2010 Channel Islands Lidar Collection

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5069/G95D8PS7
OT Collection ID: OT.082012.26911.1
OT Collection Name: 2010 Channel Islands Lidar Collection
Short Name: CHANNEL_IS
Collection Platform: Airborne Lidar
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    Collection Overview: Lidar dataset collected for the five islands comprising Channel Islands National Park. This includes all of the islands of San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Anacapa, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. The project totals about 288 square miles (747 square kilometers). Elevation data were delivered in 2,000m x 2,000m tiles with 280 tiles produced. Deliverables include LAS 1.2 files (classified and raw), digital elevation model, digital surface model, control data, and metadata. Full waveform data were also collected over the entire project area.

    Data were collected using a Riegl LMS-Q560 laser scanner flown from a helicopter. Helicopters were also used to establish ground control on all five islands. Personnel from National Park Service and The Natural Conservancy (which owns most of Santa Cruz Island) accompanied the survey team to ensure minimal impact to habitat. To assist with positional accuracy, continuously operating reference stations (CORS) on each island were modified by UNAVCO from a 15 second to a one second sampling rate during the collection period. Nominal single swath point density was three points per square meter (seven points with 50% overlap).

    Dataset Acknowledgement: Data available from the U.S. Geological Survey.

    Dataset Citation: 2010 Channel Islands Lidar Collection. Distributed by OpenTopography. https://doi.org/10.5069/G95D8PS7 . Accessed: 2022-12-10

    Use License: Not Provided

    Dataset Keywords: Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara Island, Santa Cruz Island, San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Anacapa Island, lidar

    Survey Date: 03/11/2010 - 04/08/2010

    Publication Date: 08/22/2012
    Data Provider and Roles:
    Funder Partners Collector
    Total number of points: 6,178,567,552 pts

    Area: 747 km2

    Point Density: 8.27 pts/m2

        Class 1 - Unclassified3,804,887,458
        Class 2 - Ground2,124,086,280
        Class 7 - Low Point (low noise)540,693
        Class 9 - Water246,696,603
        Class 10 - Rail540,928
        Class 16 - Wire-Structure Connector1,815,590

    Coordinate System:
        Horizontal: UTM Zone 11N NAD83 (CGPS) [EPSG: 26911]
        Vertical: NAVD88 (GEOID 09) [EPSG: 5703]

    Units: meter

    Survey Report: 837_2_AcquisitionReport_07082010_5K0Po.pdf

    LAS Validation Data Report: CHANNEL_IS.html
    Tile index in shapefile format: Download

    Dataset Extent in KMZ format: Download

    Dataset Spatial Bounds: North: 34.0870181464532°     South: 33.4494212322093°     East: -119.013657515076°     West: -120.476070605677°