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Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory July 2010 Lidar Survey

High-resolution Lidar data (average first-return point density of 10 points m2 and 2-4 cm vertical accuracy) were obtained by NCALM for 121 km2 of the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO) during both leaf-off (April 2010; see dataset CRB-10-Apr) and leaf-on (July 2010) periods. Data acquisition, ground-truthing, vegetation surveys and processing were funded and coordinated by NSF Award EAR-0922307 (PI. Qinghua Guo) to collect similar data at all six CZOs for a variety of cross-site analyses, including calibration of algorithms to extract vegetation characteristics from the LIDAR point cloud data. The CRB-CZO is particularly interested in using this LIDAR dataset for high-resolution analyses of stream channel and floodplain geomorphology.
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