Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow On

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Southern Sierra CZO Lidar flight was acquired in 2010 and consists of 2 flights - Snow on and snow off. Each flight has 6 sub-areas defined as: Bull (Area 1), Courtwright Road (Area 2), Providence (Area 3), San Joaquin Range (Area 4), Soaproot Saddle (Area 5), and Wolverton (Area 6).

This dataset includes 1m digital surface model (filtered and unfiltered), 1m digital elevation models (filtered and unfiltered), and the raw Lidar point clouds (LAS format) in 1 km by 1 km tiles. Data acquisition, ground-truthing, vegetation surveys and processing were coordinated by Dr. Qinghua Guo and funded by NSF Award (EAR-0922307 , PI. Qinghua Guo), which aims to collect Lidar data at all CZOs, including extracting vegetation characteristics from the LIDAR point cloud data. The Southern Sierra CZO is mainly focused on how water, soils, and climate interact with processes from the subsurface to the atmosphere.

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