2022 NOAA OCM Topobathy Lidar: Washington Island, WI

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These data were collected by Dewberry using a CZMIL Super Nova system. The data were acquired from 20220719 through 20220816. The data include topobathy data in LAS 1.4 format classified as unclassified (1); ground (2); low noise (7); high noise (18); bathymetric bottom (40); water surface (41); derived water surface (42); submerged object, not otherwise specified (e.g., wreck, rock, submerged piling) (43); and no bottom found (bathymetric lidar point for which no detectable bottom return was received) (45). This dataset consists of approximately 219 square miles of data along the shores of Green Bay and contains 2,630 500 m x 500 m LAS tiles. In addition to the lidar point data, topobathy bare earth Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) at a 1 meter grid spacing, created from the lidar point data are available from the NOAA Digital Coast. A link to this data is provided in the URL section of this metadata record. This data set is an LAZ (compressed LAS) format file containing LIDAR point cloud data.
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