
1707MN CottonwoodCo 20101918.02,491,327,744
1708MN ChippewaCo 20101846.22,420,662,784
1709MI SaginawBay 20114362.019,388,434,432
1710MI LakeErie UTM17 2010919.7960,008,832
1711MI LakeErie UTM16 20105120.35,956,301,824
1712MI DickinsonCo-NRCS 20122140.46,820,744,192
1713ME Augusta 2006304.1712,133,376
1714ME AroostookCo 20123398.15,057,659,904
1715ME Androscoggin 20091459.38,809,454,592
1716MD NRCS-LiDAR 20121903.46,043,537,408
1717MD Kent QueenAnne Caroline 20061946.0818,600,704
1718MD GoldenBeach 20126.14,860,658
1719MD FEMA WorcesterCo 2011443.71,478,659,840
1720MD FEMA WashingtonCounty 20121485.64,084,282,112
1721MD FEMA HoopersIsland 201132.948,978,680
1722MD FEMA AlleganyCo 20121338.74,542,940,160
1723MD CalvertCo 2011612.01,329,007,232
1724MD Baltimore 2008265.3333,637,536
1725LA Jean-Lafitte 2013230.4529,737,280
1726LA AtchafalayaBasin 20102607.55,570,542,080
1727LA Atchafalaya2 20134462.614,027,386,880
1728KY FullState107072.4448,685,375,488
1729KS USFWS 2010327.8255,768,848
1730KS ShawneeCounty 20061480.01,357,031,424
1731KS Sedgwick-Wichita 20081953.57,872,900,608
1732KS SalineCo 20102516.32,300,495,104
1733KS Riley 2010627.8704,365,760
1734KS RiceCo 20102048.91,760,342,784
1735KS PottawatomieCo 2010990.31,040,542,016
1736KS OttawaCo 20102288.72,167,252,992
1737KS Osage 20102004.12,383,220,480
1738KS NorthCentral 20097947.04,325,441,024
1739KS MorrisCo 20102139.01,922,485,888
1740KS MitchellCo 20102300.91,930,859,392
1741KS MiamiCo 20091843.42,049,588,352
1742KS McPhersonCo 20102782.82,419,915,264
1743KS MarshallCo 20102412.62,541,618,688
1744KS MarionCo 20103055.52,651,393,536
1745KS Manhattan 2006489.4437,014,432
1746KS LyonCo 20102444.32,222,931,200
1747KS LincolnCo 20102352.22,056,184,448
1748KS Leavenworth 20101671.12,039,783,808
1749KS Leavenworth 200697.1110,009,464
1750KS JohnsonCo 20061294.11,212,434,432
1751KS JewellCo 20102751.52,352,351,488
1752KS JeffersonCo 20061549.21,442,128,768
1753KS JacksonCo 20061642.31,637,579,648
1754KS HarveyCo 2010555.7436,391,552
1755KS HarveyCo2 20101711.01,387,831,168
1756KS Geary 20101287.71,397,194,112
1757KS FtRiley 2006546.7455,076,832
1758KS Franklin 20101820.32,363,281,920
1759KS EllsworthCo 20102372.01,985,748,480
1760KS DouglasCounty 20061346.61,195,526,400
1761KS DodgeCity 2010161.3117,375,824
1762KS DickinsonCo 20102607.22,427,102,464
1763KS Coffey 20101867.92,114,770,688
1764KS ChaseCo 20102558.22,308,340,224
1765KS BartonCo 20102757.22,266,385,664
1766KS AtchinsonCo 20101803.52,223,799,040
1767KS Area3-Southeast 20127428.75,379,973,120
1768KS Area3-NortheastB 20125651.513,240,026,112
1769KS Area3-NortheastA 20129985.117,669,455,872
1770KS Area3-ButlerCo 20124553.48,000,519,680
1771KS Area1 201222921.720,795,166,720
1772IN Statewide-WashingtonCo 20111430.21,530,712,832
1773IN Statewide-WabashCo 20111104.61,112,486,656
1774IN Statewide-TiptonCo 2011732.8703,471,872
1775IN Statewide-StarkeCo 2011960.3920,058,816
1776IN Statewide-StJosephCo 20111409.91,362,579,840
1777IN Statewide-PulaskiCo 20111216.71,213,426,432
1778IN Statewide-OrangeCo 20111140.91,260,454,784
1779IN Statewide-MiamiCo 20111064.61,095,404,160
1780IN Statewide-MarshallCo 20111300.31,248,542,336
1781IN Statewide-LawrenceCo 20111238.71,351,445,504
1782IN Statewide-KosciuskoCo 20111483.81,411,881,856
1783IN Statewide-JacksonCo 20111499.61,508,593,408
1784IN Statewide-HowardCo 2011787.0785,582,144
1785IN Statewide-HarrisonCo-20111437.21,544,945,408
1786IN Statewide-FultonCo 2011947.2882,930,752
1787IN Statewide-ElkhartCo 20111247.61,193,724,544
1788IN Statewide-CrawfordCo 2011996.91,109,398,272
1789IN Statewide-ClintonCo 20111034.61,015,192,896
1790IN Statewide-CassCo 20111206.01,245,127,936
1791IN Statewide-CarrollCo 20111114.71,129,747,328
1792IN Statewide-BrownCo 2011899.01,008,974,592
1793IN Statewide-BooneCo 20111232.91,783,842,944
1794IN Statewide-BartholomewCo 20111156.81,152,183,936
1795IN LakeErie 20103189.63,851,671,808
1796IL WabashRiver 20106528.310,546,799,616
1797IL Wabash-Saline-FEMA 20116266.611,250,702,336
1798IL SangamonRiver 2011278.0549,249,728
1799IL SalineRiver 20105942.310,709,172,224
1800IL Peoria 20081758.52,204,375,296
1801IL KendallCo 2010892.61,166,712,576
1802IL Johnson-Pulaski MassacCos 2012-20141973.12,367,495,936
1803IL HenryCo 20092169.93,619,217,408
1804ID USGSTributary 20083.55,976,130
1805ID DryCreek 200739.8212,678,272
1806ID CoeurDAlene 200920.6130,420,888
1807ID CityofRocks 2011235.01,104,788,096
1808IA FullState146461.7167,692,894,208
1809Guam 2012620.34,834,594,304
1810GA Walton County 2010904.34,665,506,304
1811GA PotatoCreek 2009653.65,900,498,944
1812GA Heard County 2010864.72,477,891,328
1813GA Harris County 20101314.25,636,767,744
1814GA Bibb Jasper Jones Monroe 20103904.411,630,630,912
1815FL WaltonCo 20063392.87,694,764,032
1816FL WaltonAFB 2006-20083294.87,481,219,584
1817FL OkaloosaCo 20082273.53,114,230,016
1818FL OkaloosaCo 2007459.71,563,171,584
1819FL NWFWMD 5-Counties 20075594.96,493,198,336
1820FL LeonCo 20091885.52,517,945,600
1821FL Gulf 20071746.38,250,884,608
1822FL EscambiaCo 20062188.71,403,952,256
1823FL Elgin 2006-2008258.2859,586,624
1824CO San-Luis-Valley 201110172.718,589,902,848
1825CO ArkansasValley 20102572.15,938,170,368
1826CA Scripps-Sep 2004259.8501,546,880
1827CA Scripps-Sep 2002124.2165,137,184
1828CA Scripps-Oct 2005200.8530,316,992
1829CA Scripps-Oct 2003215.1214,541,872
1830CA Scripps-May 2002113.3126,671,808
1831CA Scripps-Mar 2006271.9401,726,944
1832CA Scripps-Mar 2003118.7126,916,576
1833CA Scripps-Dec 2002109.9121,703,264
1834CA Scripps-Apr 2005264.4422,432,480
1835CA Scripps-Apr 2004102.1186,415,840
1836CA SaltonSea 20101282.27,150,136,832
1837CA PlacerCo 20121058.84,961,233,408
1838CA OrangeCo 20111993.36,325,827,072
1839CA DayFire 2007915.011,428,994,048
1840CA ContraCostaCo 200710.86,168,983
1841CA CalaverasTuolumne 20112666.416,524,444,672
1842AZ Tucson 20111675.38,489,218,560
1843AZ SanCarlosReservation 2013107.02,878,839,296
1844AZ Cochise-FEMA 2012155.2681,234,240
1845AZ Black Mesa CoalMine 2012510.91,387,580,672
1846AR UpperWhiteVillage-FEMA 2012504.0258,933,088
1847AR UpperBlackWatershed-FEMA 2012419.9261,648,864
1848AR PAgis 20101349.34,575,092,224
1849AR McKinneyPosten 2011179.2130,198,624
1850AR LowerStFrancisRiver-FEMA 20122862.13,788,850,944
1851AR FEMA-VI-BayouMeto 20121994.21,574,624,640
1852AR FEMA-ChicotDesha 20119381.96,429,732,864
1853AR Dardanelle 2011700.1487,044,320
1854AR BuffaloRiver 20101185.63,574,217,216
1855AR BuffaloRiver 2009482.71,799,213,184
1856ARRA-WI BrownCo 20101500.62,109,719,680
1857ARRA-TX WilacyCo 20101405.4693,154,880
1858ARRA-TX NuecesCo 20102366.21,299,260,416
1859ARRA-TX HidalgoCo 20102104.71,053,503,936
1860ARRA-TX CalhounCo 20101634.6709,386,368
1861ARRA-TN SmokyMtns 20111672.33,750,300,672
1862ARRA-SC LeeCo 20101265.12,972,859,904
1863ARRA-OR SandyRiver 2010162.41,530,456,064
1864ARRA-NRCS Kentucky 2010360.31,792,838,272
1865ARRA-NRCS Illinois 2010335.7589,896,000
1866ARRA-NJ 3Counties 20104307.88,724,072,448
1867ARRA-NE PlatteRiver 20101201.61,139,155,584
1868ARRA-MO StoneCo 20101059.61,926,491,904
1869ARRA-MI TriCounty 20105063.46,090,068,992
1870ARRA-MI LowerPeninsula 20104303.81,964,334,336
1871ARRA-MI 4SECounties 20107474.08,441,776,128
1872ARRA-LFTNE RhodeIsland 20113257.19,901,690,880
1873ARRA-LFTNE NewYork 20101767.71,932,340,608
1874ARRA-LFTNE NewHampshire 20112544.43,175,802,368
1875ARRA-LFTNE Massachusetts 20116305.318,400,552,960
1876ARRA-LFTNE ConnecticutZ19 2011401.11,149,839,488
1877ARRA-LFTNE ConnecticutZ18 20101221.91,619,446,912
1878ARRA-LA Coastal-Z16 20114716.33,227,227,136
1879ARRA-LA Coastal-Z15 20113705.92,516,760,576
1880ARRA-IN Flood 20101005.81,458,049,792
1881ARRA-IL LakeCo 20071296.71,591,643,136
1882ARRA-GA LakeLanier 20105507.212,898,551,808
1883ARRA-FL LibertyCo 20101590.52,068,638,976
1884ARRA-CO GrandCo 20101142.44,332,851,712
1885ARRA-CA SanFranCoast 20101208.72,215,580,160
1886ARRA-CA GoldenGate 20102637.38,777,987,072
1887ARRA-CA ChannelIslands-11 2010749.34,146,924,544
1888ARRA-CA ChannelIslands-10 2010409.52,031,643,008
1889ARRA-CA CentralCoast-Z4 20102233.65,161,164,800
1890ARRA-CA CentralCoast-Z3 20101201.23,288,591,104
1891ARRA-AL TennesseeRiver 2010737.21,100,765,696
1892ARRA-AL MobileBay 20101929.22,967,270,400
1893ARRA-AK EkluntaGlacier 2010423.2222,033,344
1894AR-TN NRCS Sharkey 20101245.94,552,390,656
1895AR-TN NRCS CaneCreek 2010284.12,020,907,648
1896AL TriCounty 20105453.214,056,469,504
1897AL ColbertLauderdale 20113854.58,415,950,848
1898AL BlountCo 20101895.06,784,747,520
1899AL BaldwinCo-West 2011317.7583,915,904
1900AL BaldwinCo-East 2011754.21,761,346,944
1901AK YukonFlats 20092619.4968,643,200
1902AK Valdez 2007104.8798,336,832
1903AK ValdezB 2007165.31,068,352,832
1904AK NomeCreek 2010237.494,592,520
1905AK MatanuskaSusitna-Lot2 20118181.041,053,208,576
1906AK MatanuskaSusitna-Lot1 20111534.14,988,109,824
1907AK Kenai 200811521.014,054,081,536
1908AK Juneau 2012422.82,211,557,888
1909AK Fairbanks-NSBorough 2010382.81,266,097,408
1910AK Coastal 200973.755,711,772
1911AK BrooksCamp 201253.4529,285,312
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  Dataset Name Area (km2) No lidar Returns
12008 MN DNR Lidar: Southeast Minnesota12996.012,240,745,558
22011 MN DNR Lidar: Twin Cities Metro (Minneapolis/St. Paul & Maple Grove), MN949.69,962,233,326
32011 MN DNR Lidar: Twin Cities Metro, MN19712.326,800,647,082
42009 - 2013 IOT Lidar: Maumee River Basin Counties6689.79,667,633,786
52009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Matanzas Inlet, FL5.85,245,004
62009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Panama City Beach, FL39.164,574,979
72011 FEMA Lidar: Cordova, Alaska9.113,759,614
82013 UAF/GINA Lidar: Arctic Coastal Plain, AK421.36,546,748,462
92017 USDA Forest Service Lidar: Olympic National Forest, WA599.515,673,943,881
102017 USFS Lidar: Entiat Upper, WA234.24,322,782,117
112017 WA DNR Lidar: Tacoma Water Service Area - Green River, WA454.78,472,320,415
122018 AK DGGS Lidar: Sitka, Alaska184.66,684,680,985
132018 AK DGGS Lidar: Turnagain Pass, AK182.8914,984,572
142018 Town of Nantucket Lidar: Nantucket Island, MA218.11,790,055,195
152018 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Huron, MI371.52,478,115,158
162018 USFS Lidar: Methow Basin, WA1793.132,932,415,725
172018 USFS Lidar: Tieton Basin, WA1192.223,833,514,729
182018 WA DNR Lidar: Green River Watershed, WA610.126,445,471,895
192018 WA DNR Lidar: Yakima Basin North, WA914.219,766,373,978
202018 WA DNR Topobathy Lidar: Tacoma Water Service Area - Green River, WA51.52,274,014,083
212019 WA DNR Lidar: San Juan County, WA526.510,626,550,488
221996 NASA/NOAA ATM Lidar: East Coast (SC to DE)375.535,127,417
231997 Lidar: Sacramento Inland Floodplain, CA583.628,353,826
241997 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: East Coast (SC to DE)919.7319,539,609
251997 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: West Coast, Pre-El Nino (CA, OR, WA)754.685,102,229
261998 Lidar: Harrisburg Airport, PA87.220,903,239
271998 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: Gulf Coast (LA, MS, AL, FL)753.5152,963,273
281998 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: Lake Erie (OH, PA) & East Coast (MA, MD, NY, VA)427.184,329,979
291998 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: West Coast, Post-El Nino (CA, OR, WA)1349.5310,194,978
301998 NASA/NOAA/USGS Fall ATM Lidar: East Coast (SC, NC, VA)475.0118,978,425
311998 NASA/NOAA/USGS Spring ATM Lidar: East Coast (MD, VA)46.912,736,431
321998 NASA/NOAA/USGS Winter ATM Lidar: East Coast (DE, MD, VA)101.831,535,403
331999 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: East Coast (FL, GA, SC, NC, NY)760.6172,845,743
341999 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: East Coast, Post Hurricane Dennis (NC, VA, MD)181.377,347,723
351999 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: East Coast, Post Hurricane Floyd (SC, NC, VA, MD, DE)402.694,621,472
361999 NASA/NOAA/USGS ATM Lidar: Gulf Coast (TX)109.718,578,005
371999 USACE NCMP Bathymetric Lidar: Hawaii554.911,760,454
382000 Lidar: Cayuga County, NY1921.8121,406,276
392000 NASA/NOAA/USGS Summer ATM Lidar: East Coast (SC, NC)475.1129,979,402
402000 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: North Carolina965.627,147,914
412000 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: Puerto Rico830.329,365,388
422000 NASA/USGS Fall ATM Lidar: East Coast (VA to ME)1242.0259,839,646
432000 PSLC Lidar: Kitsap Peninsula2988.32,841,817,515
442000 USACE NCMP Bathymetric Lidar: Hawaii315.819,885,798
452001 HCFCD Lidar: Harris County5369.94,622,786,640
462001 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: Virginia Maryland270.03,315,168
472001 PSLC Lidar: Clallam County1353.9984,820,389
482001 PSLC Lidar: Island & Jefferson Counties731.3866,136,366
492001 SRWMD Bare Earth Lidar: Alachua (FL)2474.5138,353,604
502001 USACE LRE Topobathy Lidar: Lake Ontario (NY)285.410,991,678
512001 USACE NCMP Bathymetric Lidar: Hawaii138.722,922,419
522001 USGS Coastal Lidar: Gulf of Mexico (TX to FL)502.0136,078,036
532002 MD DNR Lidar: Worcester County1233.1281,790,999
542002 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: Florida32.417,865,649
552002 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: Louisiana Texas361.09,864,996
562002 NASA/USGS ATM Lidar: Virginia Maryland129.23,568,077
572002 NASA/USGS Lidar: Pacific Coast Shoreline (CA,OR,WA)1393.3261,233,015
582002 NOAA Lidar: Willapa Bay Mudflat, WA583.7137,478,959
592002 PSLC Lidar: Puget Sound Lowlands5970.25,452,596,584
602002 SIO December Lidar: Dana Point to Point La Jolla, CA58.0116,975,074
612002 SIO May Lidar: Dana Point to Point La Jolla, CA63.3119,714,091
622002 SIO Sept Lidar: Dana Point to Point La Jolla, CA76.1165,453,869
632002 University of TX Lidar: Post-Fay Survey61.8157,723,256
642003 MD DNR Lidar: Dorchester, Somerset, Talbot & Wicomico Counties5431.51,756,376,693
652003 NCFMP Lidar: NC Statewide Phase 239019.63,134,946,526
662003 NOAA Lidar: Oahu Coastline (HI)155.068,611,108
672003 PSLC Lidar: Lewis County246.9370,064,770
682003 PSLC Lidar: Snohomish County415.3424,813,255
692003 PSLC Lidar: Yakima County189.3240,449,876
702003 SIO March Lidar: Dana Point to Point La Jolla, CA76.8121,729,468
712003 SIO October Lidar: Newport Beach to US/Mexico Border, CA86.4145,815,370
722003 SWFWMD Lidar: Marion County4404.44,639,755,372
732003 USACE Lidar: Pearl River County (MS)2186.8645,592,854
742003 USGS Coastal Lidar: US Virgin Islands118.731,201,323
752004 - 2005 Lidar: MS Merged2902.8292,968,024
762004 FDEM Lidar: Flagler County342.2334,091,829
772004 FEMA Lidar: Blackstone (MA & RI)704.9146,439,132
782004 FEMA Lidar: Connecticut River324.987,336,205
792004 FEMA Lidar: Hampden County (MA)359.9125,298,989
802004 FEMA Lidar: Portions of Burlington & Camden Counties (NJ)2913.73,637,224,805
812004 Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust Lidar: Wood River, OR252.0905,065,812
822004 Lidar: Connecticut Coastline300.9781,856,303
832004 Lidar: St. Johns County, FL1667.916,286,940
842004 MD DNR Lidar: Anne Arundel, Charles, Howard & St. Marys Counties4580.22,532,922,961
852004 MDEQ Lidar: Harrison County, MS1524.7141,199,007
862004 NOAA Lidar: ME Coastline238.0115,901,984
872004 NOAA Lidar: Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron (MI)374.4195,227,194
882004 NOAA NGS Lidar: AK Coastline831.5357,653,887
892004 NOAA NGS Lidar: Elkhorn Slough (CA)53.246,102,880
902004 PSLC Bare Earth Lidar: Pierce County, WA2107.7713,055,569
912004 PSLC Lidar: Portland (OR)309.4268,312,017
922004 SIO April Lidar: Dana Point to Point La Jolla, CA60.7179,070,690
932004 SIO Sept Lidar: Long Beach to US/Mexico Border, CA151.3480,153,788
942004 SWFWMD Lidar: Citrus County BE354.926,320,785
952004 SWFWMD Lidar: Lake Hancock District550.755,817,799
962004 SWFWMD Lidar: Pasco County - Classified241.6104,591,116
972004 SWFWMD Lidar: Pasco District2121.0530,781,104
982004 SWFWMD Lidar: Sarasota District1860.8450,161,150
992004 USACE Lidar: Puerto Rico5768.3754,194,482
1002004 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulf (AL,FL,MS) & Altantic Coast (NC)2427.02,141,624,093
1012004 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Post-Ivan (FL)864.7439,700,692
1022004 USGS Coastal Lidar: Northern Gulf Post-Ivan (AL,FL,MS)123.037,246,740
1032004 USGS Coastal Lidar: Post-Charlie (FL)64.715,309,943
1042004 USGS Lidar: San Francisco Bay (CA)336.0248,435,137
1052005 AK DGGS Lidar: Unalakleet7.917,999,894
1062005 DNREC Lidar: Sussex County2678.0314,571,060
1072005 FEMA Bare Earth Lidar: Ulster (NY)1463.5155,348,886
1082005 HI Office of Planning Lidar: Kilauea Crater33.490,072,267
1092005 MD DNR Lidar: Cecil County1150.5698,156,132
1102005 MDEQ Lidar: Jackson & Hancock Counties, MS3375.5512,728,514
1112005 NCFMP Lidar: NC Statewide Phase 317960.64,042,195,588
1122005 NOAA Lidar: Oahu & Maui (HI)230.4132,206,850
1132005 NSF Lidar: Plum Island, MA146.6245,171,379
1142005 PSLC Bare Earth Lidar: Lynnwood, WA38.419,926,862
1152005 PSLC Lidar: Lewis County370.9673,749,157
1162005 PSLC Lidar: Lower Columbia River2750.93,858,564,768
1172005 PSLC Lidar: North Puget Sound Lowlands1197.22,424,977,565
1182005 PSLC Lidar: Olympic Peninsula368.2646,391,887
1192005 PSLC Lidar: Yakima895.91,171,247,391
1202005 SIO April Lidar: Long Beach to US/Mexico Border, CA172.0405,168,919
1212005 SIO October Lidar: Long Beach to US/Mexico Border, CA99.5506,777,561
1222005 SJRWMD Lidar: Western Seminole County (FL)454.1231,821,128
1232005 SWFWMD Lidar: Braden River210.260,279,517
1242005 SWFWMD Lidar: Little Manatee District135.092,493,643
1252005 SWFWMD Lidar: Manatee District321.3214,674,669
1262005 SWFWMD Lidar: Peace River South District4738.03,472,937,841
1272005 SWFWMD Lidar: Polk District4245.53,596,266,533
1282005 SWFWMD Lidar: Weeki Wachee32.634,138,463
1292005 TWDB Lidar: Northern Cameron & Willacy Counties3627.411,544,718,692
1302005 USACE Lidar: Post-Katrina Levees (LA)37.532,546,549
1312005 USACE Lidar: Post-Katrina Lidar (AL,MS)2614.12,447,306,684
1322005 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NY to VA)760.91,064,573,071
1332005 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Post-Dennis (FL)302.9473,354,936
1342005 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Post-Katrina (LA to FL)1243.61,417,826,974
1352005 USFS Lidar: Yaquina, OR106.71,032,927,631
1362006 - 2008 PAMAP Lidar: Statewide (North)61528.238,524,363,577
1372006 - 2008 PAMAP Lidar: Statewide (South)59887.132,642,281,302
1382006 FEMA Bare Earth Lidar: Bristol & Plymouth Counties, MA366.561,908,646
1392006 FEMA Lidar: Coastal Rhode Island119.1208,904,654
1402006 FEMA Lidar: Connecticut Coastal498.81,029,192,530
1412006 FEMA Lidar: Cumberland & York Counties (ME)1505.71,893,510,688
1422006 FEMA Lidar: Hawaiian Islands1498.22,439,644,270
1432006 FEMA Lidar: Nueces County (TX)1887.5815,597,213
1442006 Lidar: Fulton County, GA1806.31,131,819,417
1452006 Lidar: Volusia County, FL3494.03,104,844,177
1462006 MD DNR Lidar: Kent, Queen Annes & Caroline Counties2044.0879,164,705
1472006 MDEQ Lidar: Camp Shelby5758.91,864,329,222
1482006 MDEQ-FEMA Lidar: Hinds County2283.3373,357,152
1492006 NJ Statewide Lidar: Highlands Area4623.93,494,265,926
1502006 NJ Statewide Lidar: Hunterdon County1230.3332,533,632
1512006 NJ Statewide Lidar: Middlesex County851.31,165,336,745
1522006 NOAA Bathymetric Lidar: Puerto Rico895.235,554,649
1532006 NWFWMD Lidar: Escambia, Santa Rosa, & Walton Counties8354.213,335,847,603
1542006 Navy Lidar: CNMI (Rota, Tinian, Saipan)110.0179,582,847
1552006 OSIP Lidar: Lake Erie Coastal Counties, OH9474.42,338,557,196
1562006 OSIP Lidar: Upland Counties, OH37579.79,470,524,211
1572006 PSLC Lidar: Lewis County1027.83,516,144,835
1582006 SC DNR Lidar: Aiken County3103.11,690,539,085
1592006 SIO March Lidar: Long Beach to US/Mexico Border, CA174.8384,533,960
1602006 SIO October Lidar: Southern CA141.4326,841,647
1612006 SWFWMD Lidar: North District3140.47,590,706,892
1622006 SWFWMD Lidar: Rutland Ranch District45.868,490,082
1632006 SWFWMD Lidar: Upper Myakka District756.31,241,280,942
1642006 Santa Clara Water District Lidar: Santa Clara County (CA)3651.24,385,326,550
1652006 TWDB Lidar: Aransas & Refugio Counties3671.52,286,519,472
1662006 TWDB Lidar: Brazoria County4011.32,642,424,288
1672006 TWDB Lidar: Calhoun County2254.12,326,813,194
1682006 TWDB Lidar: Chambers County2051.51,998,052,479
1692006 TWDB Lidar: Galveston County1191.5786,522,262
1702006 TWDB Lidar: Jackson County2411.61,393,053,583
1712006 TWDB Lidar: Jefferson County2862.22,027,213,822
1722006 TWDB Lidar: Matagorda County3695.02,444,174,343
1732006 TWDB Lidar: Orange County1121.21,434,148,900
1742006 TWDB Lidar: San Patricio County2320.31,497,903,095
1752006 TWDB Lidar: Victoria County2305.82,863,308,364
1762006 URS Bare Earth Lidar: Shawsheen River, MA172.930,743,404
1772006 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (FL,GA,SC)887.1318,832,052
1782006 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (IN), Lake Erie (OH,PA), Lake Huron (MI)671.81,264,147,955
1792006 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Panama City Beach (FL)64.7110,308,841
1802006 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Post-Wilma (FL)414.6173,561,255
1812006 USGS Bare Earth Lidar: North Puget Sound, WA5080.31,636,513,261
1822006 USGS Coastal Lidar: Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve92.17,777,359
1832006 USGS Lidar: Alameda County (CA)2248.03,696,625,121
1842007 ARRA Lidar: Lake County (IL)1251.81,591,484,644
1852007 BLM Lidar: Panther Creek (Leaf-Off), OR25.2307,465,989
1862007 BLM Lidar: Panther Creek (Leaf-On), OR25.2284,351,090
1872007 CDWR Lidar: San Joaquin River Delta (CA)4148.95,679,665,599
1882007 DNREC Lidar: Kent & New Castle Counties3132.93,985,744,152
1892007 FDEM Lidar: Bay County2499.57,285,263,832
1902007 FDEM Lidar: Brevard County2504.813,172,747,775
1912007 FDEM Lidar: Clay & Putnam Counties1091.96,312,727,189
1922007 FDEM Lidar: Coastal Jefferson County481.72,899,693,117
1932007 FDEM Lidar: Coastal Okaloosa County420.61,570,479,184
1942007 FDEM Lidar: Dixie County1448.75,251,460,294
1952007 FDEM Lidar: Duval County2430.55,276,338,808
1962007 FDEM Lidar: Franklin County1820.67,865,230,193
1972007 FDEM Lidar: Gulf County1687.18,272,038,226
1982007 FDEM Lidar: Herbert Hoover Dike7091.76,422,169,927
1992007 FDEM Lidar: Indian River County660.91,804,367,703
2002007 FDEM Lidar: Levy County1702.45,726,969,085
2012007 FDEM Lidar: Nassau County1117.09,259,292,429
2022007 FDEM Lidar: South Florida Blocks7944.129,877,357,118
2032007 FDEM Lidar: Southwest Florida10589.733,146,677,198
2042007 FDEM Lidar: Taylor County1610.46,371,346,367
2052007 FDEM Lidar: Wakulla1809.79,215,841,065
2062007 FEMA Lidar: Gloucester County (NJ)914.31,522,259,706
2072007 FEMA Lidar: Niagara County (NY)1807.42,771,792,897
2082007 Lidar: City of Newport News, VA161.1944,139,410
2092007 NOAA Bathymetry: Mississippi Sound H11617116.3299,339
2102007 NOAA Bathymetry: Mississippi Sound H11618126.033,965
2112007 NWFWMD Lidar: 5 Counties4226.25,037,403,661
2122007 NWFWMD Lidar: Bay, Calhoun, Jackson & Washington Counties1945.26,337,416,404
2132007 NWFWMD Lidar: Gadsden County1388.21,524,584,004
2142007 NWFWMD Lidar: Holmes County1436.61,734,137,942
2152007 NWFWMD Lidar: Jackson County (Jackson Blue)474.5409,812,125
2162007 NWFWMD Lidar: Northern Jefferson County1452.64,759,764,971
2172007 OPR Lidar: Rogue River, OR185.21,530,346,089
2182007 OPR Lidar: Silver Falls State Park68.3574,316,266
2192007 PSLC Lidar: Eastern WA & River Corridors861.37,043,791,986
2202007 SC DNR Lidar: Anderson County2304.21,297,228,863
2212007 SC DNR Lidar: Charleston, Colleton & Jasper Counties5509.47,097,605,059
2222007 SC DNR Lidar: Dorchester County1629.42,357,120,040
2232007 SIO April Lidar: Southern CA186.9310,923,037
2242007 SIO December Lidar: Southern CA206.0385,817,011
2252007 SRWMD Lidar: Mallory Swamp and R.O. Ranch (FL)191.7266,002,478
2262007 SWFWMD Lidar: Hernando District1232.63,041,870,840
2272007 SWFWMD Lidar: Hillsborough/Little Manatee Districts1414.72,279,451,234
2282007 SWFWMD Lidar: Lake Placid116.3144,413,056
2292007 USACE Lidar: Pacific Islands (Saipan)121.5456,030,877
2302007 USACE Lidar: US Virgin Islands1034.9152,407,872
2312007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Bare Earth Lidar: Lake Michigan (MI) & Lake Erie (PA)514.81,024,386,476
2322007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Hawaiian Islands655.01,514,313,058
2332007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Erie (NY)268.0369,861,010
2342007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Erie (NY, PA)381.3277,240,514
2352007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Huron (MI)416.4521,658,544
2362007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Ontario (NY)663.4439,400,547
2372007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior, Apostle Islands (WI)523.369,618,089
2382007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: New England1384.5818,200,967
2392007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Niagara (NY)190.9123,297,588
2402007 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Pacific Islands (Guam)573.61,845,648,973
2412007 USDA Lidar: Sumpter Powder River Mine (OR)12.9128,548,482
2422007 USFS Lidar: Biscuit Fire177.11,905,392,924
2432007 USFS Lidar: Malheur National Forest - Damon Creek, OR127.8988,011,183
2442007 USGS Coastal Lidar: Naval Live Oaks Area (FL)13.42,015,346
2452007 USGS Coastal Lidar: Northeast Barrier Islands74.616,660,488
2462007 USGS Coastal Lidar: Northern Gulf (LA to FL)136.923,608,385
2472007 USGS Lidar: Augusta-Manchester (ME)286.0712,131,296
2482007 USGS Lidar: Canyon Fire (CA)91.6584,682,590
2492007 USGS Lidar: Lake County (FL)3272.87,395,499,969
2502008 FDEM Lidar: Coastal Pasco County76.6219,676,311
2512008 FDEM Lidar: Middle Suwannee River (FL)151.01,151,782,430
2522008 FEMA Bare Earth Lidar: West Creek, Schoharie County (NY)59.61,799,740
2532008 FEMA Lidar: Erie County (NY)2947.93,723,561,243
2542008 FEMA Lidar: South Oneida County (NY)1560.63,009,803,980
2552008 Kenai Watershed Forum Lidar: Kenai Peninsula, AK11438.714,062,398,329
2562008 Lidar: City of Baltimore, MD254.0333,637,530
2572008 Lidar: St. Johns County, FL1652.411,810,146,442
2582008 NJ Statewide Lidar: Cape May County835.42,138,844,970
2592008 NJ Statewide Lidar: Cumberland County1486.43,968,132,838
2602008 NJ Statewide Lidar: Salem County309.0555,762,000
2612008 NJ Statewide Lidar: Somerset County728.02,282,979,920
2622008 NOAA NGS Lidar: Kenai Peninsula (AK)181.6143,208,726
2632008 NOAA NGS Lidar: NC2182.61,160,652,635
2642008 NOAA NGS Lidar: NH97.180,505,189
2652008 NWFWMD Lidar: Inland Okaloosa County2284.83,115,847,417
2662008 NWFWMD Lidar: Walton County (Eglin AFB)240.8867,207,779
2672008 NYS DEC Lidar: Putnam County299.0782,342,658
2682008 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Camp Creek859.07,549,101,426
2692008 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Lake Billy Chinook117.7803,553,049
2702008 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Ontario711.54,708,257,134
2712008 OR DOGAMI Lidar: South Coast6673.865,101,009,751
2722008 SC DNR Lidar: Cherokee County1067.52,305,068,229
2732008 SC DNR Lidar: Chester County1621.53,605,860,226
2742008 SC DNR Lidar: Chesterfield County2326.34,777,667,643
2752008 SC DNR Lidar: Clarendon County1663.84,140,997,698
2762008 SC DNR Lidar: Darlington County1541.03,405,096,282
2772008 SC DNR Lidar: Dillon County1100.22,501,637,795
2782008 SC DNR Lidar: Fairfield County1951.14,304,410,089
2792008 SC DNR Lidar: Greenwood County1255.83,039,721,312
2802008 SC DNR Lidar: Lancaster County1609.63,209,571,444
2812008 SC DNR Lidar: Laurens County2007.44,693,170,914
2822008 SC DNR Lidar: Marion County1375.53,090,357,683
2832008 SC DNR Lidar: Marlboro County1477.73,210,047,650
2842008 SC DNR Lidar: Newberry County1707.33,961,461,111
2852008 SC DNR Lidar: Orangeburg County2920.86,717,924,619
2862008 SC DNR Lidar: Union County1472.03,445,692,209
2872008 SC DNR Lidar: Williamsburg County2550.46,055,825,817
2882008 SIO April Lidar: Southern CA194.5419,377,216
2892008 SIO October Lidar: Southern CA189.2415,333,578
2902008 SRWMD Lidar: Live Oak (FL)37.2224,497,062
2912008 USACE Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NC)16.317,419,297
2922008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Huron (MI)406.5182,879,609
2932008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (IL)345.6104,783,023
2942008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (IN)279.888,926,630
2952008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (MI)1143.0512,460,235
2962008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (WI)867.9299,490,471
2972008 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior (MI)367.1462,614,962
2982008 USACE Topobathy Lidar: Truckee (NV)139.7252,301,760
2992008 USDA Lidar: Sandy River (OR)162.21,400,219,586
3002008 USGS Coastal Lidar: Assateague Island (MD,VA)94.517,234,748
3012008 USGS Coastal Lidar: Pearl River Delta (LA,MS)120.018,596,363
3022008 USGS Lidar: Grundy, Kane, McHenry County (IL)4143.45,523,533,583
3032009 - 2011 CA Coastal Conservancy Lidar: Coastal California6446.318,935,906,268
3042009 - 2011 OLC Lidar: Deschutes (OR)8009.087,980,385,678
3052009 - 2010 PSLC-USGS Lidar: Wenas Valley595.95,804,099,748
3062009 - 2011 Topobathy Elevation: Coastal California (2013 merge)15151.020,317,872,740
3072009 - 2010 USACE Lidar: Mississippi River Delta Phase 125538.061,365,207,781
3082009 - 2010 USACE Lidar: Mississippi River Delta Phase II10727.74,991,805,105
3092009 Alliance for Sustainable Energy Topographic Lidar: Boston & Cambridge (MA)241.3698,501,866
3102009 FEMA Lidar: Fort Kent (ME)594.31,187,386,858
3112009 Lidar: Bayfield County, WI739.7949,644,192
3122009 NJ Statewide Lidar: Mercer County712.33,412,589,742
3132009 NJ Statewide Lidar: Salem County (non-CAFRA Area)740.12,602,221,277
3142009 NYS DEC Lidar: West of Hudson, NY4997.020,032,884,536
3152009 OLC Lidar: Malheur River, OR1058.310,456,048,118
3162009 OPR Lidar: Columbia River147.11,557,540,861
3172009 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Medford966.88,741,585,600
3182009 OR DOGAMI Lidar: North Coast4424.944,847,877,480
3192009 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Southwestern Washington1336.614,526,931,401
3202009 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Willamette Valley8207.978,415,211,132
3212009 PSLC Lidar: Douglas422.72,896,108,646
3222009 PSLC Lidar: Lewis County1303.414,550,852,733
3232009 PSLC Lidar: Nooksack144.21,391,380,413
3242009 PSLC Lidar: San Juan County571.14,792,402,699
3252009 PSLC Lidar: Snohomish River Estuary114.6844,770,604
3262009 PSLC-USGS Lidar: Wenatchee1120.88,386,764,754
3272009 SC DNR Lidar: Berkeley County3146.99,447,683,602
3282009 SC DNR Lidar: Charleston County2540.46,148,724,881
3292009 SC DNR Lidar: Florence County2475.26,567,020,705
3302009 SC DNR Lidar: Horry County3135.48,338,479,177
3312009 SIO March Lidar: Southern CA160.0494,201,132
3322009 SJRWMD Lidar: Orange & Seminole Counties (FL)834.9942,748,481
3332009 SWFWMD Lidar: Peace River South23.235,260,839
3342009 USACE NCMP Bathymetric Lidar: Southern CA753.544,436,879
3352009 USACE NCMP Lidar: Post-Ike & Gustav2001.2617,839,906
3362009 USACE NCMP Lidar: South Texas738.41,130,526,898
3372009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NC, VA)686.0468,965,412
3382009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast, FL550.8423,371,346
3392009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: California1118.41,835,199,321
3402009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Duluth, MN & Superior, WI27.024,573,133
3412009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Isle Royale, MI810.0249,156,916
3422009 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior, Apostle Islands522.3397,711,195
3432009 USGS Coastal Lidar: Post-Ida (NC)157.352,100,150
3442009 USGS Lidar: North Slope, Alaska278.4169,498,109
3452009 USGS Lidar: Umpqua River (OR)298.93,109,679,448
3462009 USGS Lidar: Wayne and Washtenaw Counties, MI4018.420,288,005,186
3472010 - 2011 ARRA Lidar: Calhoun County (TX)1498.2709,339,168
3482010 - 2011 ARRA Lidar: Nueces County (TX)2287.01,172,950,597
3492010 ARC Lidar: Carroll County, GA1549.22,645,827,352
3502010 ARC Lidar: Dekalb County, GA849.11,359,733,082
3512010 ARC Lidar: Spalding County, GA641.31,074,889,346
3522010 ARRA Lidar: 4 Southeast Counties (MI)7307.18,439,893,008
3532010 ARRA Lidar: Allendale County (SC)1224.43,945,848,375
3542010 ARRA Lidar: Atlantic, Ocean, Monmouth (NJ)4196.38,669,009,290
3552010 ARRA Lidar: Bamberg County (SC)1194.22,586,069,435
3562010 ARRA Lidar: California Coastal Project - Zone 31396.53,989,605,703
3572010 ARRA Lidar: California Coastal Project - Zone 43426.79,006,789,613
3582010 ARRA Lidar: Eklutna Glacier (AK)411.3222,003,076
3592010 ARRA Lidar: Eleven Counties (VA)6314.920,780,052,652
3602010 ARRA Lidar: Golden Gate (CA)2428.38,741,364,177
3612010 ARRA Lidar: Hampton County (SC)1699.15,505,803,793
3622010 ARRA Lidar: Lee County (SC)1225.02,971,810,968
3632010 ARRA Lidar: Willacy County (TX)1339.8693,133,397
3642010 American Samoa DOC Mobile Lidar: Tutuila, AS2.4411,055,342
3652010 FEMA Lidar: Coastal MA & RI514.6708,288,014
3662010 FEMA Lidar: Concord River (MA)1102.22,874,119,882
3672010 FEMA Lidar: MA & RI2083.75,374,288,509
3682010 FEMA Lidar: Ozaukee County (WI)755.01,607,219,431
3692010 GLRI Bathymetric Lidar: Lake Superior Coastline (MI,MN,WI)718.344,278,632
3702010 King County WA Lidar: Cedar River21.1242,188,900
3712010 Lidar: Coastal Georgia11681.542,200,005,922
3722010 Lidar: Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska367.81,265,447,395
3732010 NOAA Lidar: San Francisco Bay (CA)1052.62,873,265,645
3742010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: French Frigate Shoals, NWHI<1166,011
3752010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: Kure Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands3.44,868,460
3762010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: Laysan, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands6.57,414,359
3772010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: Lisianski Island, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands3.35,244,996
3782010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Lidar75.119,115,069
3792010 NOAA/USGS Lidar: Pearl & Hermes Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands5.32,410,641
3802010 NRCS Lidar: Eastern CT4583.628,554,405,182
3812010 NWFWMD Lidar: Leon County1836.92,517,945,713
3822010 NWFWMD Lidar: Liberty and Calhoun Counties1525.92,068,638,548
3832010 OPR Lidar: Cottonwood Canyon151.81,377,619,132
3842010 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Crater Lake805.37,938,746,893
3852010 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Glass Buttes348.23,254,278,083
3862010 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Newberry1337.512,428,076,936
3872010 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Yambo3128.131,833,320,706
3882010 PGE DCPP Lidar: Diablo Canyon, CA43.1397,510,944
3892010 SC DNR Lidar: Kershaw County1992.05,205,533,501
3902010 SC DNR Lidar: Lexington County2143.95,852,053,256
3912010 SC DNR Lidar: Richland County2152.25,956,771,273
3922010 SC DNR Lidar: Saluda County1235.03,431,796,090
3932010 SC DNR Lidar: Sumter County1978.95,538,498,682
3942010 US B.O.R. Lidar: Klamath River, CA436.24,156,228,563
3952010 USACE Lidar: Columbia River (OR, WA, ID, MT)7997.557,874,606,737
3962010 USACE NCMP Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NJ)154.8180,702,464
3972010 USACE NCMP Lidar: Gulf Coast (LA, MS)804.01,057,305,031
3982010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Alabama27.83,679,683
3992010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (DE)31.034,711,957
4002010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NC, SC, GA, FL)549.71,049,111,532
4012010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NJ) - A144.9166,757,973
4022010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (NY) - A61.245,474,318
4032010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (VA)60.668,638,574
4042010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Atlantic Coast (VA) - A75.448,061,179
4052010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Block Island, RI46.036,147,749
4062010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: California1114.02,116,258,324
4072010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Florida Gulf Coast629.3337,302,258
4082010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast (LA, MS) - A102.913,148,808
4092010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Maryland (Post-Hurricane Earl)30.230,569,502
4102010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Maryland (Pre-Hurricane Earl)17.616,769,517
4112010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: New York162.4136,099,559
4122010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Northeast Atlantic Coast (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI)2079.72,373,111,011
4132010 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Oregon and Washington613.3504,655,417
4142010 USFS Lidar: Malheur National Forest (LC West), OR1003.914,463,639,376
4152010 USGS Coastal Lidar: Chandeuler Islands (LA)32.24,015,146
4162010 USGS Lidar: North Slope, Alaska2159.01,535,118,785
4172010 USGS Lidar: Oconto County, WI83.9176,985,814
4182010 VITA-VGIN Lidar: Eastern Shore of VA2941.73,610,160,592
4192011 - 2012 FEMA Lidar: Merrimack River Watershed (MA & NH)3434.99,740,191,307
4202011 - 2013 IOT Lidar: Lake Michigan Watershed Counties7697.615,800,378,336
4212011 - 2012 NYSDEC Lidar: Coastal New York3446.09,161,336,057
4222011 - 2012 OLC Lidar: Union Baker, OR1584.215,187,873,581
4232011 - 2012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Erie (MI, NY, OH, PA)708.84,641,008,084
4242011 ARRA Lidar: Hidalgo County (TX)2063.41,053,472,399
4252011 DNREC Lidar: Bombay Hook197.6528,156,325
4262011 FEMA Lidar: Chemung Watershed (NY)724.22,190,162,855
4272011 FEMA Lidar: Coastal Worcester Maryland389.11,478,659,827
4282011 FEMA Lidar: Modoc, CA158.8355,533,786
4292011 FEMA Lidar: Nashua River Watershed (NH & MA)1533.92,429,441,680
4302011 FEMA Lidar: Quinnipiac River Watershed (CT)1437.37,714,144,543
4312011 GA DNR Lidar: Burke, Columbia, Lincoln, Richmond Counties4672.511,561,794,410
4322011 Lidar: Anne Arundel County, MD1348.81,259,420,332
4332011 Lidar: Calvert County, MD579.31,336,379,546
4342011 Lidar: Howard County, MD661.71,308,991,451
4352011 MDEQ Lidar: Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway2559.27,182,959,479
4362011 NOAA Bathymetric Lidar: U.S. Virgin Islands240.126,191,900
4372011 NOAA NGS Lidar: NC Post-Irene402.0732,944,459
4382011 NOAA NGS Lidar: NH125.9303,193,917
4392011 NOAA NGS Lidar: NY & NJ400.7750,822,208
4402011 NRCS Lidar: Northwest Connecticut1740.18,427,879,682
4412011 NRCS Lidar: Pocomoke and Atlantic Coastal Watersheds1277.511,498,470,221
4422011 OLC Lidar: South McKenzie, OR378.97,644,758,077
4432011 OLC Lidar: Upper Sandy River (OR)192.52,084,708,194
4442011 OPR Lidar: Northeast87.7743,340,830
4452011 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Burns217.71,717,487,134
4462011 OR DOGAMI Lidar: CVO Newberry635.86,002,617,859
4472011 OR DOGAMI Lidar: FS Newberry1257.312,905,897,363
4482011 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Pine Creek437.73,844,602,665
4492011 OR DOGAMI Lidar: Umatilla1133.810,082,091,613
4502011 PGE DCPP Lidar: Los Osos, CA Central Coast687.16,139,313,162
4512011 PSLC Lidar: Kittitas-Colockum694.75,896,642,629
4522011 PSLC Lidar: Quinault943.511,616,725,638
4532011 PSLC Lidar: Rattlesnake743.56,267,973,611
4542011 SC DNR Lidar: Tricounty (Anderson, Oconee, Pickens)5231.314,703,120,811
4552011 SC DNR Lidar: York County2154.36,098,657,582
4562011 SRWMD Lidar: Upper Suwanee River (FL)2983.08,444,827,435
4572011 SWFWMD Lidar: Hillsborough723.41,922,404,887
4582011 SWFWMD Lidar: Pasco761.01,912,537,457
4592011 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior (MI), Lake Ontario and Lake Erie (NY)1121.7894,235,999
4602011 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: California495.1912,531,695
4612011 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast (AL, LA, MS)52.935,466,883
4622011 USACE Topobathy Lidar: MA & NH109.862,320,227
4632011 USFS/EPA Lidar: Blue River130.61,690,407,978
4642011 USGS Lidar: North Slope, Alaska1026.2757,852,884
4652011 USGS Lidar: Northeast (NY to ME)24077.447,923,499,566
4662011 USGS-FEMA Lidar: King William County (VA)772.83,460,999,358
4672011 USGS-FEMA Lidar: Virginia Southern Counties1788.38,229,111,249
4682012 - 2013 PSLC Lidar: Hoh River Watershed695.28,596,556,685
4692012 AK DGGS Lidar: Whittier141.92,059,257,278
4702012 BLM Lidar: Panther Creek, OR30.1321,300,931
4712012 FEMA Lidar: Allegany, Frederick, Washington MD9616.033,573,276,948
4722012 FEMA Lidar: Hudson-Hoosic & Deerfield Watersheds (MA)1784.91,325,730,910
4732012 FEMA Lidar: Middle Counties (VA)2058.011,600,126,971
4742012 FEMA Lidar: Valdez, Alaska80.41,425,328,132
4752012 FWS Lidar: Wapato, OR48.02,066,331,634
4762012 GA DNR Lidar: Baldwin, Hancock, Morgan, Putnam Counties4131.913,569,256,130
4772012 GA DNR Lidar: Floyd, Polk, Paulding, Oconee Counties2003.06,296,732,003
4782012 GA DNR Lidar: Pickens, Rockdale, & Troup Counties797.65,659,670,211
4792012 Lidar: Fall Creek, OR103.11,622,909,554
4802012 Lidar: Kewaunee County, WI981.91,087,811,071
4812012 MEGIS Statewide Lidar: Area 1 (Aroostook)3312.65,057,337,393
4822012 MN DNR Lidar: Duluth Post-Flood7957.113,983,144,766
4832012 NOAA Lidar: American Samoa294.8918,787,432
4842012 NOAA Lidar: Bridge Creek (OR)37.0503,876,792
4852012 OLC Lidar: Baker Pass, Christmas Valley, Paulina Marsh, Summer Lake, OR641.64,521,152,602
4862012 OLC Lidar: Green Peter, OR896.210,425,527,816
4872012 OLC Lidar: Keno (OR)808.97,127,336,701
4882012 OLC Lidar: West Metro, OR403.13,812,122,746
4892012 OLC Topobathy Lidar: Sandy River (OR)92.81,887,053,402
4902012 PSLC Lidar: Chehalis River Watershed947.814,943,647,532
4912012 PSLC Lidar: Jefferson & Clallam Counties170.22,472,710,421
4922012 PSLC Lidar: Quinault (Delivery 2)449.05,211,317,243
4932012 PSLC Lidar: Upper Naches River96.81,277,903,136
4942012 SC DNR Lidar: Aiken County2835.510,586,650,066
4952012 SC DNR Lidar: Barnwell County1465.05,863,120,878
4962012 SC DNR Lidar: Edgefield County1330.15,106,149,728
4972012 SC DNR Lidar: McCormick County1012.93,929,633,132
4982012 SJRWMD Lidar: Putnam (FL)1703.76,226,972,455
4992012 SRWMD Lidar: Bradford (FL)865.83,024,647,930
5002012 SWFWMD Lidar: Lake Manatee431.62,012,581,783
5012012 USACE HSDRRS Lidar: New Orleans1330.15,041,607,995
5022012 USACE NCMP Lidar: Post-Sandy (NJ & NY)1105.01,886,117,606
5032012 USACE NCMP Post-Sandy Topobathy Lidar: Long Island, NY551.0966,014,081
5042012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Egmont Key, FL23.762,106,546
5052012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Ft. Myers, FL3.59,524,024
5062012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulfport, MS28.839,432,190
5072012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (IN,IL,MI,WI)4222.311,151,375,652
5082012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan (MI,WI)1061.75,907,965,107
5092012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake St. Clair, MI310.71,288,382,188
5102012 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Mayport, FL8.226,143,689
5112012 USACE Post-Sandy Lidar: Coastal CT326.1993,314,526
5122012 USACE Post-Sandy Lidar: MA & RI156.6970,936,039
5132012 USACE Post-Sandy Lidar: MD & VA653.9757,681,738
5142012 USGS EAARL-B Lidar: Post-Sandy (NJ)108.648,045,199
5152012 USGS EAARL-B Lidar: Post-Sandy, Barnegat Bay (NJ)274.676,126,020
5162012 USGS EAARL-B Lidar: Pre-Sandy (NJ)106.851,894,289
5172012 USGS Lidar: Juneau (AK)388.12,192,717,269
5182012 USGS Lidar: North Slope, Alaska1607.31,287,575,668
5192012 USGS Lidar: Post-Sandy (DE,MD,NC,NY,VA)1290.02,152,162,958
5202012 USGS NRCS Lidar: Somerset MD1815.46,235,429,258
5212012 USGS-FEMA Lidar: Northern Counties (VA-North)2989.414,365,441,227
5222012 USGS-FEMA Lidar: Northern Counties (VA-South)1645.07,303,790,010
5232012 USGS-FEMA Lidar: Virginia Southern Cities238.6769,944,197
5242013 - 2015 OLC Lidar: Lane County, OR8336.5150,257,936,524
5252013 - 2015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Huron (MI)1836.116,622,116,022
5262013 - 2014 USGS CMGP Lidar: Post Sandy (New York City)1010.34,766,370,723
5272013 AK DGGS Lidar: Golovin2.815,521,414
5282013 GA DNR Lidar: Barrow, Clarke, Madison, and Oglethorpe Counties, GA2973.510,794,074,213
5292013 Lidar: Cecil MD1016.517,393,487,433
5302013 Lidar: City and Borough of Juneau, AK492.25,275,057,088
5312013 Lidar: Harford MD1159.81,416,998,237
5322013 Lidar: Queen Annes MD1048.213,149,182,611
5332013 Lidar: St. Johns County, FL1981.28,321,813,020
5342013 NOAA Lidar: US Virgin Islands732.14,114,905,249
5352013 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Barnegat Bay (NJ)49.01,130,361,872
5362013 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Great Egg (NJ)78.41,532,153,744
5372013 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Little Egg (NJ)91.92,094,784,614
5382013 OLC Lidar: Big Windy Oregon514.77,242,419,628
5392013 OLC Lidar: Clackamol, OR1832.919,603,937,362
5402013 OLC Lidar: Scappoose, OR150.61,302,470,749
5412013 OLC Lidar: Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, WA728.36,285,097,796
5422013 OLC Lidar: West Ochoco, OR1226.512,497,312,962
5432013 PGE DCPP Lidar: San Simeon, CA Central Coast801.017,714,127,505
5442013 PSLC Lidar: Entiat270.53,804,724,870
5452013 PSLC Lidar: Nooksack469.95,515,052,450
5462013 PSLC Lidar: Saddle Mountain694.97,298,789,897
5472013 PSLC Lidar: Tulalip1130.715,823,570,002
5482013 SC DNR Lidar: Beaufort County1766.712,503,811,619
5492013 SC DNR Lidar: Greenville County2092.920,029,748,920
5502013 SC DNR Lidar: Spartanburg County2164.217,103,200,833
5512013 SRWMD Lidar: Falmouth (FL)113.9402,301,493
5522013 SRWMD Lidar: Greenville (FL)410.61,487,877,565
5532013 SRWMD Lidar: Ichetucknee (FL)381.91,318,061,034
5542013 SRWMD Lidar: Lee (FL)25.288,133,659
5552013 SRWMD Lidar: Obrien (FL)495.71,708,269,158
5562013 UAF/GINA Lidar: Vallenar Bay, AK15.1208,234,658
5572013 USACE NAO Topobathy Lidar: Craney Island, VA17.498,179,870
5582013 USACE ERDC Lidar: Echo Valley Training Center (EVTC), WV7.393,207,280
5592013 USACE ERDC Lidar: Rice Rivers Center, VA4.449,842,484
5602013 USACE Lidar: Rio Puerto Nuevo (PR)405.47,718,468,585
5612013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Block Island and Winnapaug (RI)6.630,901,706
5622013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Cuttyhunk, Marshfield, Menemsha, and Nantucket, MA15.071,728,509
5632013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Maine40.6238,835,493
5642013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Massachusetts210.01,144,689,932
5652013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Newbury, NH28.3142,651,974
5662013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Rhode Island17.179,742,984
5672013 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Wells, ME2.918,146,609
5682013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar (LMSL): Hawaii (Big Island)581.93,038,613,958
5692013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar (LMSL): Molokai, HI298.01,240,910,198
5702013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar (LMSL): Oahu, HI599.03,194,240,319
5712013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Barnegat Bay and Seaside, NJ118.3555,054,850
5722013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Dare and Currituck Counties, NC96.7661,483,816
5732013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Egmont Key, FL24.387,632,697
5742013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Hawaii (Big Island)581.93,038,614,001
5752013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Kauai (HI)371.02,157,618,347
5762013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Kauai (HI) - LMSL370.92,157,575,554
5772013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan North, MI<11,193,575
5782013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Michigan South, MI16.9137,016,291
5792013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior, MI212.01,581,285,052
5802013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lanai (HI)26.5107,381,341
5812013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lanai (HI) - LMSL26.5107,381,341
5822013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Long Island, NY38.2170,971,084
5832013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Maui (HI)469.82,447,699,717
5842013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Maui (HI) - LMSL469.82,447,699,717
5852013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Molokai (HI)298.01,240,903,130
5862013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: New Jersey404.62,261,447,502
5872013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Niihau (HI)66.5158,559,154
5882013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Oahu (HI)599.03,194,240,355
5892013 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Stamp Sands, Lake Superior, MI37.4227,315,491
5902014 AK DOT Lidar: Anita Bay, AK4.6163,456,896
5912014 AK DOT Lidar: Bradfield to Behms Corridor, AK30.11,103,096,478
5922014 AK DOT Lidar: Hoonah Corridor, AK46.71,932,332,707
5932014 FEMA Lidar: Ketchikan, AK89.5711,920,305
5942014 Lidar: Baltimore County MD1799.69,399,639,707
5952014 Lidar: Horry County, SC3195.515,855,736,483
5962014 Lidar: St. Charles Parish (LA)864.712,671,484,954
5972014 MiSAIL Lidar: Van Buren County, MI1706.56,806,427,383
5982014 NGS Topobathy Lidar: Key West National Wildlife Refuge, FL230.66,478,307,170
5992014 NGS Topobathy Lidar: St Croix (USVI)249.05,272,920,655
6002014 NJMC Lidar: Hackensack Meadowlands160.51,275,315,716
6012014 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Connecticut96.94,318,246,556
6022014 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Intracoastal Waterway (FL)175.45,102,940,821
6032014 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Post-Sandy (RI)402.810,905,708,929
6042014 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Post-Sandy (SC to NY)8473.132,427,965,560
6052014 NOAA OCS Bathymetric Lidar: New Jersey114.62,546,812,505
6062014 NRCS USGS Lidar: Choctaw and Washington Counties, AL5273.928,767,526,622
6072014 OLC FEMA Lidar: Sitka, AK37.0527,849,988
6082014 OLC Lidar: Colville WA689.87,453,810,036
6092014 OLC Lidar: Crooked Ochoco642.97,429,540,483
6102014 OLC Lidar: Four Rivers OR1900.831,310,429,282
6112014 OLC Lidar: Metro3161.263,978,533,219
6122014 PSLC Lidar: Cedar River Watershed (Delivery 1)447.57,593,306,676
6132014 PSLC Lidar: Cedar River Watershed (Delivery 2)832.917,143,369,896
6142014 PSLC Lidar: City of Redmond79.81,149,353,741
6152014 PSLC Lidar: Willapa River Valley (Delivery 1), WA143.12,696,669,901
6162014 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Maine37.5382,620,673
6172014 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: New Hampshire9.672,346,006
6182014 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Newbury, MA127.7647,598,720
6192014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Avalon (NJ)15.255,918,341
6202014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: California1012.84,178,999,586
6212014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Duck, NC87.7363,910,959
6222014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Little Egg, NJ49.2204,666,952
6232014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Oregon882.83,531,953,802
6242014 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Washington375.92,304,490,657
6252014 USACE NWP Topobathy Lidar: Coos Bay (OR)114.5634,693,527
6262014 USACE SAM Topobathy Lidar: Port St. Joe, FL25.5269,804,318
6272014 USACE-USGS Topobathy Lidar: Puget Sound (WA)396.11,638,143,499
6282014 USGS CMGP Lidar: Post Sandy (CT)3948.942,414,950,508
6292014 USGS CMGP Lidar: Post Sandy (Long Island, NY)3202.113,675,710,078
6302014 USGS CMGP Lidar: Post Sandy (PA)4947.418,155,394,616
6312014 USGS EAARL Topobathy Lidar: USVI373.3158,992,649
6322014 USGS QL 2 Lidar: San Diego, CA2841.113,867,481,597
6332014 WA DNR Lidar: Willapa River Valley (Delivery 2), WA266.47,765,996,339
6342015 - 2016 ODF Lidar: Northwest Oregon1694.240,077,309,203
6352015 DVRPC Lidar: Delaware Valley (NJ, PA)8048.841,319,199,512
6362015 FEMA Lidar: Ashland County, WI2612.210,123,052,741
6372015 FEMA Lidar: Marinette County, WI3732.915,022,067,894
6382015 FEMA Lidar: Michigan Part 3 (Baraga, Marquette Counties)7511.445,745,981,649
6392015 Lidar: Allegan County, MI2291.49,256,541,068
6402015 Lidar: Lowndes County, GA1340.25,414,762,539
6412015 Lidar: Miami-Dade County, FL4490.353,832,301,046
6422015 Lidar: Portland, ME54.0463,887,664
6432015 MDEQ Lidar: MS Coastal QL29357.051,153,470,028
6442015 MiSAIL Lidar: Berrien County, MI1573.87,862,274,515
6452015 MiSAIL Lidar: Emmet County, MI1348.69,252,054,488
6462015 NCFMP Lidar: Statewide North Carolina (Phase 3)26113.3173,244,140,260
6472015 NGS Topobathy Lidar: Buzzards Bay (MA)63.13,695,559,627
6482015 NGS Topobathy Lidar: Buzzards Bay Block1 (MA)142.910,241,382,403
6492015 NGS Topobathy Lidar: Buzzards Bay Block2 (MA)197.515,110,189,652
6502015 NOAA Lidar: Pelekane Watershed, HI62.61,123,459,058
6512015 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Dry Tortugas244.51,572,282,907
6522015 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Puerto Rico1183.522,444,359,986
6532015 NYSGPO Lidar: Warren, Washington, and Essex Counties, NY6246.845,473,667,756
6542015 OLC Lidar: Big Windy Oregon547.48,154,177,743
6552015 OLC Lidar: Big Wood Idaho663.37,243,634,392
6562015 OLC Lidar: Chelan868.116,313,886,028
6572015 OLC Lidar: Harney Basin, OR1639.317,772,270,354
6582015 OLC Lidar: Lower Malheur, OR759.48,881,671,928
6592015 OLC Lidar: Okanogan1067.311,044,243,911
6602015 OLC Lidar: Panther Creek, OR27.1958,312,783
6612015 OLC Lidar: Snake River2010.222,111,560,809
6622015 OLC Lidar: Upper Umpqua OR5789.5146,211,883,203
6632015 OLC Lidar: Wallowa1431.014,062,985,628
6642015 OLC Lidar: Wasco4616.886,253,206,676
6652015 OLC Lidar: Yakima and Benton, WA786.08,564,615,841
6662015 OLC Topobathy Lidar: Middle Fork Willamette River, OR52.57,294,477,479
6672015 PSLC Lidar: WA DNR Lands (P1)899.828,351,348,670
6682015 PSLC Lidar: WA DNR Lands (P2)326.211,225,607,601
6692015 SRWMD Lidar: North Central Florida5415.728,221,701,656
6702015 SRWMD Lidar: San Pedro Bay, FL268.21,450,523,271
6712015 USACE LRE Topobathy lidar: St. Marys River MI1560.333,908,215,619
6722015 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Connecticut37.7230,906,787
6732015 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Hampton, NH2.514,434,849
6742015 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Massachusetts111.9600,320,988
6752015 USACE NAE Topobathy Lidar: Rhode Island21.4106,710,758
6762015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Astoria, OR79.9622,387,874
6772015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Avalon (NJ)24.5110,077,051
6782015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: California1383.98,569,069,679
6792015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Columbia City, OR58.5488,710,828
6802015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Duck, NC76.9469,360,312
6812015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Egmont Key (FL)78.4288,823,431
6822015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Florida Gulf Coast1177.68,423,331,439
6832015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Sand Island (WA)69.4450,626,756
6842015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Tillamook Bay, OR67.9348,248,024
6852015 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: West Point Lake, GA242.68,427,989,462
6862015 USGS Lidar: Iron County, WI2279.58,161,145,389
6872015 Univ of TX BEG Topobathy Lidar: Lower Texas Coast188.9357,285,735
6882015 Univ of TX BEG Topobathy Lidar: Shamrock Cove (TX)22.149,028,787
6892016 - 2017 FEMA Lidar: Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties and Oneida Sub-Basin, NY12465.091,047,981,622
6902016 - 2017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Coastal South Carolina2424.3117,397,037,208
6912016 - 2017 PSLC Lidar: King County, WA2806.474,655,884,977
6922016 - 2017 USGS/NRCS Lidar: Mississippi12569.886,749,610,061
6932016 3DEP Lidar: Bayfield County, WI4367.228,062,211,546
6942016 3DEP Lidar: Douglas County, WI3477.226,662,255,116
6952016 DOWL Lidar: Chena River Lakes, Alaska91.62,128,352,929
6962016 FEMA Lidar: Malheur, OR2231.743,718,766,058
6972016 Lidar: Cook & Tift Counties, GA1335.611,927,588,863
6982016 NGS Topobathy Lidar: Key West, FL375.111,406,567,824
6992016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Boca Grande, FL240.118,447,984,548
7002016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Florida Keys Outer Reef Block 01517.316,055,470,417
7012016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Florida Keys Outer Reef Block 02268.010,770,637,593
7022016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Florida Keys Outer Reef Block 03102.42,625,784,655
7032016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Marco Island (FL)293.323,486,121,503
7042016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket Island (MA)1707.125,641,202,564
7052016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Puerto Rico723.332,836,995,671
7062016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: St Joe (FL)248.87,050,807,176
7072016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Sugarloaf Key to Big Pine Key (FL)464.516,724,269,353
7082016 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Tarpon Springs, FL279.514,919,305,413
7092016 NOAA Topobathy Lidar: Upper Lake Michigan Islands747.17,377,265,111
7102016 NYSGPO Lidar: Allegany and Steuben Counties, NY3400.638,348,563,078
7112016 OLC Lidar: Canyon Creek671.311,102,237,108
7122016 OLC Lidar: Mackenzie River OR571.814,660,970,127
7132016 OLC Lidar: Milton Freewater, OR835.78,919,612,425
7142016 USACE Bathymetry: St Clair River28.416,164,158
7152016 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Duck, NC149.41,005,280,582
7162016 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Florida East Coast1111.26,019,540,650
7172016 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast (AL, FL, MS, TX)2554.49,924,192,138
7182016 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Puerto Rico701.93,562,993,032
7192016 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Stamp Sands, Lake Superior (MI)50.7414,946,855
7202016 USACE Post-Matthew Topobathy Lidar: Southeast Coast (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL)2345.816,877,137,507
7212016 USDA FS Lidar: Deschutes, OR65.1819,213,074
7222016 USFS Lidar: Fremont-Winema National Forest - Blue Mile648.58,398,009,298
7232016 USFS Lidar: Fremont-Winema National Forest - Cherry Creek224.03,441,050,156
7242016 USFS Lidar: Fremont-Winema National Forest - Thomas Creek483.86,956,950,968
7252016 USFS Lidar: Umpqua National Forest - Buckeye Creek, East Elk, Elk Creek, Lower Jackson, OR589.712,204,408,819
7262016 USFS Lidar: Umpqua National Forest - Cottage Grove, OR359.18,766,245,379
7272016 USFS Lidar: Umpqua National Forest - Fish Creek, Soda Springs, OR291.16,245,024,714
7282016 USFS Lidar: Willamette National Forest - Sweet Home, OR1362.932,355,853,488
7292016 USFS Lidar: Willamette National Forest - Timber Butte, OR483.611,973,413,485
7302016 USFS Lidar: Willamette National Forest - Youngs Rock Rigdon, OR649.515,518,356,848
7312016 USGS Lidar Post-Hurricane Hermine: Assateague Island, Maryland and Virginia271.48,874,400,323
7322016 USGS Lidar: Osceola, FL4235.759,294,930,265
7332016 USGS Lidar: Yukon - Kuskokwim River Delta, AK4511.014,625,302,173
7342017 GA DNR Lidar: Middle Chattahoochee - Walter F Watershed6367.429,219,699,679
7352017 Lidar (16 PPSM): Eastern Maine - Merrymeeting Bay8.7382,960,395
7362017 Lidar (8 PPSM): Eastern Maine - Merrymeeting Bay9.9188,341,683
7372017 Lidar Lidar: Jefferson, Liberty and Chambers, TX (West)756.313,263,028,509
7382017 Lidar: City of Palm Coast, FL374.25,534,931,210
7392017 Lidar: Eastern Maine - Madawaska23.0583,213,679
7402017 Lidar: Town of York, Maine205.96,371,633,137
7412017 Maryland Lidar: Anne Arundel County, MD1164.924,375,244,533
7422017 Maryland Lidar: Calvert County, MD593.216,779,766,211
7432017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Desoto to Boca Grande, FL862.235,418,434,322
7442017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Dog Island, FL122.51,320,292,239
7452017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Florida Keys Outer Reef Block 04381.18,985,135,667
7462017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Fort Lauderdale to Miami (FL)241.17,073,779,266
7472017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: St. Jeromes Creek, MD73.52,897,663,177
7482017 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Tabbs Creek, VA657.225,052,623,524
7492017 NOAA/MCP Topobathy Lidar: Blue Hill Bay, ME - Riegl Sensor47.9793,398,994
7502017 NOAA/MCP Topobathy Lidar: Blue Hill Bay, ME - SHOALS Sensor47.925,298,628
7512017 NWFWMD Lidar: Escambia Santa Rosa4674.630,978,751,723
7522017 NYC Topobathy Lidar: New York998.522,807,931,796
7532017 NYS Lidar: Southwest NY (Fall)5646.738,857,061,881
7542017 OCM Unmanned Aerial Systems Lidar: Grand Bay NERR<188,827,743
7552017 OCM Unmanned Aerial Systems Lidar: San Francisco Bay NERR5.93,133,052,198
7562017 OLC FEMA Lidar: Grass Valley, OR386.26,379,772,838
7572017 OLC Lidar: Baker County, OR928.612,457,212,583
7582017 OLC Lidar: Big Windy, OR546.610,976,709,378
7592017 OLC Lidar: Grass Valley, OR922.313,143,511,398
7602017 OLC Lidar: John Day, OR2837.152,258,716,166
7612017 OLC Lidar: Silver Creek, OR1702.720,228,151,163
7622017 OLC Lidar: Siskiyou547.411,124,124,410
7632017 OLC Topobathy Lidar: New River, OR7.9396,972,090
7642017 TNRIS Lidar: Jefferson, Liberty and Chambers, TX (East)2201.516,406,327,704
7652017 USACE FEMA Topobathy Lidar: Florida East Coast, Florida Keys, and Collier County (Irma)1248.99,207,549,125
7662017 USACE FWC Topobathy Lidar: Santa Rosa Sound (FL)175.61,059,915,371
7672017 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: East Coast (NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA)2488.314,517,996,787
7682017 USFS Lidar: Malheur National Forest - Crow, OR603.58,226,539,481
7692017 USFS Lidar: Pole Creek and Whychus Creek, OR134.02,009,460,564
7702017 USFS Lidar: Umpqua National Forest - Tiller, OR686.113,016,612,483
7712017 USFS Lidar: Willamette National Forest - Oakridge, OR26.5501,271,604
7722017 USGS Lidar: Upper Delta Plain, LA12043.546,581,261,890
7732017 WA DNR Lidar: Willapa Doty, WA310.77,306,337,119
7742018 - 2019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar Hurricane Irma: Miami to Marquesas Keys, FL5805.428,507,651,116
7752018 - 2019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar Post Hurricane Harvey: Galveston to Corpus Christi, TX3288.469,131,940,872
7762018 - 2019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Trappe to Toddville, MD682.333,748,601,358
7772018 - 2019 USGS Lidar: Washington FEMA QL213424.6103,374,636,016
7782018 FEMA Lidar: Franklin, Fulton, Herkimer, Montgomery, Saratoga Counties, NY5453.542,381,905,686
7792018 MNCPPC Lidar: Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties, MD2870.122,726,809,389
7802018 Miami-Dade County ITD Lidar: Miami-Dade County, FL1601.270,107,640,612
7812018 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Chesapeake Bay, VA (Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge to Pitts Neck)1352.655,027,963,081
7822018 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Fort Lauderdale to Highland Beach, FL99.01,732,470,952
7832018 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Highland Beach to Fort Pierce, FL608.712,496,940,842
7842018 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay1396.748,340,003,103
7852018 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: West Biscayne Bay, FL716.214,494,816,155
7862018 OLC Lidar: Morrow County, OR3712.893,753,340,171
7872018 OLC Lidar: Santiam, OR446.27,017,338,968
7882018 USACE FEMA Post-Michael Topobathy Lidar: Florida Panhandle871.14,740,292,842
7892018 USACE NCMP Post-Florence Topobathy Lidar: Southeast Coast (VA, NC, SC)539.83,387,797,338
7902018 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: East Coast (CT, MA, ME, NC, NH, RI, SC)3143.422,046,896,300
7912018 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast (AL, MS)175.1781,495,947
7922018 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Homer (AK)56.1612,838,684
7932018 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Ontario, NY834.67,111,738,848
7942018 USGS Lidar: Santa Barbara, CA197.56,816,485,756
7952018 USGS Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast Islands472.726,466,121,546
7962019 - 2020 USGS Lidar: Glacier Bay, AK1375.010,854,536,626
7972019 - 2020 USGS Lidar: Glacier Bay, AK (QL1)1024.625,454,109,717
7982019 - 2020 USGS/NOAA Topobathy Lidar: CNMI (Aguijan, Rota, Saipan, Tinian)474.918,988,765,047
7992019 DAS-GEO Lidar: Gilchrist, OR778.112,317,312,553
8002019 Lidar: Eureka, CA322.711,434,545,555
8012019 NOAA Lidar: Padilla Bay NERR and Skagit River Delta, WA492.55,580,749,196
8022019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Chesapeake Bay, MD700.340,019,559,240
8032019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Angelica to Dameron, MD600.140,366,594,004
8042019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Gwynn to Newport News1142.856,056,672,673
8052019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Tampa Bay, FL866.228,003,872,364
8062019 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: U.S. Virgin Islands969.216,517,934,734
8072019 NOAA OCM Unmanned Aerial System Lidar: Great Bay NERR<1157,402,273
8082019 NOAA Topobathy Lidar: Morro Bay, CA17.1491,217,866
8092019 USACE NCMP DUNEX Topobathy Lidar: East Coast (NC, VA)480.41,964,644,157
8102019 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Alaska725.04,593,917,073
8112019 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: East Coast (NC)315.91,678,468,454
8122019 USACE NCMP Topobathy Lidar: Lake Superior (MI, MN, WI)1475.47,774,965,890
8132019 USFS Lidar: Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest (CA, OR)1473.072,621,773,679
8142020 DC OCTO Lidar: Washington, DC210.61,675,556,653
8152020 GLOS Underwater Lidar: Lake Huron, MI<13,262,564
8162020 Lidar: Santa Clara County, CA4577.9170,415,864,604
8172020 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Alamagan, CNMI27.81,123,421,876
8182020 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Anatahan, CNMI38.11,599,945,372
8192020 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Guam904.052,950,165,316
8202020 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Guguan, CNMI19.0507,694,000
8212020 NOAA NGS Topobathy Lidar: Sarigan, CNMI18.4632,535,973
8222020 OR DOT Lidar: Blue Pool, OR332.640,572,830,580
8232020 USACE NAN Topobathy Lidar: New Jersey and New York187.41,104,026,876
8242020 USACE NCMP Post Sally Topobathy Lidar: Gulf Coast (AL, FL, MS)658.83,587,544,031
8252020 USACE USGS Topobathy Lidar: Cape May & Atlantic City, NJ150.9734,612,153