NEON D17 Pacific Southwest- California

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NEON field sites surveyed: San Joaquin Experiment Range (SJER), Soaproot Saddle (SOAP), Providence Creek (PROV), and Teakettle (TEAK) Geographic Characteristics: The primary objectives of the 2013 combined airborne and field campaign were to test flight operations and nominal flight collection parameters and obtain a dataset supporting spatial/temporal scaling studies underway as part of NASA's HyspIRI Airborne Campaign. AOP surveyed three NEON terrestrial sites and one aquatic site located in central California, extending over a large elevation/climate gradient from the southern foothills to the mixed conifer forest zone of the Sierra Nevada. These sites cover diverse ecological sub-regions ranging from open woodland dominated by oaks and foothill pine at the San Joaquin Experiment Range core site (SJER), mixed conifer/deciduous forest at the Soaproot Saddle relocatable site (SOAP) and Providence Creek aquatic site (PROV), and red fir forest at the Teakettle relocatable site (TEAK). Supporting ground measurements of field spectral data, vegetation structure data, and foliar samples were made in a subset of sites and in conjunction with the airborne observations. For full details about this campaign, read NEON Technical Memo TM-005. - See more at: Neon Inc.

The NEON Level 1 Slant Range Waveform LiDAR data product, NEON.DOM.SITE.DP1.30001, provides a geolocated waveform for each laser pulse in a binary output format. Waveform data is available for the San Joaquin Experiment Range (SJER), Soaproot Saddle (SOAP), and Teakettle (TEAK) field sites via the following links:

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