Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand 2021

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5069/G9GT5KCD
OT Collection ID: OT.012022.2193.1
OT Collection Name: Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand 2021
Short Name: NZ21_Kapiti
Collection Platform: Airborne Lidar
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    Point Cloud Data   Bulk Download     opentopoID: OTLAS.012022.2193.1
    Collection Overview: Kapiti Coast District Council Logo Land Information New Zealand Logo

    LiDAR was captured for the Kapiti Coast District Council by AAM Ltd from 13 March to 15 March 2021. The dataset was generated by AAM and their subcontractors. Data management and distribution is by Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand.

    Prepared DEM and DSM files are available through the LINZ Data Service:

    Dataset Acknowledgement: Released under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/). Attribution Required for Copies: "Copyright in this work is owned by Kapiti Coast District Council". Attribution Required for Derivative works: "Copyright in the underlying dataset from which this work has been derived is owned by Kapiti Coast District Council"

    Dataset Citation: Kapiti Coast District Council, Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) (2021). Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand 2021. Collected by AAM, distributed by OpenTopography and LINZ. https://doi.org/10.5069/G9GT5KCD. Accessed: 2023-03-22

    Use License: CC BY 4.0

    Dataset Keywords: Kapiti, paraparaumu, paekākāriki, ōtaki, north island, new zealand, linz, aam

    Survey Date: 03/13/2021 - 03/15/2021

    Publication Date: 01/21/2022
    Total number of points: 8,178,414,130 pts

    Area: 292.63 km2

    Point Density: 27.95 pts/m2

        Class 1 - Unclassified7,948,022
        Class 2 - Ground1,580,982,005
        Class 3 - Low Vegetation3,305,798,290
        Class 4 - Medium Vegetation1,235,459,929
        Class 5 - High Vegetation1,777,788,026
        Class 6 - Building144,701,214
        Class 9 - Water124,410,040
        Class 17 - Bridge Deck1,326,604

    Coordinate System:
        Horizontal: NZTM2000 NZGD2000 Meters [EPSG: 2193]
        Vertical: NZVD2016 [EPSG: 7839]

    Units: meter

    Survey Report: NZ21_Kapiti_metadata.pdf

    LAS Validation Data Report: Reports
    Tile index in shapefile format: Download

    Dataset Extent in KMZ format: Download

    Dataset Spatial Bounds: North: -40.6961564075028°     South: -41.0208402720198°     East: 175.234481672801°     West: 174.917887321182°