2016 Solana Beach, CA Bluff Characterization Survey

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5069/G9HM56JB
OT Collection ID: OT.042018.3500.1
OT Collection Name: 2016 Solana Beach, CA Bluff Characterization Survey
Short Name: CA16SolanaBeach
Collection Platform: Terrestrial Laser Scanner
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    Point Cloud Data   Bulk Download     opentopoID: OTLAS.042018.3500.1
    Collection Overview: NOAA logoGreater San Diego Resilient Coastlines Project logo The bluff along the City of Solana Beach's (California) shore was scanned using ground-based static lidar technology between August and September of 2016. The primary objective of the Solana Beach Bluff Characterization Survey is to develop a baseline condition that can be compared to future surveys, allowing the City to monitor the bluff condition and to quantify coastal erosion. The information can also support coastal planning and engineering studies. The project consisted of 63 scans, all independently registered to surveyed control points. The parameters of the scans were set so the density of the scan point clouds was no more than 3" minimum spacing on the bluff with a positional certainty of better than 3". The polygon encloses approximately 0.01 km2.

    Dataset Acknowledgement: Data courtesy of the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative and City of Solana Beach, collected with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Regional Coastal Resilience Grant Program under NOAA Award Number NA16NOS4730009.

    Dataset Citation: SDRCC (2018): 2016 Solana Beach, CA Bluff Characterization Survey terrestrial laser scanning. San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative, City of Solana Beach, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Distributed by OpenTopography. https://doi.org/10.5069/G9HM56JB.. Accessed: 2023-03-22

    Use License: Not Provided

    Dataset Keywords: Solana Beach, California, lidar, terrestrial lidar, tls, coastal bluff, coastal erosion

    Survey Date: 08/01/2017 - 09/30/2017

    Publication Date: 05/07/2018
    Total number of points: 982,678,631 pts

    Area: 0.1 km2

    Point Density: 9826.79 pts/m2

        Class 0 - Never classified982,678,631

    Coordinate System:
        Horizontal: NAD83 (NSRS2007) / California Zone 6 (ftUS) [EPSG: 3500]
        Vertical: NAVD88 [EPSG: 5703]

    Units: feet

    Survey Report: CA16_SolanaBeach_Metadata.zip

    LAS Validation Data Report: CA16SolanaBeach.html
    Tile index in shapefile format: Download

    Dataset Extent in KMZ format: Download

    Dataset Spatial Bounds: North: 32.9993968211755°     South: 32.9799488653312°     East: -117.271935004878°     West: -117.277690122176°