Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2013

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5069/G9SF2T41
OT Collection ID: OT.102016.32615.1
OT Collection Name: Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2013
Short Name: WLD_2013
Collection Platform: Airborne Lidar
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    Collection Overview: University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences logo Airborne lidar data of Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA, a delta prograding into Atchafalaya Bay, Gulf of Mexico. Rasters were produced from the 2013 Airborne lidar data wherein trees and vegetation were removed. The data were then rasterized and saved to geotiff using the software package CloudCompare.

    Note: The point cloud data were not initially classified for vegetation removal. As such, the investigators removed vegetation to create the raster datasets. The removal process will not match the removal from the classification performed on the data later. The later classification is uploaded to OpenTopography. To get the same rasters as the ones available on OpenTopography, start with the complete unclassified point cloud and follow the methods described in the full metadata file.

    Dataset Acknowledgement: Lidar data acquisition and processing completed by the Bureau of Economic Geology in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas-Austin.

    Dataset Citation: Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2013. Distributed by OpenTopography. https://doi.org/10.5069/G9SF2T41 . Accessed: 2022-12-02

    Use License: Not Provided

    Dataset Keywords: Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, prograding, Gulf of Mexico, Atchafalaya Bay, lidar

    Survey Date: 02/13/2013 - 02/14/2013

    Publication Date: 10/28/2016
    Total number of points: 442,178,752 pts

    Area: 30.98 km2

    Point Density: 14.27 pts/m2

        Class 2 - Ground400,875,850
        Class 3 - Low Vegetation26,933,918
        Class 4 - Medium Vegetation5,122,255
        Class 5 - High Vegetation9,246,729

    Raster Resolution: 2 meter

    Coordinate System:
        Horizontal: WGS 1984 Datum (UTM Zone 15N) [EPSG: 32615]
        Vertical: NAVD88 (GEOID 12A) [EPSG: 5703]

    Units: meter

    Survey Report: WLD_2013_metadata.zip

    LAS Validation Data Report: WLD_2013.html
    Tile index in shapefile format: Download

    Dataset Extent in KMZ format: Download

    Dataset Spatial Bounds: North: 29.550584°     South: 29.467034°     East: -91.390659°     West: -91.533472°