California ARRA Lidar

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OT Collection ID: OT.022014.32610.1
OT Collection Name: California ARRA Lidar
Short Name: ARRA11_USGS
Collection Platform: Airborne Lidar
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    Collection Overview: This dataset is intended for researchers interested in active tectonics and earthquake hazards research in the Central Coast region of California, and the areas north and east of San Francisco Bay. The target areas were developed and defined by USGS scientists in collaboration with colleagues working in these regions. The target areas in the Central Coast region are: the Big Sur area and the Oceanic and San Simeon Faults. The target areas in northern California are: the Bartlett Springs and Berryessa Faults, the Greenville Fault, and the Rodgers Creek Fault - Maacama Fault stepover area. The data collection and processing were purchased by the U.S. Geological Survey using funds provided via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

    Please note that the raster products contain an orthometric elevation, so those elevations are with respect to the NAVD88 vertical datum (EPSG:5703). This is different than the lidar files which are ellipsoidal-referenced elevations and are with respect to the WGS-84 ellipsoid.

    Dataset Acknowledgement: Data purchased and made available by the U.S. Geological Survey

    Dataset Citation: California ARRA Lidar. Distributed by OpenTopography. . Accessed: 2022-12-06

    Use License: Not Provided

    Dataset Keywords: Big Sur, Central Coast, Oceanic Fault, Bartlett Springs Fault, Greenville Fault, Rodgers Creek Stepover, lidar

    Survey Date: 03/13/2011 - 05/09/2011

    Publication Date: 03/02/2014
    Data Provider and Roles:
    Funder Collector
    Total number of points: 9,736,794,928 pts

    Area: 686 km2

    Point Density: 14.16 pts/m2

        Class 0 - Never classified98
        Class 1 - Unclassified3,672,726,733
        Class 2 - Ground2,761,776,443
        Class 3 - Low Vegetation1,070,420,927
        Class 4 - Medium Vegetation1,378,686,322
        Class 5 - High Vegetation795,035,612
        Class 7 - Low Point (low noise)4,267,927
        Class 8 - Model Key/Reserved8
        Class 9 - Water30,144,578
        Class 10 - Rail8
        Class 11 - Road Surface1
        Class 13 - Wire - Guard8
        Class 14 - Wire - Conductor2
        Class 18 - High Noise2
        Class 20 - Reserved1
        Class 26 - Reserved2
        Class 27 - Reserved1
        Class 30 - Reserved1

    Raster Resolution: 1 meter

    Coordinate System:
        Horizontal: WGS84 (G1150) UTM Zone 10N [EPSG: 32610]
        Vertical: WGS84 (Ellipsoid)

    Units: meter

    Survey Report:

    LAS Validation Data Report: ARRA11_USGS.html
    Tile index in shapefile format: Download

    Dataset Extent in KMZ format: Download

    Dataset Spatial Bounds: North: 40.0427620691739°     South: 34.7632899008739°     East: -120.076906237449°     West: -123.445406493108°