Survey of Warnimont Bluff, Wisconsin, November 2019

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High lake levels are reducing beach area along the Lake Michigan coastline and allowing wave action to erode the bases of coastal bluffs at the highest rate of the past 30 years. Sediment budget calculations have shown that bluff erosion is the dominant source of sand and gravel-sized particles that are mobilized into beaches and the nearshore system. Researchers have found that the leading cause of bluff erosion is shallow to intermediate depth translational landslides. Therefore, estimating lake sediment budgets depends on an understanding of the mechanisms that lead to landslide failure. This study will provide a comprehensive analysis of bluff stability for bluffs affected by landslide failure coupled with an analysis of bluff composition to determine the composition of sediment contributions of coastal bluffs to the southeast Lake Michigan sediment budget. This dataset is part of a series of repeat surveys documenting temporal changes to a ~100 m long extent of unconsolidated coastal bluffs on Lake Michigan.

opentopoID: OTDS.022020.32616.2
Platform: Structure from Motion / Photogrammetry
Data Format: Point Cloud, Raster
Dataset Acknowledgement: This project funded by Wisconsin Sea Grant Award Number R/RCE-08
Dataset Citation: Zoet, L., Rawling, E. (2020). Survey of Warnimont Bluff, Wisconsin, November 2019. Distributed by OpenTopography. Accessed: 2024-06-20
Survey Date: 11/23/2019
Survey Area: 0.01 km2
Publication Date: 02/03/2020
Number of lidar returns: 87,312,221 pts
Point Density: 7,689 pts/m2
Coordinates System:
Horizontal: WGS 84 / UTM zone 16N [EPSG: 32616]
Vertical: NAVD88 [EPSG: 5703]

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Spatial Extent
Point Cloud Extent Raster Extent
    Point Cloud Data
  File Name Size Points Area (m2) Density  
1     Warnimont_20191123_filt.laz     576.82 MB     87,312,221     11,355     7,689.22         View Detail    
Lat/Lon/Elevation Boundary:
North-East (lat,lon,elev): [42.939065750187375, -87.84455380364089, 210.6025]
South-West (lat,lon,elev): [42.93763292353476, -87.84611403432636, 177.09525]
Coordinates Boundary:
North-East (X,Y): 431093.643, 4754394.157]
South-West (X,Y): 430964.7438, 4754236.324]
Class 0 (Created, never classified):     87,312,221
    Raster Data
  File Name Size Resolution Dimensions Layer Type  
1     20191123.tif     4.76 MB     0.1 meter     1289 x 1578                 View Detail    
PROJCS["WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_16N", GEOGCS["WGS 84", DATUM["WGS_1984", SPHEROID["WGS 84",6378137,298.257223563, AUTHORITY["EPSG","7030"]], AUTHORITY["EPSG","6326"]], PRIMEM["Greenwich",0], UNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433], AUTHORITY["EPSG","4326"]], PROJECTION["Transverse_Mercator"], PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin",0], PARAMETER["central_meridian",-87], PARAMETER["scale_factor",0.9996], PARAMETER["false_easting",500000], PARAMETER["false_northing",0], UNIT["metre",1, AUTHORITY["EPSG","9001"]], AUTHORITY["EPSG","32616"]]
Lat/Lon Boundary:
North-East (lat,lon) [42.93906545313898, -87.8445537873244]
South-West (lat,lon) [42.93763292355288, -87.84611403187536]
Coordinates Boundary:
North-East (X,Y) [431093.644, 4754394.124]
South-West (X,Y) [430964.744, 4754236.324]
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