Kern Canyon Lidar Collection, CA 2008

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Between September 2008 and September 2009, data were collected along the Kern Canyon fault starting south-east of Bakersfield and extending north to the southern end of Kings Canyon National Park. This dataset has helped identify late Quaternary deformation, and other seismogenic processes that are occurring within this section of the Sierra Nevadas. In addition, lidar derived topographic data was used for interpretation, analysis and mapping of floodplains along Isabella Lake, as well as the Kern River and its tributaries.

For additional information about this dataset and related geologic investigations, see:
C.C. Brossy, K.I. Kelson, C.B. Amos, J.N. Baldwin, B. Kozlowicz, D. Simpson, M.G. Ticci, A.T. Lutz, O. Kozaci, A. Streig, R. Turner, R. Rose; Map of the late Quaternary active Kern Canyon and Breckenridge faults, southern Sierra Nevada, California. Geosphere ; 8 (3): 581:591. doi:

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