Post Hurricane Harvey Mapping of the Mission River, Texas 2018 (Ch 1, 2, 3)

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This lidar dataset was collected as part of an NCALM Rapid Response Project for Inci Gunerlap at Texas A&M University. Data collection covers and area of ~69 km2 along the Mission River in Refugio, Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

Note that this project utilized three laser channels during its data collection. Channel 1 (1550 nm), Channel 2 (1064 nm), and Channel 3 (532 nm).

Pre-computed rasters using C1-2-3 contains the following:
  • DEM from classified ground and bathymetry returns from all channels
  • DSM from first returns from all channels (C1C2C3)
  • Water surface grid from point class 39
  • Bathymetry grid from point class 9

This data collection also contains hyperspectral images that are 72 Band, 1.5 m pixel size, in PCIDSK (.PIX) format. The digital number in the PIX image corresponds to milli-SRU (spectral radiance units). One SRU is equivalent to one microwatt per square-centimeter per steradian per nanometer. Files are provided as individual flight strips as well as a single mosaic file of flight strips. These images can be downloaded here

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