Point Cloud Job Results

Job Id Dataset Title Submission Completion Duration Num. Points Final Status
pc1570149277325 IN_2011_2013 Indy speedway 2019-10-03 17:34:37 2019-10-03 17:36:58 141 secs 15,949,832 Done  
It has been 2 days since this job was submitted and therefore some products may no longer be available. Please click on the link to modify and resubmit this job.

Download Data  

Point Cloud Results
  • Download point cloud data in LAZ format   points.laz

  • DEM Results
  • Download DEM (Local Gridding)   dems.tar.gz (151 MB)
  • Download DEM (TIN)   output.tin.tar.gz (21.5 MB)

  • Derivative Products
  • Download Hillshade & Slope Products (TIN)   viz.tar.gz (40.2 MB)
  • Download Hillshade & Slope Products (Local Gridding)   viz.tar.gz (169.1 MB)

  • 3D Point Cloud Visualization

    3D point cloud is not available.

    Visualization Products

    Zmin grid (PDAL)

    Zmax grid (PDAL)

    Zmean grid (PDAL)

    Zidw grid (PDAL)