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Total number of power users: 1,311

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Number of Point cloud datasets: 396   [View detail]
Number of points available: 2.10 trillion
Point cloud coverage area: 307,228 km2

Number of high resolution raster datasets: 238   [View detail]
High resolution raster coverage area: 253,362 km2
Number of global raster datasets: 14
Number of community contributed datasets: 155

Number of USGS 3DEP datasets: 1,841   [View detail]
Number of USGS 3DEP points available: 44.74 trillion
Point cloud USGS 3DEP coverage area: 7,076,149 km2

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Data services

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Core Processing Services

Digital elevation models (using TIN or local gridding):
Derivative products (Shaded relief grid and slope grids):
Visualizations (hillshades, KMZ):
3D point cloud visualizations:
Canopy Height models:
Contour Lines:

Hydrology Services (HPC)

TauDEM Pitremove:
TauDEM D-Infinity Flow Direction:
D-Infinity Specific Catchment Area:
D8 Flow Direction:
D8 Contributing Area:
Topographic Wetness Index:

Advanced Services for Repeat data

Vertical Differencing jobs:
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Global & API Services

Global datasets API calls: 3,047,156
Total global datasets usage (incl. API calls): 3,484,094