OpenTopography Real Time Analytics


Total number of unique users (including guest users) that ran jobs:
API unique visitors:
Total number of power users: 1,088

Newly registered users in last 12 months: 9,029   [View detail]
Unique users running portal jobs in last 12 months:   [View detail]

Registered user Affiliations (self identified):


Number of Point cloud datasets: 342   [View detail]
Number of points available: 1.60 trillion
Point cloud coverage area: 266,637 km2

Number of high resolution raster datasets: 203   [View detail]
Number of global raster datasets: 7
Number of community contributed datasets: 97

Number of USGS 3DEP datasets: 1,470   [View detail]
Number of USGS 3DEP points available: 26.16 trillion
Point cloud USGS 3DEP coverage area: 5,220,135 km2

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Total number of portal jobs run: 531,309   [View detail]
Point Cloud: 169,098 jobs   [Detailed dataset breakdown]  
Number of points processed: 6.92 trillion

Raster: 356,867 jobs   [Detailed dataset breakdown]  

Vertical Differencing: 1,307 jobs
3D Differencing: 180 jobs

USGS 3DEP: 3,857 jobs   [Detailed dataset breakdown]  
Number of points processed: 238.44 billion

Total HPC jobs invoked: 21,858
Point Cloud: 6,554
Raster: 15,304

Global datasets API calls: 1,295,333
Total global datasets usage (incl. API calls): 1,608,260